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Happy Birthday Jenny

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Jenny was four years old last week, and her parents threw her an extravagant birthday party. They hired five people to entertain, each in a different way and each for a different price ($50, $75, $100, $125, or $150). Determine the order in which the five entertainers performed, what each person did and his or her charge.

1. The entertainer who charged $125 and the entertainer who performed just after Kelly are, in some order, the puppeteer and a person who charged less than the person who sang the children's song.
2. The clown performed sometime after Wyatt and sometime before the person who charged $75.
3. Louis didn't charge $150.
4. The five entertainers were: Wyatt, the acrobat, the second entertainer, the person who performed just before Kelly, and the person who charged $25 more than the magician.
5. Noreen performed either just before or just after a person who charged less than Louis.
6. Kelly charged $25 more than the acrobat.
7. Alicia isn't the children's singer.

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