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Seven Letters Tamed

Submitted By:snoopdogg
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:*** (2.35)

From wood it's made,
From string it's made,
It floats upon the wind.
It's made by one,
It's made by many,
From hands and mouths it spins.
A score without a game.
A staff not for the lame.
With seven letters tamed.
With five letters named

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by froggygg04/04/05
Okay, here I go sounding really lame but, the clue with seven letters tamed....what is that? This was a good teaser and everything made sense (after I read the answer of course!) except the above clue... :oops: :)

Posted by zanowraith04/04/05
That was confusing :-? :-? :-?

Posted by brainybaby04/04/05
what is the 7 letter word. It is kind of confusing. :-?

Posted by Rafkin04/04/05
I'm not sure, but i think the seven letters reffer to the seven notes of a musical scale. A, B, C, D, E, F, and G

Posted by Therulerofthem04/04/05
Or, it could be the seven letter word "conduct"

Posted by Master_Yoda04/04/05
Great teaser. :D I loved it. 8)

Posted by snoopdogg04/05/05
"the seven letters reffer to the seven notes of a musical scale. A, B, C, D, E, F, and G" Rafkin exactly

Posted by chidam1104/07/05
Even i did not understand the seven letter 1 but got it after readin the comments

Posted by psychedelictoad04/09/05
Five letters tamed? :-?

Posted by jordana04/11/05
It was a way. :D

Posted by icequeen0504/14/05
i'm not that good at poems :oops: ...good job, tho

Posted by fishdish12304/22/05
Hey! You had wood and string, but what about brass?! I'm hurt. :cry: :wink: Good riddle, I didn't get it. :oops:

Posted by sillygirl06/01/05
got me on that one :oops:

Posted by whazzitt06/01/05
did anyone think of "maestro" The leader of the band/orchestra

Posted by Curtis06/01/05
I got this one right away. (I'm a musician). The seven letters refer, of course, to the seven notes of the musical scale, A - G. Natch.

Posted by gummbypal06/01/05
I hate to split hairs but what about sharps and flats? On the piano there are 7 white keys in C major but all other keys need those black ones adding 5 more.

Posted by bookbox06/01/05
That was really cool! :D

Posted by dbs24106/01/05
Loved it! :D

Posted by pinkgirl06/01/05
Cool! This is my favorite so far :D

Posted by timilee06/01/05
Good 1 :D

Posted by frenchi1206/01/05
wow this one was really hard but made total sense after i read the answer. seven letters tamed was the 7 notes that are played in the scale. :D

Posted by darthforman06/01/05
Nice one! :D Hard :x But good! :lol:

Posted by Chelsie06/01/05
That was GREAT! :D ...and beautifully COMPOSED! :lol:

Posted by robinmckenzie06/01/05
gummbypal: C#, Gb, etc. aren't letters, they're musical notes. The poem refers to "seven letters".

Posted by BrownEyes06/01/05
That was hard :o

Posted by blueteez06/01/05
rather on the weak side. But what is the 7 letter word?? Conduct??

Posted by onlyeeyore06/01/05
It was easy for me as I'm a musician, but it was excellent!

Posted by redneck_woman06/01/05
This was a great one! :D Wood/string/wind made me think of "kite"; I get everything but the "seven letters" part. I thought that referred to the music scale, but that has 8. Somebody fill me in...

Posted by redneck_woman06/01/05
The scale I was thinking of was doe-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-doe! After reading the comments I get it! Fishdish -- brass was sort of mentioned with "hands and mouth"

Posted by cicibonita06/01/05
good one i lyk it!!! :wink:

Posted by gilco06/01/05
This was a good one! :D

Posted by FeaerFactorY66606/01/05
Pretty good.. although I don't really get it...

Posted by tracknfield06/01/05
I couldn't guess it. I looked at the answer!

Posted by Spice_206/01/05
I thought it was "a kite" at first, but then i wouldnt know the seven letter word. Good one! After reading the answer I thought it was the person who played the music, the player. I never thought of the Notes. :D

Posted by UcheyBoo06/01/05
my brother helped me a little but i think he might have looked at the answer. i just guessed. bunches of fun.

Posted by Trickster199206/01/05
LOL I thought it was a kite too (until I saw the line "a score without a game" ... But I didn't get it until I saw the line "with 5 letters named").... Oh hey, I actually got one! :o :lol:

Posted by Javian06/01/05
It was a good riddle; the "score withput a game" part gave it away though; I've heard several other teasers that used that, but good try :)

Posted by Kukmiester06/01/05
Got me... :o

Posted by amn2249206/01/05
I got a little confused with "7 letters tamed," but I figured it out because of the first 5 lines. Good job, though. :) :-?

Posted by riddlelover06/01/05
I didn't get it :oops: but it was clever :lol:

Posted by dogboy06/01/05
that was good...i didnt get it but after i saw the answer it made perfect sense :oops: :lol: :P 8)

Posted by Katelin06/01/05
Yeah I play the piano and harp so of course I liked it, but I also got it right so I'm pretty happy. Great job and keep up the good work! :wink: :)

Posted by BirdmanBen06/01/05
:D Beautiful. Easy for musicians, like me (cello, piano, baritone horn), but simply beautiful.

Posted by nessab_9106/01/05
It was an ALRIGHT joke :D i really didnt think of MUSIC......??? It was hard and confusing?!?!?!?!? :-?

Posted by Chelu197106/02/05
I liked it. I immediately thought it was "sound" of course music also works. good one :P I thought seven letters was either "muffles" or "muzzles" Great! :D

Posted by Swordoffury139206/05/05
Loved it! I added this to my favorites. :D :) 8) :lol: :P

Posted by book_worm_7706/22/05
I thought the seven letters was Harmony :D very good! I thought it was fun!

Posted by ginny32206/25/05
Not to be contradictory to everyone else, but i think the "with seven letters tamed" means that music ends when you have SILENCE. right?? :-? Really good teaser, by the way :D

Posted by realm234610/31/05
At first, I thought it was"cane", but canes aren't made from string, and canes can't sing. I got the answer, though. The seven letters named really is..A,B,C,D,E,F, and G. Whoever said this, "conduct" also works. :D

Posted by realm234610/31/05
...Okay, conduct is a lot better than the musical scale...Wait, I think I got the is five letters and the seven letter word is......MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by realm234610/31/05
..The seven letters are m-u-s-i-c-a-l. I'm almost 100% positive, which is extremely rare........because I 'm a riddle lover,and i''ve wrote quite a few of my own poems,......I understood it. "Score without a game,= musical scale Seven letters named,=if youl ookk closely at the teaser, all letters to the word "musical " are included in the teaser. Five letters tamed."= The answer, and muiscal fits with the answer. Does anyone agree? Ihad fun figuring out the teaser,but now, everyone's having fun trying to figure out the seven letter about your double dose of sugar. :D

Posted by realm234610/31/05
*look *musical

Posted by peppamintp11/14/05
Loved it. Am starting to dig the riddles. :D

Posted by Trishgal10/06/06
perfect 8) 8) 8)

Posted by lmurray10/06/06

Posted by azbee12310/06/06
cute! it was fun. :D :D :D :D :D Imurray get a life.

Posted by OhEmGee10/06/06
this one wasnt great sorry :( i need them to be easier because i'm so MENTALLLLL!! ok well i need easier ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya!!

Posted by OldChinaHand10/06/06
Fun teaser. First I was thinking 'kites' tamed by strings, but then with score and could only be music. Well done. 8) Im, Talk about A PLETHORA OF RE-RUNS. This noise is all that you have contributed, over and over and over again. :roll:

Posted by Pizzazz2u10/06/06
All of these teasers are reruns, kids. This is a reasonably great teaser, but *how close* are we going to run the repeats. :wink: And here I can enjoy most of the teasers... including this one. :wink:

Posted by lmurray10/06/06

Posted by marschie10/06/06
Way over my head! All I came up with was KITES. ...and IMURRAY keeps us on course; stop bugging him ...or her (?).

Posted by nu_rob_roy10/06/06
I like this teaser. 'Made' my day. ...and IMURRAY keeps us on course, yes like Captain Joseph J. Hazelwood. And like we don't know who's really writting all these 'supports' comments?

Posted by shawneeo10/06/06
lmurray keeps us on course, yes, becoz we can throw stuff at him every morning! LOL! I didnt like this one. It was GOOD, though, meaning, after I saw the answer it all works out. But, I just didn't get a sense of exactly what was being talked about, becuse it was all vague except for the "woods and string". I just mean I think the same clues could be used but the riddle changed some to make it more fun and more clear, like: instead of: its made by one/ its made by many" something more poetic meaning it could be either or both. Sorry, just the wording I thought could be different. Maybe its sour grapes, coz Im also a musician but I actually didnt get it, LOL! But what Im saying is I didnt really want to spend any time on it. Still and all, it was a good teaser, and I know it took a lot of time. Oh, and you HAVE TO include an explanation of the clues in the answer, especially for "seven letters tamed". dI never realized how many peeps make a comment without having read the preceding ones. Thanks! :D

Posted by bradon18200110/06/06
I thought this was beautiful. No, I didn't get the answer, but it sure makes sense once you know the answer. Thanks for making the start of my day a pleasant one. :o

Posted by Badger10/06/06
Great teaser! I have a feeling that "kite" was bait, as I was still thinking it five lines in, but have yet to see even the most talented person spin one in their mouth! As for re-runs... I've only been a member since May, so a teaser run last year is still new and fresh to me. I do feel for the newer members that are waiting for their first one to be selected as TOTD. See my comment yesterday. Loved the teaser. :D

Posted by maka1010/06/06
Very good and fun! :D

Posted by coachpisco10/06/06
Interesting. I liked it.

Posted by locutus13ds10/06/06
I was stumped, and I'm a music lover. I first thought it was a kite, but alot didn't fit. :roll:

Posted by TheSmartest10/06/06
I didn't get it and what do you mean "seven letters tamed"? Oh well, I guess it was ok. :-?

Posted by rhmaustin10/06/06
The 7 letters refers to the notes of the musical scale -- A,B,C,D,E,F, & G.

Posted by hradilv10/06/06
Okay, the comments made me finally sign up so that I could comment. This riddle was EXCELLENT! I thought it was just difficult enough. I also think it's obvious that the 7 letters tamed are A-G. Also, it's 5 letters NAMED - thus m-u-s-i-c.

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/06/06
Being a music lover, this was a fairly simple one to me. I appreciate that someone has composed a nice verse on music. The previous comments show that most people did enjoy this teaser, and this is music to my ears and eyes! Do keep up the good work. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by kman61310/06/06
Very clever and well worded riddle. Riddles should be written this way - a little "off" so you have to think about it. I didn't get it, but the answer made total sense to me. Nice one.

Posted by Badger10/06/06
Ditto Rahmo, Phaine, & Kmann. Great teaser! :D

Posted by Badger10/06/06
Sorry for the spelling on id's... :lol:

Posted by schmedley910/06/06
That on was so awesome. I didn't get the 7 letter thing but once i read a few of the comments I got it. Nice one. :-? :( :lol:

Posted by Synlapse10/06/06
If the riddles are too easy, we'd have to change the name of the exercise to "NoBraingle". Just goes to show, you can't please all the people all of the time. :wink:

Posted by Qrystal10/06/06
Hehehehe all you commenting people are funny ... almost as much fun as the riddle itself!! But I digress, I actually think it's almost silly to talk about other commenters in the comment spot, since this is supposed to be comments about the riddle... so I'm gonna get to it. I really loved this one. I'm sure my musical background helped, because I'm normally not very good at riddles -- though maybe Braingle is helping me get stronger!! YIPPEE!!! I also really liked the many different interpretations of the "seven letters tamed". conduct = tamer of music; silence = music is completely docile/tamed; musical... I guess a musical person can keep music from being painful! But I thought A B C D E F G was almost shiveringly great... it made me think about how, before the scale was developed, music was "wild" and possibly even unusable, or at least not possible to compose without going "by feel" with an instrument in hand (like riding a wild horse! heh!) Now I'm feeling all poetic... :) ...snoopdogg, if you want to use any part of my description to help give more detail to your answer, feel free. I think it would be appreciated by your adoring fans. ;)

Posted by heyman10/06/06
I wasn't able to figure it out, but when I saw the answer and went back through I had as much fun untangling it as trying to figure it out. GREAT riddle. This is the best so far!

Posted by ADSrUS10/06/06

Posted by jabdr10/06/06
Wellll..I knew it was music related, but as I didn't catch on to seven letters named I didn't know if it was an instrument, or a tune or a symphony or concert. I came up with piano and thought I was brilliant! Once again, Brainagle 1, jabdr 0. Loved it.

Posted by Musikman21210/06/06
Good teaser, but I think the seven letters that tame ar COMPOSE. The composer tames the notes and makes them into pleasant music.

Posted by luvdoritos70610/06/06
nice one...i was close..

Posted by utnative10/07/06
i loved this teaser it was great.had fun trying to solve it but failed. but what a beautiful dicscription of music. :oops: :oops: :cry: :( :roll: :-? :wink: :wink:

Posted by djtalckerb10/07/06
Good one! Thanks!

Posted by tdbrsun10/08/06
I too was confused. But, after a bit , I got it. Good one!

Posted by starnz10/09/06
Very Clever!! Thanks for spinning my wheels! :D

Posted by vlerma10/09/06
Nice job Spookboy. I too enjoyed a fancy look at msic. I can't say I got very much of the teaser as I wanted to figure out how it oculd be a kite - couldn't get that out of my head so see people some of us really enjoy these teasers. More please? :)

Posted by SPUTNIK210/17/06
clever, witty and fun! :lol:

Posted by sarita0110/18/06
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!! I GOT IT RIGHT!!! i read it and the first thing that popped into my head was music!!! i thought that wasn't right and that i had read it wrong but look,, i got it right!! yay me! :o :D 8) :lol: :wink:

Posted by sarita0110/18/06
om truthfully the first thing i though was a yoyo but when i got to the "staff not for the lame" part thats when music popped into my head :D

Posted by dalfamnest10/06/09
This was the first riddle I have seen here that I would call 'inspired' and true to the riddle tradition. I still have a lot to try, of course, as I'm only a few months into this awesome site. People such as Imurray who complain about 're-runs' should remember that there are other people joining from time to time. :roll: You don't have to do the Daily-T if you don't want to. Maybe spend the time writing one yourself - I notice you haven't achieved this yet, Imurray. Anyway, I was very annoyed to NOT guess it :oops: as I am so involved in music. Each line of the riddle is well crafted and it builds up to a rhyming climax. :D :D :D

Posted by Zarahemla0510/06/09
Great job! O try to figure these out after each line, so it's very easy to get stuck on one thing. I kept thinking, Piano, Harp, etc... Loved this one! Great job Snoopdogg! Thanks! ~Z

Posted by doehead10/06/09
Sorry, but I agree with others. Try some new material, instead of reruns!!!!! :evil: :( :evil:

Posted by auntiesis10/06/09
By focusing on just the "main" word in each sentence I was able to come up with musical instruments, from there music was easy, but it took me quite a while because the wood, string, and wind made me think of the 5 letter word "KITES". Great teaser, well done. :D :lol: :D

Posted by phyllisa10/06/09
Good teaser, I thought of kite, then plane (as in balsa wood) but neither fit. I thought of FINGERS for the 7 letter word after I saw the answer. Great way to start the day. :)

Posted by donquixote23510/06/09
gummbypal: "I hate to split hairs but what about sharps and flats? On the piano there are 7 white keys in C major but all other keys need those black ones adding 5 more." True, but those are variations of the 7 letters... they're always referred to as C#/Db, D#/Eb, etc. It's like saying that the English language is tamed with 26 letters... we still use punctuation, but it doesn't make the comment any less true.

Posted by AndrewWalker10/06/09
great teaser, I actually got it too one of the best riddles 8)

Posted by avonma10/06/09
It was really well-written. I'm very musical, and I didn't quite get it. :oops: It all works for me. Good job! :D

Posted by Babe10/06/12
It says at the top of this page..."Comments"" It does not say NIce comments, just comments . So why are any of you jumping on someone who does not like the teaser or who has an unpopulart opininion? Just write your own and do not read those you find disturbing. Comment on the teaser and nothing else. You won't th ough as you will npw jump all over me for my opinion. Okay, I just won't read it!!! :roll:

Posted by cutebug10/06/12
Good job BABE. I'm 100% in your corner. :D :D

Posted by iggy3910/06/12
I didn't get it at all, but then I do have trouble sometimes. I liked it though, thought it was very clever. ;-) Thanks

Posted by Zykezex10/06/15
Got it, was pretty easy though. :)

Posted by ThinksForFun10/06/15
Great riddle!


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