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It is something you do in a bed at night.
Both a man and a woman do it.
Some people make noise when they do it.
There are even pills you can take to help you do it.
What is it?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by sanj9106/22/05
i thot it was something else...nice teaser

Posted by sally06/22/05
wow u got me was thinking abt d teaser

Posted by Philly06/22/05
good teaser, but very, very easy. :D

Posted by BrownEyes06/22/05
:o :o :o

Posted by oinkyoinks06/22/05
nice trick :D

Posted by metallicman06/22/05
wow, at first i thought it was doing "it" but then i reallized it was sleeping when u put some people make noise, i reallized it. it was kinda easy though, post some more!!! :lol: :lol:

Posted by SIMARY190106/22/05
:lol: you peole have dirty minds :roll: good one :P

Posted by flipflopchica06/22/05
of course it's trying to make you think of that, but I got it right cause I knew they wouldn't let a nasty teaser get on here :o

Posted by irock300106/22/05
this was a very, very easy teaser. i got it right away. but it's still very good :D

Posted by Trickster199206/22/05
:o Gee, you people do have dirty tricks up your sleeves. :lol: :o :roll:

Posted by buttons0306/22/05
OH! How cute! :o :o :o :o :wink:

Posted by PCDguitar06/22/05
good idea but i thought that u ment that both the man and the woman were together when they did this activity if y a no wat i mean...but if it was that it wouldnt have been aproved lol :)

Posted by tequila_roze06/22/05
wow people... get ur minds out of tha gutter :o :lol: anyways, very cute teaser (..and just between u and me, i only got it b/cuz it was in tha trick category) :lol: :) :D :roll: :wink: :oops:

Posted by froggygg06/23/05
Cute teaser. My first thought was snoring but a pill to help you do it? Wrong! :lol:

Posted by aakash06/23/05
:lol: lol funny joke lil :lol:

Posted by sports_chick06/23/05
i said dream :lol:

Posted by trickyleprecaun06/23/05
that was really good! haha, it was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Posted by elvenberserker06/24/05
jeez man, that was pretty funny. i can see why some ppl thought it was something else. i got it right away, because my dad has to take sleeping pills and snores, but he usually sleeps on the couch, so yeh. nice one tho. :D

Posted by secerlemak06/24/05
that was EASY and SIMARY1901 ur right u ppl hav dirty minds. Great Teaser! :D

Posted by mgil9306/24/05
My first thought was ewwwww! I had to read the answer to start laughing :lol:

Posted by broomvsrooster06/24/05
Hey guys. I'm glad you liked my teaser. This was my first one and I'm surprised everyone liked it. Just so you know it's made to make you think the answer is . . . Just in case you did not get it. :)

Posted by AmyJo020606/24/05
cute, very very cute

Posted by mybabymario85406/24/05
I know a lot of ppl thought thus also so but i thought it was s**. I was :o :o

Posted by Jubei_green06/25/05
WHOA .... oh ok ( thats exactly what I thought !!!) :-? :o :lol:

Posted by livingjuice06/26/05
It was an obvious answer. I had a different answer though,,,hehe... :wink:

Posted by hamburger06/26/05
I got it, and some of u ppl have sick minds! :lol: :lol:

Posted by Ilovepink406/26/05
I read it and said it couldn't be.Then I looked at the answer and laughed :)

Posted by autumnparalegal06/27/05
oh good grief! some people and their dirty little minds! :lol: very easy, but cleverly written...tends to make you think of something else!! good job!

Posted by curlyfon06/28/05
hahahaha :lol: I got it, but it's funny how many people would guess something else. The world today..... :lol: :lol:

Posted by puppygirl121306/29/05
At first i was surprised that they would let a teaser like that in this website. Fortunatly my guess was off.

Posted by DancAllNiteLong07/01/05
:o I thought it was you know, "IT" but then I realized... "They wouldn't let a teaser like that on the site!" So then I got my mind out of the gutter....:-? And it made sense to me! :D Good job, nice trick!

Posted by gemini0507/02/05
This was a very very very easy teaser. But it was a good one.

Posted by sambean07/04/05
i cant believe i didnt get it! i thought it was passing gas or something lik that :oops: very clever

Posted by Evltwnkait07/05/05
if you go way up to flipflopchickas comment thats how i got the answer right i aggree :roll: but it was still a good trick

Posted by Evltwnkait07/05/05
oh and by the way its SO funny to read these comments :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by emcruiserchik07/06/05
I got it very easily because of the over used away message for brushing teeth. But good idea. :o

Posted by dolphingurl1207/06/05
Goes to show how dirty peoples minds have become...

Posted by iam2cute07/07/05

Posted by blca07/08/05
I thought it the answer was"you know what" but then I read it agian and got the right answer. :D P.S. It is soooooooooooo fun to read these comments!

Posted by Frost125007/08/05
Ha, extermely easy also funney, i knew they wouldnt let you pass with anything bad, so i guess it right the frist time, its not really much of a tirck question. but still cought my attetion when i read just a little and said what! no that cant be i get it lol. :roll:

Posted by tjsmom200507/09/05
I got it, BUT.... Thought it would be good hints for something else a little less restful than sleep. lol. At first I was like hmmmm. I know what he's talking about but than i said no thats too easy, It's gotta be sleeping, he's trying to trick us individuals that fall into that GUTTER catergory, or dirty minds. Great teaser. Really cute. You could have put two alternate answeras for this one though :wink: ! Though I won't say what :roll: ! GOOD JOB!!! :lol: :lol:

Posted by gottalovetacsc07/13/05
You guys have dirty minds!! :o :-? Good teaser! :wink:

Posted by summachick07/13/05
That was really easy :lol:BUT! if it wasn't for being in the trick catagory i would have thought something else :oops: well actually i did think something else but i knew it was sleeping :oops: yall and ure dirty minds 8)

Posted by luckyseven07/14/05
i thot it was something else and everyone knows what. :oops: :lol: anyways it was a good teaser :wink: it was addd to my favorites 8) 8)

Posted by Ozymandias07/17/05
It was fun reading all these comments. And, yes, I thought it was the "s" word, too. My mind's always in the gutter! (Just ask my wife!) :D :-? :wink: :wink:

Posted by tiny_dancer07/20/05
I thought it was "that" ,too. untill i got to the pill. i wasn't sure what it was then. sleeping never past my mind. :wink:

Posted by BABYYGIRL07/21/05
i though this teaser was so easy but yet funny!! good one though.... :lol:

Posted by toxic_happiness07/28/05
awesome! nice job, muy bien! this is my favorite one yet! :wink: :D :o 8) :lol:

Posted by medster9911/13/05
all of u hav dirty minds... :roll: me included

Posted by tommy211/22/05
have u seen 'The Pope Does It' it is just as good and has a GREAT trick its kinda like this...

Posted by peppamintp11/22/05
The Pope Does It is awesome. I liked this one too :wink:

Posted by rkaaland12/09/05
I really enjoyed this especially because of the comments!! :D

Posted by exterminator02/25/06
My my my...I have a dirty dirty mind :lol: Excellent teaser! :D

Posted by brainster03/03/06
Really naughty! Loved it! :D

Posted by king_leonard03/25/06
OMG lol great trick!!! tat one was funny as!!!! and i loved it :lol:

Posted by Quickq04/13/06
I refuse to comment on this teaser. :D

Posted by settra62604/18/06
I knew it was sleep, but after readin :D great teaser tho, really easy.

Posted by Psychic_Master04/27/06
Mixed messages. Hehe. Nice one.

Posted by Atropus05/03/06
Heh.. nice. I'm a little disturbed that people think it's sick to think about procreational activities.. I fear for the wellbeing of people who think that such a natural part of life is an illness. :-?

Posted by Moogra07/25/06
Really funny. I thought it was something else. Of Course that was the point I guess... it was in the trick section.

Posted by gungill07/27/06
EZ!!! :lol:

Posted by shadow-x08/09/06
ooo you said - oops cutoff

Posted by Battery11/03/06
what were YOU thinking :wink: :)

Posted by OVGLEN4711/03/06

Posted by MikeMan121607/25/07
Haha! :lol:

Posted by 1smart_okie11/11/07
Nice teaser! I can see why its in the 'trick' category!

Posted by flowers223403/09/08
i thought it was snoring haha

Posted by AnimeAngel03/21/08
lol good one :lol: :P

Posted by luckylefty03/24/08
Boy, you people have nasty minds :lol: jk

Posted by pn_1604/26/08
got it.. :)

Posted by Flamey50001/06/10
lol it was confusing but I got it. "There are even pills you can take to help you do it." Gave it away though.

Posted by Flamey50001/06/10
Actually I was thinking of something else...I wasn't confused. lol

Posted by thebrain78906/12/10
I thought it was "you know what," too.

Posted by DemonLord809/25/10
Someone's got a dirty mind!! :lol: :lol:


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