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Submitted By:beachbabe1218
Fun:** (2.05)
Difficulty:* (0.59)

Three friends go to three different schools and like three different subjects. Who goes to what school and likes which subject?

Names: Jeff, Sarah, Melissa
Schools: Long, Meadow, First
Subjects: Math, Science, Spanish

Jeff likes math.

Sarah doesn't attend Meadow.

The girl that attends Meadow likes science.

The person that attends First likes math.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by infernogirl05/17/05
This was way too easy, but it's nice to get the easy ones every once in a while. :D

Posted by scoutmom11105/17/05
Too easy!!! 8)

Posted by darthforman05/17/05

Posted by markmonnin05/17/05
I want to see a three-three-three like this but without any "This person did this" and only "this person did not do this"

Posted by tigershelton05/17/05
:) I enjoyed this. It's fun to do a little grid puzzle noe and then.

Posted by humancalclator905/17/05
it was easy, but without the easy ones what would we have to compare the hard ones to? :D good teaser, and i agree with mark

Posted by purplequeen05/17/05
Thanks for submitting an easy grid! Looks like you're on your way to harder ones! :wink:

Posted by Question_Mark05/18/05
Easy. Mark has a good point. (Not me)

Posted by pippinkt05/18/05
pretty easy :lol:

Posted by sdm117705/19/05
Fastest. Solved. Logic-grid. Ever. :lol:

Posted by Lord_Gilgamesh05/19/05

Posted by jennysugars05/19/05
Very easy. Nice for kids just learning how to do a logic grid. :)

Posted by bobbyd05/20/05
Way too easy

Posted by beachbabe121805/20/05
this is the first teaser i have ever submitted! i'm going to post harder ones, but i haven't had time to figure one out yet. thanx to all the ppl that said nice things about it! :D -beachbabe 8)

Posted by sillygirl05/25/05
very easy, but still fun :)

Posted by cmt121405/29/05
it was great!!!!i luved it!!great job!!! :D :P

Posted by SaturnCat0806/03/05
easy, easy, easy But fun for a warm up. :P

Posted by sassy_10106/17/05

Posted by sassy_10106/17/05
can you say YAWN that must be a record :D -sassy101

Posted by mejoza08/09/05
This is the kind where it is faster without the grid... a sign that it's too easy to be made into this category

Posted by GirlyxGirlxMia11/25/05
I have to say that I'm 14 and that puzzle was good for a 3 year old. boring. :roll:

Posted by mitzimesser03/16/06
:x Hey! I'm 45 & I never learned how to do these. I'm just starting out now. :P :D I enjoy doing the easier ones. It is helping me to understand how they work. Thank you for making a puzzle that us newbies can work out too. :D

Posted by musicfreak01/20/07
Great for first timers, but BORING for the regulars. Can't wait to see you do harder ones.

Posted by gymboy0911/08/08
nice teaser!

Posted by Kronos05/04/11
Simple but fun.


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