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Submitted By:Rosej0
Fun:** (1.49)
Difficulty:* (0.69)

You switch on my button,
I sing for you.
You decide my volume,
You decide my song.
What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by emilymonkeymaia04/21/02
COME ON! That is easyest puzzel yet. By reading the first sentance I knew what it was!

Posted by princess_d04/27/02
Well DUH!

Posted by O_wise_one05/18/02
that took thought :S

Posted by doggyxp07/08/02
pretty good, but very easy!!!!

Posted by Bekki07/09/02
It took me half a milli-second 2 work that 1 out. Try harder!

Posted by jasin07/25/02
Are you serious?........I thought that there was a trick or something..............come on

Posted by bmotts08/15/02
If there's one bad CD player teaser, I haven't heard it!!

Posted by StyLe8908/24/02
Are you kidding me? What the dealio!? That was easier than a ... That was easier than anything. Everything, actually.

Posted by shop-a-holic08/30/02
It could a TV?

Posted by doggyxp09/01/02
ya know spaghettiistasty is right why complane so much about the teaser if it was your choise to read the easy teasers. Rosej0 it was a good efert, pretty creative.

Posted by wechawinn10/24/02
duuuuhhhh, that was soooooooooooooo easy

Posted by electronjohn10/25/02
I thought it was a cassette player!

Posted by speedyg100012/04/02
i am baffled, stunned, flabbergasted, and amazed (to use the thesaurus) about how eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy this was. It wasn't a riddle. take off the Who am i? and it is a noun. please, good people put more effort into it! dont send in peices this! Brain teasers, not descriptions.

Posted by dakini06/18/03
Completely easy, but I enjoyed it. Yea! I feel smart! ;)

Posted by philomath06/24/03
If as ballpointpen3132 says it was a vie at easy points Rosej0 has one on all of us. Her points are in the pocket and she does not seem to be embarassed to put an easy riddle on here. I write and complain, my words are like clouds and rain. I fill others with dispair and have no good comments to spare...what am I? Look out for this one soon...

Posted by quinton01/30/04
It was So Easy It is almost Obvious :D

Posted by markmonnin09/22/05
A CD Player? Really? I thought it was a Jukebox. I got it wrong!!!

Posted by bowwows112/31/05
i thought it was a radio... :wink:

Posted by solarsistim32108/15/06
lol this is the least popular teaser on the site... :roll: :lol:

Posted by Knightingale07/16/14
Hmm, I thought it was a microphone.


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