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Submitted By:AquaOcean
Fun:**** (3.14)
Difficulty:**** (3.12)

Decapitate me and all becomes equal. Then truncate me and I become second. Cut me front and back and I become two less than I started.

What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Tree02/19/05
whoah. Hard.

Posted by badbunnee02/19/05
Good riddle !! Very creative. :D I tried and tried but couldn't figure it out. NICE !! :-?

Posted by melilyn02/19/05
whoa, SO never saw that coming. very good. I'm impressed :D

Posted by BeastyBeesa02/20/05
That was hard! Of course, it seems easy once you read the answer. Quite enjoyable! :P

Posted by aznboi132402/21/05
Ez but a good one

Posted by Riddler02/22/05
Very clever. I'm not very good at math (haha)

Posted by mathmaniac03/01/05

Posted by freakydoughnut103/02/05
i love these kinds of riddles!!! :lol: :D

Posted by whoelsebutme0903/05/05
That was really kool! :D

Posted by iconofsin03/06/05
Congrats on having the funnest teaser.

Posted by ABBAS103/12/05
Let me see three question marks difficulty very good but lets see if you can get the real teaser to blow my mind 8)

Posted by Master_Yoda03/18/05
Great teaser. Never would have gotten it. :lol:

Posted by Master_Yoda03/18/05
I would have gotten it if i knew what the first two big words meant. :P

Posted by thetrumonk03/20/05
Good deal! :D

Posted by Frogtvjr03/20/05
Very counter intuitive! I was looking entirely in the wrong direction. :-? Loved It. :D

Posted by dbs24103/20/05
Love it! :lol:

Posted by Riki03/20/05
Too cute! :wink:

Posted by mnkhoury8103/20/05
Never in a million years would I have gotten that! Good one! :)

Posted by brain_dead03/20/05
very confusing :o wouldn't have figured that out in a million years :wink:

Posted by froggygg03/20/05
Very good! Didn't even get close to answer but, after read it makes complete sense. :lol: :oops: :oops: :lol:

Posted by CHUCKLZ03/20/05
WOW Congrats on the best teaser!!! that was hard...nevr would I have ever seen that one coming. That was great..loved it

Posted by Flakama03/20/05
It was difficult. I didn't know what capitate and truncate meant, and I had to look them up. :D

Posted by Arlene03/20/05
Had to think about that one for awhile.It was agood one :-? :-? :-? :D

Posted by madgurl3103/20/05
Hey! Im sorry but I didn't get it! I like math teasers and rebus teasers!!! But it was clever! I guess im not that smart!! :( :o

Posted by Kal2203/20/05
Had to look up the word "truncate".Still couldn't figure it out. Good one. Really liked it.

Posted by mesendk03/20/05
gosh that one was HARD! i would have never gotten that one even if you said it was a number! :oops:

Posted by Kinergy03/20/05
Yikes, that one seemed a little too hard. Second = Eve??? Quite a stretch there.

Posted by timilee03/20/05
7 isn't this a repeat of an other teaser i read here once B4??? but that did help me know the equation 8) good 1

Posted by tamjp03/20/05
Wow! :o You are my idol! Serious points for vocabulary, biblical references and math all in one very entertaining riddle! Wow! :o 8) P.S. I think the ones that said it was easy are fibbing :-?

Posted by nicisan03/21/05
Superb teaser, very hard but very good! :)

Posted by Jessa03/21/05
Very Hard! I could have figured it out if I knew what the first two big words were. But still it was difficult I didn't get it until I looked at the answer!! :cry: :lol: :P :o :cry: :P :( :D :o :cry: :P :o :( :P :D :oops:

Posted by Lucky_Thirteen03/21/05
Not bad. But I've heard that one before. :oops: I just forgot that's all.

Posted by MEJOHN03/21/05
Eve? The second person according to the bible. that was a bit of a reach. :-?

Posted by dutchymonster03/21/05
groan! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by heterodox03/21/05
8) awesome. best i've seen so far. (and i got it... but maybe that's cuz i'm a math guy...)

Posted by heterodox03/21/05
oh and... "truncate" does indeed imply cutting the tail end off... :wink:

Posted by cornfused03/21/05
Very difficult. Unable to even guess. Thank you for this one. Stumped my son-in-law the great math wizard. :)

Posted by tj_drmlngrl03/22/05
loved it. that was an awsome riddle. i love riddles but didn't even come close to it. keep it up. :D 8)

Posted by darthforman05/22/05
difficult. I was thinking live a worm or something. Gee, I don't know. :D :oops:

Posted by gorillazgirl08/04/05

Posted by Katelin09/21/05
he-hee I got this one! But it was still awesome. :) :D

Posted by teen_wiz02/08/06
WOW. :o That was really hard. GREAT JOB though! :D :D :D

Posted by PineappleMama03/07/06

Posted by jessjspieks03/21/06
Okay, rubys girl, seriously get over it. This is a great teaser and you must need to pump yourself up by knocking others down. Anyway, great job, great vocab and reference usage. I LOVE IT. Right to my faves.

Posted by king_leonard03/21/06
woh i went in the complete wrong direction. i duno y but i thawt it was a worm :P

Posted by IvoM03/21/06
Got it within the minute. Strange: some teasers others find easy I find more difficult. Was fun though.

Posted by coachpisco03/21/06
I thought EVE was the tough one, but I enjoyed it a lot. :)

Posted by coachpisco03/21/06
I thought EVE was the tough one, but I enjoyed it a lot. :)

Posted by lukeschett03/21/06
That was hard, but fun. I liked it.

Posted by shawneeo03/21/06
I didn't get it, waaaaaaa! But I think it was GREAT! The "second" clue was definitely very hard, but hey, I think it was totally valid! It was just difficult, and that's the way EVERY TEASER should, well, should ASPIRE to be! Thanks, good job! :D

Posted by yesenia8rivera03/21/06
Cool :)

Posted by Fasil03/21/06
That was pretty good; I enjoyed it very much. The second clue might be e little more clear if it read "Then truncate me and I become THE second". The teaser is good as it is though.

Posted by vlerma03/21/06
:) Wow! Right into my favorites. This is the best I have seen. Of course I didn't even come close to the answeer after seven tries this eve. SUPER!!! GREAT!!! Loved it. Am looking forward to more from you.

Posted by iteachkids03/21/06
SUUUUUPER, AquaOcean! I was searching for a word to slice and dice, but couldn't come up with it. To end up with the Roman Numeral "V" was the icing on the cake! More, more, we need MORE!!! :D :D :D

Posted by Vigo9503/21/06
I LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by cvISS03/21/06
I was with it up until the "second = eve" thing. That was a bit of a stretch.

Posted by raconteur03/21/06
The answer could be the word "All" With "A" gone (decapitated), we have ll which is "equal" rotated. If we truncate i.e. cut off the bottom portions of "ll" we get something like '' which is the symbol for second (trigonometry). Finally, if we cut back at the front and back, we are left with "l" which is the roman symbol for one, two less than the initial three letters we started with! Well, its kinda roundabout, but what the heck - its funny :D

Posted by cherokeerose03/21/06
wow this was very hard but you did a great job..i did not even get close to getting it :oops: :lol:

Posted by tchershelly03/21/06
i thought this was a little miss leading. Decapitate means to cut the head off of something. Other than that it was very clever and I didn't get it until I scrolled down to see the answer. :wink:

Posted by CharmedPop03/21/06
I thought it was a triangle...don't ask me why....good riddle! 8)

Posted by ekambaram03/21/06

Posted by aylakisses03/21/06
I thought of the word "all". When you take off the "A" you have ll, which turned sideways, looks like the equal sign. Then truncat..once again, I took off the "A" and it resembles the Roman numeral for two. And when you remove the first and last letters, you're left with one...two less than you started with...

Posted by aylakisses03/21/06
I was there with you raconteur.

Posted by iteachkids03/21/06
Raconteur and Aylakisses! You amaze me! How much time did you spend on that???!!! :o

Posted by mi2mo2tx03/21/06
OUCH! That one was tough, but how CREATIVE! I loved it! Thanks, keep 'em coming! :D

Posted by jaydeco03/21/06
Man, even on my best day I don't think I would get this one! :o Very good teaser! :)

Posted by 2hip4you03/21/06
Wow, very nice I never would have gotten it. :o when I saw what it was I thought hmm It just seemed easy after that. thanks for the challenge

Posted by Winner460003/21/06
3.1 difficulty? I got it right away! But it was still a great teaser, thanks! 8)

Posted by lindquist_2503/21/06

Posted by mrfatbat03/21/06
Trying to do these first thing in the morning at work may cause serious brain damage :o

Posted by quickster9403/21/06
It was great. Keep um coming

Posted by couger88103/21/06
WOW!!! SO COOL I HAD IT to send it to MY EMAIL 8) 8) :D :D :P :P :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol:

Posted by lazy-boy03/21/06

Posted by hockeygirl03/21/06
wow i didnt even get that one!!! :oops: :lol: yes that was very good!!!

Posted by wizkid03/21/06
Thatz so cute. I never would have gotton that. Good job. :lol:

Posted by bballer2103/21/06
OMG, that is 1 of the best teasers on this site!!!! :D Nice job!!!

Posted by Jerzeegal03/22/06
Good one! I was going in a totally different direction :oops: . I think Ruby's girl or whatever her name is needs to lighten up & not be so rude & arrogant! :roll:

Posted by lyris03/22/06
Didn't see that coming! Of couse... I didn't know what all the big long words ment xD

Posted by RRAMMOHAN03/22/06
A tough one. Didnt get it. Looked simple, once you get to know the answer! Please give us more of these. They make you think hard. :( :( :(

Posted by Psychic_Master07/29/06
Haha, good one! :D

Posted by twixy09/23/06
nice one :)

Posted by choptlivva12/16/06
Excellent!!! :D :D :D

Posted by j9mattfield03/21/07
Wow. That was a bit too much for me tonight. Thanks for the brain burn though! :( :roll:

Posted by cloughme03/21/07
Whew!! Tough one!! Excellent! :wink:

Posted by kitty72803/21/07
i understand decapitate ok --take off the letter s-- and you get "even." truncate - that means take off the "n" and you get "eve". 2nd person in the bible.. but take off "front and back" and you are left with2 less than started:"5" (therefore the "what am I : is the number "7" BUT BUT - correct me if Im wrong.... you need to take off 2 from THE BACK because the roman numberal 7 is: VII. the way it reads is take off "front and Back" which would make the roman numeral 7 to read IVI which is WRONG .. anyone agree??? or maybe I'm Wrong... could be,,,,its hgappened before lol, lol... tks , later gators :wink: :roll: :lol:

Posted by bradon18200103/21/07
I still don't get it. :o

Posted by shawneeo03/21/07
Kitty, you don't need to think about the "ROman Numeral" for SEVEN, it say's cut me front and back, meaning cut EVE front and back, meaning cut off the "e" from the front and back of "eve". Somehow you jumped into thinking about the roman Numerals but that's only what you end up with at the end- "V". OK, I read this last year, and commented, and... I STILL didn't get it a year later!!! aaarrrggghhhh!!!! And at the time, I remember thinking "I'll NEVER forget this one, now that I know the answer, because it's so good!" And, I'm gonna show ya'll just how petty I am now: I don't believe anybody who says they got it!!! LOLOL!!! Sorry, I guess that shows how dumb I am, but I just can't believe that never having heard it before, someone could get this, especially not "in a minute", "EZ", etc. The references were so disparate, that's what made it so hard. I think this, whether the Braingle author of it actually was the original creator or not, is like... the ULTIMATE TEASER! At least one of the ultimate teasers. And... I don't think that I would EVER have gotten it, because you just don't have anything to start with. Im going to send it to my 87 year old Grandmother now; if she can't get it, NOBODY can! LOL! 8)

Posted by AbsurdHero03/21/07

Posted by doehead03/21/07
Very interesting 8)

Posted by ViaTunisi03/21/07
Thanks for a great teaser. I'm sad I didn't spend more time on it before looking at the answer. Oh well.

Posted by puttumup03/21/07
:o didnt get it ..could of had a better explanation i think? :o

Posted by Pizzazz2u03/21/07
A very interestingly fun teaser! Even though I have seen this one before, it still comes on to me as being an easy one to figure out. :P :wink: Keep up the tremendously fun work! :wink:

Posted by speedqueenkmw03/21/07
too tough for me :o

Posted by Trishgal03/21/07
As For me , I too came up with ALL :lol: :lol: but your version is way better and makes much more sense. And although All jumps out at me , took No Time to solve :wink: it really wasnot the educational answer yours is :wink: THX

Posted by jacstop03/21/07
why we are duplicating teasers now? Is the teaser market that bad? Don't we have some more creative people here? I believe if we decreased the requirements to send a teaser we could have more teasers available and not have to repeat old teasers

Posted by auntiesis03/21/07
From the very first sentence I had a good dea it would be easy, because the word even just jumped into my mind. It only took me a few seconds after that to figure out the answer. I found this one very easy, but it was still very good. :lol: :D :lol:

Posted by saradove03/21/07
Very clever Although I now feel very stupid :oops: Thank you for this awesome teaser!!!

Posted by SPUTNIK203/21/07
clever, witty and tricky! I got it after I saw the answer...good one:)P

Posted by LeafFan4life03/21/07
good work dont keep it up you are making all of us look bad :lol: very clever nice work

Posted by I_Write_Books03/21/07
Wow! Nice job! I don't think anyone could have truly gotten that one. Thanks for a fun and challenging teaser!

Posted by leroy_h03/21/07

Posted by dasione103/21/07
Wow! great teaser, i didnt get it though but still fun.

Posted by masquerademe23503/21/07
i like it

Posted by Pablo03/21/07
Got the Seven, but what is the :D in the answer all about?

Posted by Pablo03/21/07
O.K. I typed in : and then a D and my comment ended up with a smiley face.

Posted by zips500003/21/07
i was guessing actually numbers. somehow i came up with 11, but that obviously isnt right.

Posted by Luna_03/21/07
I also came up with "All", odd. Anyways, excellent teaser! . :P

Posted by luckyduck03/21/07
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D I loved this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by OhEmGee03/21/07
good one! :D it was hard but toatally fun! :wink: message me!

Posted by kitty72803/21/07
shawneeo ..... thanks - now i get it - it seems the command is on the last clue ie/ youre left with "eve" then cut front and back (of eve) and yes you are left with a "V" which is roman numberal for 5.... very smart shawneo..... :wink:my bad??!! kitty

Posted by Qrystal03/21/07
That was a pretty good teaser; tough because I was on the right track and didn't think I was because I didn't get the "second" reference. Oh well.

Posted by animaru241303/21/07
yeah, i had no idea what truncate meant so i was clueless. :cry:

Posted by breathesunshine03/21/07
Wow! I had to call the fire department when my brain cells began to spontaneously combust trying to solve this one! :lol:

Posted by shawneeo03/23/07
My grandma didn't get it!!! That is a BIG DEAL!!! Believe you ME! LOL! NOW, I want everyone who said they got it, and never saw it before, especially the ones who said it was "easy", to meet me in a central location. We're going to have a little LIE DETECTOR TEST PARTY!!! lol! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: 8)

Posted by jamy40003/25/07
Very clever.

Posted by Zag2401/13/09
Clever! I was disappointed with myself not to have gotten it. I would have liked a hint. How about the following? 5 letters, 4 letters, 3 letters, 1 letter

Posted by doehead03/21/10
That was a great teaser the first or second time around, but know it's getting very boring. :oops: :( :cry: :x :evil:

Posted by wm091203/21/10
I really enjoed this one. I couldn't get the 'v' ending though. Thanks. :D

Posted by sunnybonghits03/21/10
Overall, this was a good one. My only complaint is the third sentence makes it seem like cutting the front and back off the ORIGINAL word makes it two less. The third sentence should really start: "Then cut me..."

Posted by TallTimber03/21/10
Pretty good teaser. Clever, in fact.

Posted by Johnny03/25/10
wow that was a really good teaser! :D

Posted by perrygf04/18/10
Fantastic! Make more!

Posted by Babe03/21/13
I too had to look up truncate and it still did not help! :( God that it baffled more than me! :D

Posted by Babe03/21/13
I meant good. Fingers are tired and made a mistake Sorry!

Posted by HABS293303/21/13
Was unable to solve it but once I saw the answer it made perfect sense. I stated out with the second word (the decapitated one) being "same" and tried to go from there -which of course I couldn't. Had I thought of "even" it would have all fallen into place nicely.

Posted by cutebug03/21/13
Clueless :D :D

Posted by Maggiethe8th03/21/13
verrry much beyond me this morning- :o who am I kidding? Any morning! :wink: but I did enjoy the answer & intellectual wake up with my coffee! :)

Posted by digthewarmth02/27/14
Aw man, I thought it was Four. - first decapitate, take off the F and it becomes "our", like equal for all. - then I took truncate to mean taking out the u, and it becomes "or", like it becomes the second option. - for cut me front and back, there was no "then" before the phrase, so I figured I could start back over with the original Four, four tally marks ||||. and I took off the front and back marks to be left with ||, two less than what I started with. :)

Posted by nakajima0104/22/15
So eve means second now? Ha! Eve is actually more considered as a first, as in the first woman. :lol: This would have been cooler (and clearer) if you replaced it with "Then truncate me and I will turn into the night" or something like that (i.e., eve as in evening). ;)

Posted by raisin9903/21/16
well done; simple

Posted by sukhbeer03/21/16
Very interesting


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