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Submitted By:Rebeca
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:**** (3.2)

Five young girls are all friends and are all big Disney fans. They have named their pets after cartoon characters from their favorite Disney movies. Each girl owns a pair of pets of the same species. Each pair consists of two differently colored creatures of the same age. Can you figure out which girl owns which pets, their colors, ages and names?

Girls: Audrey, Betty, Cari, Debra, and Emma
Pets: Birds, Dogs, Cats, Fish and Rabbits
Pet Names: Ariel and Aurora, Beauty and Beast, Lilo and Stitch, Mike and Sully, Timon and Pumba
Color Pairs: Blue and White, Blue and Red, Blue and Brown, Brown and Red, Brown and White
Ages: 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years

Emma is allergic to dogs.

Neither of the rabbits are blue. Neither of the fish are white.

Just one girl has the same first initial as both her 2 yr old pets.

The girls don't usually take their pets with them to visit each other. It is certain that Mike and Sully would try to devour Aurora and Ariel, and also that the blue and brown pair would consider the blue and white pair a tasty snack.

Lilo and Stitch live in the same house as Aurora and Ariel because their owners are sisters. There is no reason to think they would attack each other. In fact, they probably aren't even aware of each other.

Cari and Debra don't own blue pets. Audrey and Emma don't own brown pets.

The brown and white pair are younger than the fish, and also younger than Debra's pets.

Audrey's pets are exactly twice the age of Aurora and Ariel.

Timon and Pumba are older than the cats but younger than the red and brown pair.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by markmonnin04/07/05
OOOOOO! I was sooo close... I only made a couple mistakes. Darn! :cry:

Posted by super_duper0804/07/05
gah so hard i gave up.. ill finish it anouther day.. i have already spent an hour on it! but i have decided to make anouther puzzle.. super hard like this on!!!! :o

Posted by smurfy04/08/05
That was really hard, i kinda guessed at the end but guessed wrong :cry: . Maybe i will become ambitious and try it again later :-? It was fun though! Great job! :)

Posted by Punk_Rocker04/08/05
Wow that was really hard...It was too confusing so I gave up...Actually, the logic-grid solver thingy made it even //more// confusing to me, so I might just try it again some other time without it.

Posted by irishthistle04/10/05
That was cool, I love those puzzles.

Posted by kapmom04/10/05
This has been the best one I have tried so far. I love the ones that challenge you. Great job! :D

Posted by beethovenswig04/11/05
I hate these kind of puzzles. It was too complecated and too confusing. But you did a great job!!! 8) :D :)

Posted by jordana04/12/05
Pretty good. :roll:

Posted by elyse04/12/05
This one was a very good challenge. I can't believe I got it right, all the way through. I loved it. Keep 'em coming, and just as difficult. :D :D :D

Posted by super_duper0804/13/05
i switched a few. but i filled out the whole grid! tomarrow i will try again and see what i did wrong. very hard and very fun!!

Posted by super_duper0804/14/05
I DID IT!!! one week 2+ hours every week and i finally got it done!!! :D :D :D :D :o :o that was hard! i wanna make on just like this (only the hardnest part not the same story) TOTALLY AWESOME 5 stars!!

Posted by wincy04/18/05
I love this one because it's so challenging and hard, but because I'm confused as to what animals eat what other animals, I still haven't finished yet. Any hint?

Posted by peanut04/19/05
:D This teaser rocks...thanks!! I got a slightly different answer which also seems to work - Audrey has 1yr old blue & white birds Lilo & Stitch while Emma has 3yr old blue & red fish, Timon & Pumba... Possible?? :roll:

Posted by Rebeca04/19/05
Thanks for all the positive comments! I'm glad it's been fun. As for Lilo and Stitch being birds instead of fish.... I too got this alternate answer on my last "proof read" of my puzzle... but I hoped that the clue about Lilo and Stitch not being aware of Aurora and Ariel would eliminate the possibility. The pet birds I've seen are very aware of everything going on in the house. Fish, on the other hand, are completely oblivious. (Not that I don't *love* my fishies.)

Posted by vigilant2004/27/05
The clues didn't seem very clear for this one. First grid I've ever given up on.

Posted by dragonballcity104/28/05
the only clue I thought was a bit weird - was that it's certain that the dogs would try to devour the rabbits. I thought that was strange :-?

Posted by infernogirl04/29/05
wow! now this is what I call a puzzle. It was very challenging and I love that. I could not figure it out, I'm sorry to say. Very good! :D

Posted by kcelf2704/30/05
I'm still working on it so I didn't read all the comments...but if I can't get it right off the bat or by going over the clues a second or third time then KUDOS for YOU. I'm pretty good at these. But it's late here on the left coast of the US and It's my beddy time. Adios!

Posted by FamilyInFilm05/22/05
The BEST! So far, it has been the only one on Braingle that has really challenged me. I hope you will post more like it!!

Posted by purplequeen05/24/05
Nice toughy! :) :)

Posted by onlyeeyore05/30/05
This was the best one I've done so far! While there were some concerns on one clue or other, I thought it to be fine! I was completely stumped and thought I was missing something, but found out I hadn't scrolled down to the last clue! Thanks!

Posted by Gadget07/01/05
How Fun... 8)

Posted by elemandia03/29/06
the clues about which pets would eat one another seems kind of wierd. :-? i assumed the cats ate the fish, not the birds. otherwise, very nice. :wink:

Posted by crumbbum05/27/06
I don't like clues where I'm supposed to guess based on nothing. Should have been more specific on the types of animals. Birds can be predator or prey. Some dogs are the size of rabbits, some are much bigger. On a logic puzzle you should not be guessing on these types of things.

Posted by crumbbum05/28/06
Although I should add you can finish the puzzle without those clues so it's not as big a deal as i make it seem.

Posted by sundaisy22706/17/06
I only got two green circles . . . you stumped me. I feel like I would have to guess on some things and that was a bit frustrating. Good job on difficulty. 8)

Posted by LizR06/28/06
Wow, I thought I did a good job, but I got so many wrong. :o Very nice puzzle. Hand fun doing it.

Posted by khedron12/12/06
I got a different answer which seems to work with all of the clues, can anyone tell me why this is incorrect? Audrey: Mike & Sully, Blue & White 1 year old Cats Betty: Beauty & Beast, Blue & Brown 2 year old dogs Cari: Ariel & Aurora, Brown & White 6 month old birds Debra: Lilo & Stitch, Brown & Red 4 year old rabbits Emma: Timon & Pumbaa, Blue & Red 3 year old fish

Posted by Rebeca07/11/07
I just looked over your solution and I can see where you might think it's a good solution that fits the clues. Admittedly, some of the clues were tricky, (some say vague,) but I was trying to be subtle. In order eliminate these "extraneous" solutions, you have to assume two things that I only hinted at. They are: 1) Dogs don't eat cats (they might fight, even kill them, but they would not eat them) and 2) birds would be aware of other pets, excepting maybe fish. My solution has rabbits and fish being unaware of each other. At my house the fish are unaware of everything and the rabbits are unaware of the fish, mainly because they don't bounce up onto the counter where the fishbowls are. Hope that helps.

Posted by chickwithbrains08/17/07
yeh I also got the same answers as Peanut: "Audrey has 1yr old blue & white birds Lilo & Stitch while Emma has 3yr old blue & red fish, Timon & Pumba"

Posted by mom_rox09/11/07
Good, difficult puzzle. The only thing I would suggest is adding a hint section with the predator/prey relationship. I just happened to guess this correctly.

Posted by Spockinasmock12/27/07
Those of us who found no unique solution to the puzzle, properly used logic. Those who found a correct solution or both of the solutions that worked, had to speculate at the end. Those that crashed onto a paradox in the grid probably made an assumption about the nature of common houshold pets. No LOGIC puzzle solution should be solvable based on assumptions, speculations or guesses. What type of dog would devour a cat or a rabbit? Would a dog devour a rabbit but not a cat? A pet hawk would find a rabbit to be a tasty treat, but might not touch a goldfish. A pet phiranna might eat anything that fell into its tank. This puzzle invited too much lateral thinking. And process of elimination only got us so far. It was an entertaining puzzle, but needed just one clue to separate the dual solution.

Posted by Kronos01/03/11
I gave up. Way too hard to get right. Had to guess and messed it all up. Nice job, though.

Posted by hellokitty06/19/11
Finally figured out :D :D :D Took me a long time to figure it out :cry: :cry: Great job! :D :D :D :D

Posted by popuna108/11/11
that was mad hard .. i had to make a lot of assumptions, great teaser though :D


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