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This Teaser is Not Impossible.

Submitted By:DummyisDumb
Fun:*** (2.13)
Difficulty:**** (3.11)

89, 47, 13, 95, 18, 33, 85, 79, 5, ?
What is next in this pattern?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by deadeye82305/15/05
i disagree with the title :lol:

Posted by Maimai05/15/05
Whoah... Confuuuuusiiiiinnnnng.... So many numbers... 8)

Posted by lordske05/15/05
very very original I love it! :D

Posted by Icecold05/15/05

Posted by zonahobo05/16/05
:o Creative trick but not really a series in a math sense in my opinion... also, your numbers don't seem right for this .. why isn't Actinium (Ac) and Silver (Ag) at beginning of series? You seem to start with Rutherfordium (Rf) which is 104.. so, how do you get to Dysprosium (Dy) andd 66 at the end... what am I not understanding? :o

Posted by umhlobo05/16/05
Sorry, I'm in the same boat as the comment above. I think what you've got is the order of elements you've put together to make the really strong drugs you must have been smoking when you came up with that one :D

Posted by darthforman05/16/05

Posted by DummyisDumb05/16/05
sorry, the table i looked at said that 104 was element 104 (unkown), yup, it was out of date, sry ppls

Posted by GreatWarKeg05/17/05
That may not be impossible but it is definitely the nastiest teaser I have seen on here yet!

Posted by DummyisDumb05/17/05
:-? whyy........

Posted by zonahobo05/17/05
:D There are elements of genius here -- but a little sloppy -- Like Einstein! -- google "periodic table" to find a really neat interactive and up to date one! -- I would never make the jump but I am definitely not Einstein! :D

Posted by JazzyJas05/18/05
*yawn* it made me want to take a nap. this was not a FUN teaser.

Posted by dbs24106/03/05
I SO did not get this one until I read the comments. I guess it's obvious I slept through Chemistry class, huh? :oops: LOL Good teaser & very original. Way to go! :D

Posted by hunnybunny859307/06/05
I think it is cofuzziling :roll:

Posted by h20untz07/07/05
that was a confusing riddle but it was fun.

Posted by TheEarthling12/29/05
I think you should put a hint! Other than that, it was a very creative teaser. :)

Posted by MarcM109802/11/07
If the above comments are confusing, it is because the teaser has finally been corrected. The elements (104-112) have been removed as they have been known for 10 years and are not alphabetically first, a missing element was added to the list, and the answer was corrected.

Posted by stil02/14/07
Suggested hint: Elementary, my dear Watson. Elementary, my dear teaser fan!

Posted by javaguru01/05/09
While I actually did solve this, I think the (somewhat) arbitrary nature of the teaser and the lack of any hint don't make this fun. The only reason I got it is because I've seen this series before.


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