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Which one of these clothing items do not belong?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by cloud_strife02/26/05
i don't think hijab is a women's clothing.. isn't hijab a cloth that separate the men andd women??? :-? :-?

Posted by jazz200602/28/05
:-? I've never heard of any of those types of clothing, so you must be a very intelligent person to know of those kind of clothing. Good for you.

Posted by mrsanita03/12/05
:-? WHAT

Posted by froggygg04/04/05
Didn't have a clue as to any of those items - let alone whether it was worn by a man or woman! :oops:

Posted by mathew04/28/05
:lol: ok maybe i'm completly nutz here but thats the only one that didnt have an I as the second letter in it maybe? :roll:

Posted by smarty_blondy08/27/05
With my poor english and all i never would have gotten it :oops: Nice research on this one, good job :D

Posted by choirgirl92611/25/09
It's got nothing to do with poor english. There are very few people who would have known what all of these articles of clothing are. It was an intelligent teaser, but not one to post if you want anyone to be able to figure out the answer.


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