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The Curse Part II

Submitted By:sexyxxl05
Fun:*** (2.15)
Difficulty:* (0.53)

You have, once again, angered your friend, but this time, it's not the simple cold shoulder. Your friend has threatened to announce over the P.A. who you like to the whole school unless you answer the following teaser correctly:
If Farmer Ben has six farm hands and Farmer Dell has twelve farm hands, and neither of them will let you borrow any of their farm hands, how many hands do you have?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by TehIgnored04/04/05

Posted by TehIgnored04/04/05
Ha ha!! You didn't trick me didn't ask me how many farm hands i had....just how many hands.....very nice

Posted by froggygg04/04/05
Cute, but really easy. :D

Posted by Strange104/04/05
to easy :roll:

Posted by phildunphy04/04/05
Two is not neccessarily the answer for all people

Posted by Kalliann04/04/05
it was pretty easy, but I then again I thought that you were trying to trick me so I kept over looking the answer of two! :D

Posted by CHUCKLZ04/04/05
way to easy...have a good day

Posted by unklemyke04/04/05
Cute, fun, but much too easy - especially if you check out The Cur - Part I, which puts you on the right track. PS - to the semi-literates in comment land - TWO means more than one but less than three. TO is a preposition denoting a direction, a destination or some similar linguistic phenomenon. TOO means more than is necessary, an excess, a suprerfluity of something. PLEASE try to keep them straight - there are children reading these pages. :)

Posted by brainybaby04/04/05
i thought u were trying to trick me :)

Posted by Master_Yoda04/04/05
Wow that was probably the easiest teaser ever!!! It was ok. Anyone who doesn't get this teaser is either half asleep, or aren't too bright. :D :D j/k :D :D

Posted by Melly1304/05/05
the person who made that must have been really bored, cause that was so EASY!

Posted by phildunphy04/05/05
Unklemyke, I am not semi-literate, but I may have only one hand therfore the answer would be incorrect for me. Which is the point I was trying to make.

Posted by dolphin504/05/05
that was so hard, NOT!!! funny, u did kinda trick me!!! :)

Posted by zombiefreak04/07/05
goody i liked that 1 :D

Posted by psychedelictoad04/09/05
Wow, that's terrible. :evil: No offence. 8)

Posted by IMCUL4E04/10/05
0_o WOW......

Posted by IMCUL4E04/10/05
i agree wit da toad.

Posted by jordana04/11/05
It's nice. :roll:

Posted by beethovenswig04/11/05
This was the easiest teaser ever!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Leviathan04/18/05
pretty easy, but what does it have to do with a curse?

Posted by sexyxxl0504/19/05
Teaser author here. Why y'all gotta get so technical? Its a trick teaser its supposed 2 b easy duh!

Posted by dapperDave04/22/05
The riddle was too dumb to be easy, or perhaps to easy to be dumb. That said, I have an issue with UNKLEMYKE. It is obvious to me that you went out of your way to sound superior to the rest of us. Yet in your endeavor, you made some mistakes as well. Too also means also. This too may be superfluous information, or as you would say "suprerfluous" :wink:

Posted by logic_lover9104/29/05

Posted by kcelf2704/29/05
As I can tell, PHIL was just stating that not everyone has 2 hands. NO ONE as far as I can tell used any of the 3 words to, too, or two wrong. So UNKLEMYKE needs to stuff the pie-hole and not be so corrective.

Posted by sexyxxl0505/03/05
I agree with kcelf27 so just shut it.

Posted by black_ink99005/03/05
That wuz way 2 ez

Posted by wolfeyes8905/05/05
it was easy but good

Posted by xsadclowneyezx05/09/05
um, what would this have to do with angering your so called friend which by the way, wouldnt be your friend if he or she announced to the whole school that you like some kid which i dont see a problem with liking or loving eachother. it makes for more friends than foes and one heck of a compliment..... you kids need to get over yourselves if your afraid to tell someone that you like them. i dont think thats gonna change a friendship if your friend actually likes hanging out with you, because God forbid you get stuck with that forsaken friend that youve only hung out with everyday for the past six years...... shesh... and i dont think someone will shut you out of their life completely because you like the way the look or smile, and get along with them but then again, would the pricipal just let some child use his or her microphone, my guess is no. so dont kill yourselve over not being to answer some simple trick teaser to the creator, this was cute, but whats with the angry friends? troubles at school? take my advice... :wink:

Posted by sweetime05/17/05
woah xsadclowneyezx, slow down! i think that the whole "friend telling someone you like them thing" was just an intro to the teaser, really wasn't that important!

Posted by jannie_delta05/19/05
unklemyke, 1.5 is also between 1 and 3

Posted by lilianxie05/25/05
I'd give this a .5/10 for hardness and a 4/10 for fun. For any of you who've done "Ther Curse Part 1" you'd know the answer to this one right away. But, hey, at least it made me laugh! :lol: PS Umm...why "The Curse"? I dont see any curse stuff! Just some friend problems. Hello?!? I dont see the point.

Posted by sexyxxl0505/26/05
i put it like that cuz I felt like it. If u dnt like it, oh well

Posted by MBBZN05/30/05
That was pointlessly easy but therest of it was plain funny, I hope no one in school does that to me, I'd mess them up one way or the other. (my friends/foes wouldn't go with the riddle, they'd go to the hurt first.)

Posted by Isabella220405/30/05
I got it!! Couldn't trick me! :wink:

Posted by S_DKarr06/01/05
People, People, People. You just need to take it easy and enjoy the jokes. No need to get all techincal and ruin all the fun. Please dont take the fun out of it for all of the rest of us. And if you think it is to easy than check the rating of easiness before you open it! :evil: :roll: :wink:

Posted by S_DKarr06/01/05
People, People, People. You just need to take it easy and enjoy the jokes. No need to get all techincal and ruin all the fun. Please dont take the fun out of it for all of the rest of us. And if you think it is to easy than check the rating of easiness before you open it! :evil: :roll: :wink:

Posted by jennyheo06/02/05
Easy but the story (which you are threatened..) makes it fun! :wink:

Posted by flipflopchica06/07/05
You people are absolutly ridiculous. :roll: You take some trick riddle and totally freak outd talk about the definitions of to, too, and two (whatever!) and then write a novel about how you should be able to tell someone if you like them and if your friend isn't really your friend if they'll tell people who you like. This is some f-ing riddle and the details don't matter just the freakin answer! OMG!!!

Posted by darthforman06/07/05
good one!!! :D :D :D

Posted by Lunar_Light06/09/05
Unklemike, you wanna be smart? Two is actually more than 1.9999999999999999999 (non-terminating) but less than 2.000000000000000000000000000000000000 (infinite amount of zeros)1. So shut up, Unklemike. The teaser was easy, but good.

Posted by mgil9307/01/05
That was the easiest teaser ever :roll:

Posted by blca07/07/05
I didn't even get that right! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Posted by Tiggr07/21/05
Break out the PA system. :oops: :cry:

Posted by Tiggr07/21/05
Break out the PA system. :oops: :cry:

Posted by summachick07/23/05
That reminds me of one that says there are 3 feet in a yard 1238 (or summin) in a mile so how many do you have.................2 :o

Posted by deepsea08/01/05
why didnt you just black mail her back?

Posted by sexyxxl0508/27/05
y'all makin me mad. half of y'all aint even got a teaser on this site and u got the nerve to complain. You wanna complain? U get 5 teasers accepted and then u can come and complain. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil

Posted by sexyxxl0508/27/05
_someonelse under her name_ This may be easy but also can trick newcomers yall should stop hatin specialy that thing thta thinks she is so smart u know she had to look up those words in the dictionary so she could put em down and be wrong. Stop hatin just say it was easy thats it. :P :P :P :P :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Posted by rkaaland12/14/05
My Goodness!!! I liked it! I will be taking it to my nephews for fun for the holidays!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Smart_Alex04/23/06
It hasn't at all changed from the first one.

Posted by eans9006/06/06
I didnt think that it was possible but part two has actually managed to suck more that part one! By the way the story line is extremely retarded and childish.

Posted by Warstar06/10/06
uhhhhhh try again

Posted by gungill07/27/06
why is everyone overlooking the fact that..never mind. :roll:

Posted by MalcolmReynolds11/22/06
Wow. 2:00 in the morning.. I go, 10. I was thinking fingers.

Posted by batatis04/24/07
you didnt tell us who u liked tho :lol:

Posted by cowman1206/21/07
WAY too easy.

Posted by sashomarine02/07/10
Omg, why is everyone going crazy over a simple teaser...?

Posted by mathisnice03/05/10
Good job, but you basically made a duplicate of your own teaser (Part 1 of this series.) I'd all ready seen that one before, making this one too easy. :(

Posted by Candyhook01/25/11
Good teaser. I got it right away

Posted by Thekid406/18/11
guys, it's just a teaser. Leave it alone.

Posted by JQPublic08/20/12
It's not bad, but not really different from the foot one ...

Posted by Zykezex02/01/14
The trick one's are awesome - good!


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