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Hail to the Chef

Submitted By:cinnamon30
Fun:*** (2.95)
Difficulty:**** (3.23)

Larry and four of his friends recently completed a creative cooking course. They were so confident of their new skills that each man hosted a dinner for the other four and their wives. On each night Monday through Friday, one of the men prepared a main course and a dessert, and no two made any of the same dishes. For each evening, determine the full name of the chef, the main course and the dessert he served.

First Name - Larry, Harry, Barry, Gary, Terry
Last name - O'Rourke, McKee, O'Neil, Owens, McPhail
Main courses - chicken, ham, pork chops, bacon, steak
Desserts - strawberry shortcake, pistachio parfait, cherry cobbler, mocha mousse, raspberry ripple

1. Mr. O'Neil hosted dinner later in the week than the man who served chicken & cauliflower and earlier than the one who served cherry cobbler for dessert.
2. Harry hosted dinner before Mr. Owens, who hosted before the man who prepared pork chops & peppers.
3. Mr. McPhail's dinner was later in the week than the one which included strawberry shortcake and earlier than Terry's.
4. The chicken dinner (which wasn't prepared by Harry) wasn't served with strawberry shortcake.
5. McPhail didn't serve the raspberry ripple, which was served the day before the bacon & broccoli main course.
6. Mr. Owens prepared neither the chicken dish nor the strawberry shortcake.
7. Gary (who didn't make the cherry cobbler) was the chef the night after Barry.
8. Terry (who isn't McKee) didn't prepare the steak & scallions main course.
9. The mocha mousse dessert wasn't served with the ham & hominy.
10. The pork chops weren't served by McKee or O'Rourke (who didn't make the cherry cobbler).
11. Harry isn't Mr. McKee or Mr. O'Rourke.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by markmonnin06/02/05
:o OMG, there are way too many holes in my grid after going through each of the clues to even hope to know one connection.

Posted by ilubhyun06/02/05
how the hell do u solve dis? :x n there's so much 'didn't' or 'wasn't' or waz so annoying... :x

Posted by cdrock06/02/05
I solved it guys, u just need to think a little more logically about it. Nice Taser :D

Posted by krishnan06/02/05
This is a really good teaser. It is difficult to solve, but not impossible. Full marks for fun.

Posted by froggygg06/02/05
Difficult teaser because of all the various options and requirements. Takes time to figure it out but, it can be done if you stick with it. Good job! :D

Posted by cnmne06/02/05
Difficult, but not impossible. Although somewhat frustrating to solve, it is still more enjoyable than a grid that can be solved by making just one pass through the clues.

Posted by Isabella220406/02/05
I agree with ilubhyun. There's too many 'didn't' and 'wasn't'. It makes the teaser confusing and negative. I spent 45 mins on it. Maybe it's too complicated for me. :(

Posted by tigershelton06/02/05
:oops: :cry: :x

Posted by cdmcconnell06/02/05
This is the hardest one I've seen on here. I really couldn't solve it just using the grid. But the others are right -- it really is doable. Well done!! :D

Posted by kettwenk06/03/05
One of the hardest I've ever done! Keep up the great work! :)

Posted by FamilyInFilm06/08/05
Hallelujah! I FINALLY got it!! This one was extra tough, but didn't have any flaws! Great job! :D

Posted by Deina06/12/05
Wonderful! This is the second hardest one I've found! (I still haven't finished your 'Happy Birthday' yet :oops: ) I can't wait for more from you! :D

Posted by onlyeeyore06/20/05
Ouch, this one hurt my head, but I'm glad to know it was solved by some people (not me, waahhh!). Very nice!

Posted by curlyfon06/28/05
I didn't get it. :( There were just too many holes for me and I don't want a headache! I'm glad for all who solved it, your smarter than me. :lol: :-?

Posted by sftball_rocks1307/15/05
:D really fun to do (i do these a lot in school) it was hard but fun at the same time good job :P

Posted by Gadget08/02/05
Good Job... One of the best... 8)

Posted by mejoza08/14/05
I needed an extra piece of paper as well as the frid. It's a little too hard for my taste, but I will keep it with my favorites!

Posted by mejoza08/17/05
I also have to say what finally made me get it was the clue where _____ is before_____ is before _____ and figuring out that those were sequential and not just "earlier in the week than" Toughest one other than the Olympic Swim team which has me reeling for an hour.

Posted by DaveC11/19/05
:o :roll: Really hard took me a couple of hours over two days but doable with just the grid I tried a separate piece of paper but it didn't help just being patient and using the grid finally did it :lol: :D :) :P 8) :wink:

Posted by dragon-B12/02/05
one word Hard

Posted by dragonfantasy12/03/05
Awesome!!!! Took me about 45 min but I got it......Great teaser!!!!

Posted by crumbbum05/29/06
Great. Very challenging/fun

Posted by sundaisy22706/16/06
:( Didn't get it. very hard teaser. :roll: my head is spinning. I went through the clues very carefully and just ended up with red x's all over the place and no green o's. :(

Posted by LizR06/28/06
Very good. Had me stumped and frustrated for all of 2 min. till I read other comments and felt less alone. Was fun and challenging, one of the best I have done!!!!!!

Posted by brain_dead01/27/07
wow that was very difficult! i couldn't figure it i quit! haha good job

Posted by chaskey05/26/07
This is a wonderful one! I can't remember whether I solved this one when it first came out, but if I did, I was a lot smarter than I am now! Can't solve it yet, but I won't give up! :roll: :oops: :D

Posted by mom_rox09/12/07
Excellent puzzle. Enjoyed the fact that nothing was an instant gimme - had to solve for the positives. And I was able to solve this without trial and error - although it took me 3 times ;)

Posted by dreamlvr143209/22/07
Wow! I've been working on this for 3 days and still can't solve it. I'm sure there's something there that I'm overlooking that will make everything click, but I just can't see it. Obviously it's solvable since others have done it. Add me to ranks of stupified. :oops:

Posted by Yankeejimg10/07/07
Wow! What an excellent logic puzzle. I never did one where I didn't have one square filled out after applying all the clues. The "Harry" clue left me with two options, and then by looking across and down the grid. I was able to make a connection. Great job!! :roll: :-? :o :o

Posted by Bayareacwgrl11/28/07
Excellent teaser. If it hadn't been for Yankee's comment re Harry, I would not have gotten it as quickly. :lol:

Posted by lesliep7287512/18/07
My goodness that was difficult. Personally, I could have used, maybe, one more clue, but it was a good challenge. I finally did get it through trial & error. Nice job! :D

Posted by javaguru12/26/08
Very nice teaser! Hardest part was just being careful in filling out the grid to make sure to replicate information completely. Messed up the grid the first a Sudoku puzzle, very hard to go back. Total time was just over an hour.

Posted by chandler77301/21/09
Great teaser! I found it hard (which is good). I eventually had to use a spreadsheet to figure out who fit into what spot. :)

Posted by bigpat04/28/09
Excelent logic-grid puzzle. It took me a while but I figured it out with only the grid. I like how you have to hunt for that combination of clues that gives you the first positive match. Keep up the good work.

Posted by trewq08/21/09
I love it! the title is cute :) the clues are good--i'm missing something, i guess haven't figured it out yet but I'll be back! :D

Posted by Dannysgirl11/09/09
Very hard teaser still trying to figure it just glad to hear that it is doable though :D Ill be back once i got it :lol: :wink:

Posted by pastor103104/01/10
You are better then me, I haven't figured out the first match yet. And I'm pretty good about putting 2 and 5 together :roll:

Posted by mom2boys06/15/10
I got the first match as Harry cooked on Tues. it requires some deductive reasoning. From the clues Harry can only be McPhail or O'Neil (this also requires some deductive thinking). Since neither McPhail or O'Neill can be Monday, Harry can't be Monday. Once I knew that Harry was Tues., the rest fell into place pretty quickly. Great teaser!

Posted by qua00607/27/10
After solving the first positive, the rest seemed to fall into place. 8)

Posted by didem66611/08/10
really tough one... took a while to solve it :) great work

Posted by jen314101/11/12
challenging but fun one! Definitely satisfying to solve it :o

Posted by UncutDragon11/02/17
Great Teaser! Definitely one of my favorites so far (just found this site last week, working through the old teasers). My preference is a challenge, but one that can be solved logically. And while this one looks impossible at first, it just takes a bit of thinking to connect the dots. For those struggling (and maybe looking through comments for some help) - here's a (big) hint: - The first three clues tell you that O'Neil/Owens/McPhail each have something before and after - This means they have to be on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (no particular order) - By process of elimination, this tells us that McKee and O'Rourke must be Monday/Friday - This plus clues 10/11 tell you both Pork Chops and Harry cannot be on Monday or Friday - Now take another look at clue 2, and it should start falling into place Hope that helps :)


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