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Submitted By:Master_Yoda
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How do you get out of a room without using any doors?

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Posted by babybabe105/22/05
That woz the easiest teaser i have ever read. I got it in 0.001 seconds! Great fun though! :D :D :D

Posted by didida05/22/05
That was really ez good one though! :)

Posted by Therulerofthem05/22/05
whoa easy whoa

Posted by Trickster199205/22/05
WOW! Babybabe (or however its spelled) you must be awfully dull! :P I got it just by glancing at the body! I didn't even have to read it because I can speed read! :D So, uh, what happens if there isn't any windows??? I'll tell you: You find a weak spot in the wall and kick it with all your might... And what happens if there's no door, windows, weak spot, trap door, opening in ceiling, and the room is soundproof???? You hope for a meteor shower... :P

Posted by darthforman05/22/05
I would just take a nap and dream that I wasn't in there! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Master_Yoda05/22/05
Thanx for the alternate answer "Trickster"

Posted by Pop_Qla05/22/05
I didn't get that right :oops:

Posted by Issyrna05/22/05
:lol: I answered just walk out (just because there's no door doesn't mean there's no doorway!) I never even thought about a window. Good teaser. :)

Posted by lordske05/22/05
I agree with you issyrna (or whatever your name is sry) I would just walk out using a doorway.

Posted by libra089005/22/05
hey yo too easy for ya boi libra

Posted by StepIntoNoWhere05/22/05
yawn.. boring.. keep trying

Posted by Panther9105/22/05
That was waaay too easy :oops: At least it didn't stress my brain. :lol:

Posted by markmonnin05/23/05
Yup, I just said the door was open, even though the window could be an option. Perhaps saying there are no doors? :)

Posted by sankarj1005/24/05
I got this very easily.

Posted by buttons0305/24/05
Your teaser was cute, and every now and then its good to get an easy one. LOL :lol: :D 8)

Posted by Javian05/24/05
sorry but I have to say, you could have done better.... I'd rather say something positive though, so I'll say that this was an ok puzzler and, well, it was accepted so it must be up to standards :)

Posted by flygirl4ever05/24/05
This has to be the worse teaser that has ever attempted to tease my brain. I got before I finished reading it. :-?

Posted by Vballbabe3a05/26/05
Too easy!

Posted by Muzozavr05/29/05

Posted by blondie2305/30/05

Posted by Isabella220405/30/05
I loved it! :D

Posted by changegurl05/31/05
hey!!!!!!!!!! It was easy and fun!GEEZ!!!!!!! where's the LOVE!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :-?

Posted by lilturner54505/31/05
good but easy!

Posted by cuteness05/31/05
Zzzz... oh yeah i 4got i was writing a comment. (not meaning to be mean or anything)

Posted by jennyheo06/02/05
Easy... :-?

Posted by Lunar_Light06/09/05
I don't know how they let this one through :-?

Posted by jakeodee06/09/05
easiest teaser ever I agree with Lunar Light how did they allow this on the site :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by atomsmasher2206/13/05
leave em alone! i thought it was great. nice 1!!! :D :D :D

Posted by trickyleprecaun06/21/05
That was too easy, it was kinda boring, but then again i like challenges, so if you made it trickier, it would of helped :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by xmadnetx06/22/05
Dude u kidding me....they seriosly accepted that tease? That was odd...wen i try to post a tease they rejected and i thought it would be fun!! It was like... If a man was born in 1955 and and his alive and well at age 25 in today's world. How is this be possible? To get the answer contact me or email me in this web

Posted by poptart1306/27/05
xmadnetx (did i spell it right?) was it because he was born on february 29th? it's most likely wrong but i was just wondering. :)

Posted by poptart1306/27/05
oh, i liked this teaser because i got it right! :P

Posted by my2706/29/05
bit easy :cry:

Posted by my2706/29/05
bit easy :cry:

Posted by zigthepig06/29/05
easy but nice to have an easy 1 1nce in a while :D

Posted by dolphingurl1207/08/05
I'm sorry, but how did it get accepted?? I've been trying to get some of mine, and I've got three rejections, and then I read this, and really wonder....

Posted by amelia63907/17/05
that was very easy

Posted by summachick07/23/05
It was easy but I liked it. All of you dissing this teaser need to remember some people like easy teasers. :D Like me :lol: :lol: :D :lol: :lol:

Posted by deepsea07/30/05
ah fun and easy good job and if there arent any windows you could sue if its in a tenement(apparently i can rerember stuff from field trips)

Posted by butterflyboy08/12/05
To get out of room without windows or doors? Close your browser. CHAT room. :P

Posted by Fame_Kraze11/06/05
2 e-z even 4 me wut if the room had no windows :lol:

Posted by flamingsword11/17/05
2 easy! No ofence.

Posted by rkaaland12/10/05
Good one- I personally just walked!! :D

Posted by boodler12/22/05
Officer, we've had an intruder! Oh? How did he enter the room? Intruder window! :wink: :wink:

Posted by aaks9402/19/06
good one but a tad to easy. :cry: Good try :)

Posted by jntrcs04/04/06
I thought that answer then i'm like no way! its too easy. so i thought "you couldn't get inside a room with no doors" thats the better answer.

Posted by Atropus04/07/06
Nice... also some rooms don't have walls on all sides.

Posted by Smart_Alex04/22/06
I think it was ok to let this one slide, because some people here like teasers, but don't get most of them. So it is good to have different levels of teasers. Though this one was the easiest for me.

Posted by Battery10/23/06
i thought he walked through a door frame :D

Posted by aaks9410/23/06
that was an easy one :) ..i liked it though b/c i got it right :D nice

Posted by reptile500006/07/07
There are thousands of answers to this teaaser!

Posted by Anushka04/12/08
xmadnx or wat evr....its because he was probably born in the bc year and today, he is healthy and fresh.. anyway, cant u people ever have a good comment??????? FYI you most likely looked in the EASY section so....newsflash!!!! thats why its so easy. Watch, ur going to read this....go to the hard section off all teasers and then comment on those!!! for those of u that said that this is to easy or what not and was being rude, i would think again before writing that stuff on what is intended to be and EASY teaser!!!! :roll: could u people be any ruder??? go pick on some other teaser. please. again...the easy section. SUPPOSED TO BE EASY!!!

Posted by pn_1604/26/08
nice, i got it.. :D

Posted by Matttoy05/17/08
I said go through a walkway because my house has walkways. LOL! Great teaser, though!

Posted by sashomarine01/15/10
One thing- TOO Easy... And while I'm at it i might as well start up a smiley war... :o (((( 8) :P :o :-? ( ) :oops: === :roll: :cry:

Posted by braingle10011/18/10
This is a teaser where it's hard to be wrong, there is more than one answer.


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