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Uno Dos Tres

Submitted By:rashad
Fun:*** (2.21)
Difficulty:*** (3.09)

Can you complete the following series?

Uno , Une , Uns , Unh , ...

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by froggygg06/11/05
You really got me on this one. Answer never even went close to entering my mind! Good job! (I can't believe I'm congratulating you for stumping me!) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by jakeodee06/11/05
that was tough :o but still a good teaser :D

Posted by brianz06/11/05
Nice one. I was thinking of something like that.

Posted by Roxy12306/11/05

Posted by zonahobo06/11/05
:DI see you've been hanging around the periodic table again rashad? You can run into some unstable elements there. Ha ha .. 8) I remembered all those un-elements from another puzzle someone posted as a series which was the atomic weights of an alphabetical list of the elements.. I didn't guess that one either.. sure are a lot more elements than when I took Chemistry .. let's see, we had Hydrogen and Helium.. that's about it.. :D

Posted by mmmmfon06/12/05
that was very difficult!

Posted by positiveneutron06/12/05
wow! that was super hard!!! i didn't realize it hasd to do with the periodic table :)

Posted by kodhrawara06/18/05
I honestly thought it was the Number "One" pronounced in exotic languages. Uno = Portuguese, Une = French. Thereafter I was stumped.

Posted by mgil9306/24/05
I liked it, it was neat to think about and it gave me a science lesson. :)

Posted by rashad06/24/05
Thanks every one. Thank you for all your comments!!! :D

Posted by babygrl32906/24/05
ok...... i realli didnt get it at all

Posted by princess_kayti107/08/05
like anybody would know :lol: sorry i rated it boring though,i dident mean it at all :D (hard though! :D)

Posted by MAroxmysoxonice08/02/05
WOW!!!! talk about hard. i also thought it was one in a bunch of different languages. awesome job!!! :) :wink:

Posted by gottalovetacsc08/06/05
whoah :o

Posted by TheEarthling12/30/05
Too hard for me! :lol: Very creative.

Posted by glenn22204/13/06
I actually knew you were talking about those ridiculously named elements, but I had no idea which one came next.

Posted by calmsavior04/27/06
oh yeah... they should give those elements a reasonable name, like calmium. :lol:


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