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Submitted By:Gander
Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:**** (3.13)

Find a short hidden message in the list of words below.

carrot fiasco nephew spring rabbit
sonata tailor bureau legacy corona
travel bikini object happen soften
picnic option waited effigy adverb
report accuse animal shriek esteem

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by didida04/28/05
libra you r doing it right i am new too but before I registered i read the tease and comments :)

Posted by didida04/28/05
another graet one gander!!! :lol:

Posted by libra089004/28/05

Posted by tasty4u04/28/05
I enjoyed this one :D

Posted by price_angel04/29/05
oh my.....would have never looked that into this teaser for the hidden mess........GOOD ONE!!!!!! :o

Posted by didida04/30/05
sure libra

Posted by darthforman05/01/05

Posted by skimela05/11/05
woahh i had no clue at first, but then the hint just gave it away. apart from the hint being too easy, good stuff!! keep 'em coming, but try making them a bit more difficult!!

Posted by nikapooh05/16/05
yea your hint gave it away but other than that this was a good one.

Posted by Javian05/17/05
Yay! I got it on my 1st try w/o the hint :D Great teaser

Posted by humancalclator905/21/05
all of urs r really good, this one's no exception...great job! 8) :D

Posted by BigRock31306/06/05
OK that was a nice one, good way to keep the wheels rolling! :P

Posted by Gander06/23/05

Posted by smarty_blondy08/18/05
Din't get the hint! In desperate need of more coffee :o ! :lol: Good idea, nicely done! Congrats on getting it accepted :wink: !

Posted by Sunrose09/10/05
Great Teaser, I had a lot of fun solving this one. 8)

Posted by redraptor5010/10/05
I didn't get the hint at all, but a good one :oops: :D

Posted by bluehawk10/10/05
:oops: :lol: :wink:

Posted by bluehawk10/10/05
:oops: :lol: :wink:

Posted by speediebean10/10/05
Gander, if you keep up great ones like this, I'm going to ask you to pay for all my Excedrin!! :lol: :wink: :o (ooooh, my achin' head!) :D Awesome job!!

Posted by iteachkids10/10/05
GREAT fun! :P

Posted by bluvsscoobydoo10/10/05
def got my brain going (or not :P) good one, keep em coming!

Posted by edgwood10/10/05
i didnt see it til i took the hint then it just came easy.thanks i realy likedit

Posted by jimmyb10/10/05
My esteemed nephew, tempted with a carrot traveled like a rabbit to spring break. That optional fiasco of shrieking animals all imbibing coronas and picnicking oysters. The object as it often happens, is to soften the accusing bureaucracy with reports of bikinis burnt in effigy. His legacy tailored and edited on DVD had voiceovers ad-libbing with adverbs and a sonata musical score! :lol: 8) :D

Posted by ceeyaaa10/10/05
had no idea until i read the hint...i like these...lots of fun and brain strain :lol: :D

Posted by foreverfree10/10/05
um i had no clue... :oops: even after the hint :( o well it was cool even if it was hard! :roll: :wink:

Posted by kimberlykay10/10/05
I had absolutely no idea what the answer was. I looked at the first word and the last word and came up with "A Diamond in the Rough". Oh well, maybe next time! :P

Posted by PCDguitar10/10/05
not very good :roll:

Posted by mekaboo2710/10/05
Maybe I am just that confused because if you take the first and last letter of each word that does not spell out what the anwser is supposed to be. Maybe I need to look at it with my eyes crossed or something because I could not see it any other way.

Posted by jessjspieks10/10/05
got it without the clue....yeah :lol: :D

Posted by jimmyb10/10/05
er, ah, i'ma little embarressed am i just totly out of it? don't think the cia needs me, maybe i will only go back to the planet i came from

Posted by redneck_woman10/10/05
Exceptional, Gander! It stumped me, so I checked out the hint. You really made me work hard to figure out the answer..but I felt so proud of myself once I did! :D

Posted by redneck_woman10/10/05
Question to Administrators of Site: Why does every posting have a note saying "this is offensive"????? I see nothing offensive in anyone's comments, certainly not mine - I am being very complimentary!!!

Posted by foreverfree10/10/05
i dont see where it says "this is offensive". am i blind or what??? :o

Posted by smarty_blondy10/10/05
There is a "This is offensive" link, right beneath the name of the poster of each comment. This is a great link to use, if you see a rude, or uncalled for comment. Braingle is a family oriented site, which does not accept cursing, name calling, or any other method of deliberately hurting someone. Therefore, each time you see a comment that does not fit Braingle's moral standards, click the link. The comment is promptly reviewed and deleted, to no longer harm the teaser, submitter, and all in all, Braingle. Hope this helped. Once again, a great teaser. :D

Posted by Haylie150610/10/05
I couldn't get that in a million years! :-?

Posted by kkobes10/10/05
Great teaser! I didn't get it right, but it was fun trying. :D

Posted by foreverfree10/10/05
i still dont see the "this is offensive" thing! whats wrong with me??? or more lilkely whats wrong with my computer??? :( :-? :roll:

Posted by riddlelover10/10/05
Oi've! That was hard! I didn't even try to figure it out! Great message! Neat idea! :D :lol:

Posted by POPS10/10/05
I kept looking and looking and looking but alas :roll: to no avail :( I must say you did a fine job mate :wink:

Posted by jabdr10/10/05
This was a great one. I should have figured it out. after the hint especially, but was too impatient. Keep them coming so I can keep trying. :-? :D

Posted by foreverfree10/10/05
will someone please tell me why i don't see the "this is offensive" thing??? :( it's really bothering me that everyone but me sees it... :cry: it doesnt really matter i guess, im just courious... :roll:

Posted by lindquist_2510/10/05
I don't get it at all... :(

Posted by lifeisgood81210/10/05
i dont see the "this is offensive" thing either

Posted by lifeisgood81210/10/05
fun teaser

Posted by solidgordy10/10/05
the teaser was hard even with the hint. I don't see the "offensive link" either. I've seen it, but I don't see it at every comment, Ive seen it on other areas. why do some of us not see that?

Posted by jessjspieks10/11/05
i dont see the offensive thing either, whats up with that :evil: :o

Posted by teshka10/12/05

Posted by Tangle10/13/05
I definitely need more practice in these kind, send me some more... :roll:

Posted by michelle361710/16/05
Wowwww never would have gotten that. I thought there was something special with the words that had double letters like caRRot raBBit etc.

Posted by jlvsbeks01/21/06
u can only c the offensive link sign after u have been at braingle for a while and have enough points :D hope this helps anyone who doesn't c it :wink:

Posted by teen_wiz07/09/06
This is so cool! Challenging and fun! :D

Posted by conflagration05/03/09
Good one! I like that all words were six letters. Took me off path for a bit. With that one.

Posted by kegbernal07/18/11
:D :D :D :D that was fun!!!!! it was kinda easy though


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