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Submitted By:Unicorns
Fun:*** (2.41)
Difficulty:* (0.56)

There are 4 people - Jenny, Bob, Kate and Joseph

They each had a piece of fruit - Orange, Apple, Grapes and Banana

On a certain day - Monday, Friday, Saturday, Tuesday

Can you work out who has which fruit on which day?

Clues -

1. The person that had the orange ate it on Saturday.

2. The woman who had the apple did not eat it on Tuesday.

3. Joseph did not eat the bananas and did not eat on Friday.

4. People with O in their name did not eat the orange.

5. Bob ate his fruit on Tuesday.

6. Jenny loved eating her orange.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by nicisan02/16/05
nice little teaser. Bit easy but fun all the same. :)

Posted by 2wheelspeedster02/16/05
I agree. A little easy but fun. :)

Posted by GTregay02/16/05
Clue #4 (People with O in their name did not eat the orange) was unnecessary as clue #6 (Jenny loved eating her orange) tells you who did eat the orange. Otherwise, well done for an easy logic-grid! :)

Posted by krabcat02/16/05
it was dificult for me but it might be becuase i have no lodgic-sence

Posted by castanz02/16/05
Great Logic Grid! Should I mark it easy because I got it? Or should I give myself more credit.

Posted by cloud_strife02/17/05
I agree too!!!! easy but fun!!!! :lol: :lol: :D :D :lol:

Posted by ZOE563902/17/05
Very easy, Cute, and I also agree, I didn't even have to read #4

Posted by whoelsebutme0902/17/05
i also agree it was pretty ez but i have 2 admit it was fun! :D

Posted by aznboi132402/20/05

Posted by mathmaniac02/25/05
I agree. EZ & fun :D

Posted by ANgelStAR04/09/05
I agree with every1 who thinks this was too easy and fun! :D :D

Posted by pinkynock710/23/05
Man, I suck. I couldn't even solve it. Oh well. GOOD JOB ANYWAYS! :oops: :D

Posted by thompson102/22/06
This looks a lot easier than it is, you actually have to think, even if it is small, but it was very fun. P.S.- try to have a story instead of just saying the people

Posted by mbhpatrick06/15/06
It was very funnn!!! :D A nice break from all of the harder ones!!

Posted by dreamlvr143209/17/07
It was easy, but not as easy as it first appears, given the size of the grid and few clues. It still made you think, which is what makes it FUN! Good job! :D

Posted by flowers223403/09/08
really fun :D . i remember doing these in 3rd and 4th grade. i loved doing them. this was a fun memory :oops: :roll: :P

Posted by gymboy0908/24/08
Pretty good...

Posted by june1209/02/08
easy but fun... i sure enjoyed it

Posted by Merrihootai09/25/09
it was easy and fun. I agree it looks easier than it is; got tripped up on #2 'cause I read too fast and missed it being a woman and had to go back :oops: .

Posted by Shadows03/23/10
Nice teaser, enough clues for a beginner to solve. Good job!

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
#4 is no needed because the people with O in their names are men and in #2 it says woman

Posted by Zinovia02/21/11
Very easy, but very fun. Good job and thanks!


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