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A Band of Musicians

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Fun:**** (3.13)
Difficulty:*** (2.17)

Five people (who vaguely know each other and are really eccentric) have a great passion for music. Each of them plays a different instrument. However, they are constantly forgetting each other's first and last names, the instrument they play, their ages and their professions. Your job is to figure out everyone's full names, their ages, their favourite instrument and their jobs.
1.No person's first name shares an initial with his/her last name.
2.Allen is always feeling sleepy because her neighbour has a habit of playing his drums in the middle of the night.
3.Neither of the women's ages (who play the guitar and the piano) are an even number.
4.The flutist is older than Joseph, who is older than Ivan, who is not the youngest.
5.Michael, the scientist, is the oldest person in the group.
6.Angela's last name makes Daniel feel hungry.
7.Joseph is 12 years older than the doctor, who is 26 years younger than the teacher.
8.Most people do not agree with the engineer (who is half as old as Coleman) that he plays the bagpipes excellently.
9.Julia's career involves educating young minds.
10.The lawyer lives next to Julia Allen.
11.The pianist is not 21 years old.

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