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Submitted By:JessicaLynn
Fun:** (2.04)
Difficulty:* (0.51)

Jessica, Jennifer, and Jordan all have different favorite colors. (yellow, purple, and red.) They also have three different favorite foods. Figure out who likes what color and what food (french fries, hamburgers, and ice cream) with these clues.

1) Jessica, whose favorite color is not red, loves ice cream the most.
2) The person who likes red also likes hamburgers.
3) Jordan's favorite color is yellow.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by dalt8802/23/05
u gave it away on clue #3 & 1 :oops: easy but fun :D

Posted by Tree02/23/05
They did not give it away on clues 3 an 1. You need 2 also. Just enough clues, but very simple. Now that you know how to make a logic grid, maybe you should incorporate a story with it to make it more fun. Just a suggestion. Good job. :)

Posted by 2wheelspeedster02/23/05
I didn't even need the grid. Very easy. But fun. I agree. You should add a story. Sometimes it makes them apear to be harder. :D :D

Posted by Crazy-G02/23/05
It was easy. :( But it was also a lot of fun! :P

Posted by JessicaLynn02/23/05
Sorry, I never thought about that. Maybe that is way this is the first one accepted. It is a little boring, but I promise the next one will have a story! Thanks!

Posted by doggyxp02/23/05
Ok, as consturctively as possible: I found this really easy, and therefore somewhat boring. One does not even need a logic grid to figure this out. So, some advice for the future: In order to make it more difficult, add more possibilities. Instead of 3x3x3, try 5x5x5 or 6x6x6. More choices make for a more difficult grid.

Posted by JessicaLynn02/23/05

Posted by nicisan02/24/05
I agree with doggyxp, and when you make the grids bigger it is also good to give lots of clues which lead us to put crosses in the box coz this makes us think harder and takes longer to solve. Well done though, look forward to your next one :D

Posted by Arlene02/27/05
cute : :evil:

Posted by krabcat03/06/05
dalt88: if u dident have cleus 1&3 the teaer would never have been exepted becuse it would be imposible it was just complecated enough to bend my mind but not snap it :D

Posted by koolkat5703/17/05
I figured it out in a sec! :lol: It was still fun! 8)

Posted by Israel-Girl03/29/05
it was kinda easy, but REALLY fun! 8) Thanks! :D

Posted by wordwizz04/03/05
way too easy. :-?

Posted by ANgelStAR04/09/05
I agree with wordwizz. It was way too easy :cry: but it was fun! :D

Posted by purplequeen05/24/05
Great job for your first teaser! Add more of a story, to get us interested. Congrats! :D

Posted by harmonize908/25/05
simplicity at its best. i was hoping i would be able to answer this short one without all the clues but... i guess not :lol:

Posted by pinkynock710/23/05
It was pretty easy, but it was fun. Next time make your grid bigger, but also make a story. (Just suggestions) Anyways, GOOD JOB JESSICALYNN.

Posted by Rob200310/30/05
u should of mixed up the patterns

Posted by homie12311/13/05
who in their right mind would have red as their favorite color? just saying.... maybe you should've done blue. i like blue.

Posted by GirlyxGirlxMia11/25/05
That was too easy make them harder 8)

Posted by BPKANERVA12/19/05
I voted this as fun because i like logic-grid puzzles but it was to small :-? :D :-/

Posted by tjc_1312/24/05
sorry but this is way too easy!!

Posted by Misty01/06/06
in every comment you get a "way too e-z!" or a " easy but fun" thats cuz it is easy but still fun

Posted by runscapekiller01/27/06
Easy :( :( :( :( :(

Posted by runscapekiller01/27/06
have 1 clue next time! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :: I love a good joke!!!!!!!!!

Posted by thompson102/22/06
Good, a bit too easy, and needs a story, but not an excess of clues :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by SPUTNIK202/24/06
That was EZ and fun, thanks Jessica

Posted by mitzimesser03/16/06
:D I enjoyed doing it. I needed the grid because I am new to this kind of puzzle. I appreciate the easier ones. It helps me to start to understand how these things work. :D Thank-you for making one that I can figure out. I might get good enough to do the harder ones eventually. I think the complicated ones are boring because I can't do them. It's no fun at all when you don't have a clue how to understand them. :roll:

Posted by Zelvinrocks12/17/06
I agree with mitzimesser, I need easy logic grids. Even the so-called easy ones are too hard(one circle filled in). :D :D Jessica I think it's fine that there wasn't a story or many distracting clues. My brain is fried from those ones and it's nice to have a varity of easy grids, ones that I can get right and make myself feel smarter :lol: T Th Tha Than Thank Thank Y Thank Yo Thank You Thank Yo Thank Y Thank Thank Y Thank Yo Thank You Thank Yo Thank Y Thank Than Tha Th T

Posted by SmartyBrainStar03/13/07
I agree with the 2 posts above me. I'm new to this too. :D

Posted by day_tripper04/20/07
It's nice to have something that is easy and fun . Great warm up puzzle. :D

Posted by MorbidLies08/21/07
Nice easy teaser. :D

Posted by dreamlvr143209/17/07
Nice easy teaser. :) I think you have gotten some very constructive advice above so I won't add anymore. I do want to say though, that easy teasers like this one, or excellent for beginners. Gives them a chance to get interested without bogging them down with too many choices. Great job for your first teaser!! :D :D :D

Posted by mathgrant11/17/08
I'm a logic veteran myself, but I found this kinda fun. It wasn't necessary to say that Jessica's favorite color wasn't red, because her favorite food is ice cream, and the favorite food of the person whose favorite color is red is hamburgers. Other than that, a very good simple puzzle, and perfect for beginners.

Posted by kittygirl1912/27/10
I like hamburgers I like :oops:

Posted by Zinovia03/18/11
Very easy, but also fun. Good job! Try making the clues a bit more indirect next time if you want to add a little challenge. :)


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