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Girlfriend Appreciation Day

Submitted By:cinnamon30
Fun:**** (3.22)
Difficulty:*** (2.94)

Five brothers share a common trait of forgetfulness that has gotten them in hot water with their girlfriends. After a string of forgotten birthdays, anniversaries and even dates, the brothers' girlfriends were fed up. After a brainstorming session, the brothers devised a new holiday - Girlfriend Appreciation Day. For the big day, the five brothers have dates with their girlfriends. Each one bought a different gift and a dozen roses of a different color. Each couple is going to a different destination on their date. Determine each brother's name, the name of their girlfriend, the gift and color of roses he is giving her, and their date destination.

Brothers - Ted, Tim, Tom, Travis, Tyler
Girls - Andrea, Brooke, Jessica, Laura, Vanessa
Gift - Bracelet, Candy, Music Box, Necklace, Ring
Color of Roses - Pale Purple, Pink, White, Red, Yellow
Date Destinations - Basketball Game, Dinner, Ice-Skating, Movie, Theater

1. The five brothers are: Tyler, the brother giving his girlfriend the ring and red roses, the one giving his girlfriend pink roses, the one taking Laura to a movie, and the one taking his girlfriend ice-skating.
2. The five girlfriends are: Andrea (who isn't going to the basketball game), the woman getting the ring, Brooke (who isn't getting the bracelet); Ted's girlfriend, and the one getting the candy and the yellow roses.
3. The brother taking his girlfriend to the movie is either Tim or Tyler (who isn't giving his girlfriend the necklace).
4. Vanessa and Ted's girlfriend (who isn't receiving the necklace) are, in some order, the woman going to the theater and the one receiving white roses.
5. Neither Travis nor Tom (whose girlfriend isn't Andrea) is taking his girlfriend to the basketball game.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by darthforman05/26/05
I love my girlfriend. I love you Marianne Renee Ball!!!! :lol: :D

Posted by krishnan05/26/05
That was a great teaser! I was stuck for a long time as I had missed one of the clues, but I finally got it!

Posted by tigershelton05/26/05
Way too hard. :cry:

Posted by super_duper0805/26/05
its not way to hard. but i have to say it made me think.. i have seen harder but i did stare at the grid for 5 min before i saw something i missed and then the rest of the puzzle fell into place. u can't just look at the clues u have to use substitution like "what place can the color pink roses go?" and a lot of following the grid.. very good job! keep up the good work and soon u might have a teaser that takes forever to solve.... my first try i made one really hard that took a lot of people a long time, but i think for me the one with the vamper bats or the one with santas reigndeer took me the longest... i can't chose between them..... all in all just u did a very good job!

Posted by changegurl05/27/05
It was so hard! Thanxs :lol: :D :-? :P :wink:

Posted by froggygg05/27/05
Good job! Really made me stop and think which is what this teaser is supposed to do. You accomplished that very well. :)

Posted by FamilyInFilm05/27/05
Very Well done!!!! Difficult but not impossible.

Posted by stargal30505/28/05
hard yet fun! THANX! 8)

Posted by onlyeeyore05/28/05
Great fun!

Posted by flipflopchica05/28/05
I printed it out and it's tough! Still haven't solved it yet, it's very dificult. Great job! 8)

Posted by Deina05/30/05
I love it when you make me think! ( I do so little of it, otherwise :cry: ) :lol: This was fun!

Posted by jennyheo06/02/05
God, it was hard... :oops: But I liked it, :lol:

Posted by bobbyd06/03/05
8) Awesome. A Good challenge. The best logic grid yet for me

Posted by lisha_kc06/03/05
yeah me! I got it! I was planning to give up, but after like 2 hours (while watching tv) I got it! A very good puzzle! I seem to be able to only solve logic puzzles...oh well!

Posted by lonegeekman06/12/05
Excellent puzzle! I liked the dinner with andrea thing too :wink: Challenging, but with some great clues.

Posted by padme06/15/05
i liked it. i wish i was appreciated by my bf.

Posted by pianofox06/23/05
Really hard. Good job!

Posted by mejoza09/01/05
I love your teasers, though there are some (Olympic swimmers!!!) that I haven't solved. This one did not take long, but alas, it does require an extra piece of paper for me. I just can't hold all that in my head. It took about 10 mintues. One of my faves, but I save your harder ones in my favorites. :)

Posted by mejoza09/01/05
Ok I checked your teasers and maybe the Olympic one isn't yours?? It is in your favorites. Still, I believe I have some of yours in my faves, too.

Posted by DaveC11/21/05
:D :) :P 8) :wink: :lol: GOOD JOB CINNAMON!!!!!!!!!! 8) :wink: :D

Posted by dragon-B12/08/05
I always like your grids cinnamon30 :)

Posted by miyukina12/09/05
challenging, but real smooth. nice job 4 u, good workout 4 me. sankyu!

Posted by dragonfantasy12/11/05
loved it took quite a bit for me to get it...Thanks :D

Posted by zonarita12/26/05
:D cinnamon really great job on this teaser and fun. :D

Posted by elemandia01/11/06
good teaser. now if only I could get my boyfriend to do ANY of these things... :wink:

Posted by Grey-Version201/26/06
I really enjoyed this teaser, and i liked the challenge element to it. Well done. Full marks from me! :D

Posted by sundaisy22706/18/06
This was GREAT. I enjoyed it very much. More like this!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mellie62708/12/06
I loved it, and thought it was a sweet puzzle. All girls should be appreciated by their boyfriends, but it is also true the other way around. No fun in a relationship otherwise. :) I had fun working it, and thought that I had it the first time through, but alas, I messed up one thing, and thus screwed the rest of it up. :oops: What is sad is that it was my own fault, I put something on the wrong line in the grid meaning for it to go on the next line over. :oops: It is amazing how one tiny typo will mess everything up. :roll: Perhaps one of these days I will learn how to actually work a computer. lol. Great puzzle, and i will check out more of yours, if I have not already. I never can remember who has done what. lol Mellie

Posted by Mellie62708/12/06
You are the one that did the Trilogy grids. I loved those. Keep up the great work, and I will work on more of your logic-grids tonight. Thanks for making them for us.

Posted by Qrystal09/19/06
So I decided to whip through this logic grid teaser, just for fun, because I love these. But alas, all was not looking too happy on Girlfriend Appreciation Day... I was forced to conclude that two of the bros were appreciating Brooke a little too much. Oops... I started my investigation over again (so much for "whipping through!") ...and it turns out it was a case of mistaken identity, and all was okay after all. Whew...!

Posted by Lizzie71311/25/06
I loved it :D Well written :D Thanks keep them coming :D

Posted by Blondie11601/25/07
this should be a national holiday! loved the teaser :wink:

Posted by dreamlvr143209/21/07
Great teaser! It was a tough one that really had me thinking. Got it on the first try though! Yah me! :D I'll be looking for your other teasers as well. good job!

Posted by Yankeejimg10/06/07
This was a very well designed grid. It is different from all the others i have done, and I enjoyed it . Thanks and keep them coming. :roll: :roll: :P :lol:

Posted by mizliz10/30/07
Really good teaser! Have been working on it for quite some time, having to put it down and come back another day Really glad to finally solve it, great job of writing it! :P :D

Posted by daliz12/12/07
Great teaser. Somehow I mixed up the gifts along the top but they were correct going down. Huh...gotta double check before I hit the answer button! Thanks!

Posted by 4demo12/29/07
Great teaser! It was pretty difficult but I did get it in the end (without having to start over). Nice storyline too. :D

Posted by mom_rox03/15/08
I liked this one. The clues are straightforward and written very well - just had to use some logic to think through them. :D

Posted by dragonlove06/02/08
Awesome teaser... loved it. :D

Posted by omas12/21/09
One of the greatest puzzles ever

Posted by emilyBRAIN06/07/11
YES! This was the BEST! Took me long enough, but was SO worth the time!! Maybe I'll try using the Grid Solver next time, but I've got to say, it's so much fun just working it out on my own! Thanks for the challenge :)

Posted by casper12/19/13
A good puzzle but did not make me think. It had lots of info to fill in and make you lose track, however, I wouldn't rate it as difficult at all because all of the clues are there already. I have done many logic grid games. The lesser the clues the harder the puzzle. A Puzzle that has 2 or 3 or max 4 clues are the hardest. I need to think in "if and then" terms and draw the clues out myself. Clues that are spoon fed are not clues for me. Make it harder. Arcturus Publishing Limited were so far for me the hardest logic grid book I ever bought.

Posted by J-Five11/05/14
I have one word that best describes this puzzle, AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Posted by Brainy_Hazard04/24/15
Very good puzzle, took me 40 mins :cry: .Work appreciated :)

Posted by LanceAlot09/23/15
The hint is more or less implied, but otherwise it was a fun solve

Posted by danielj207/06/17
:roll: Can't figure it out. :( I'll have to try again later. :o


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