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Every Star Goes Out With a Bang

Submitted By:caleenda85
Fun:*** (2.39)
Difficulty:* (0.66)

I get most of my work in the summer
Other times I am not seen - what a bummer!
I look the best at night events,
Where my flashy colors spark.
But after I am done with my shots
Everyone's left in the dark.
What am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by tjsmom200507/10/05
Good hints. i got the answer. No offense, just a suggestion - make it harder next time - the clues gave it away and if they didn't the hint sure did. Good job though. It was cute :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by BrownEyes07/10/05
I thought it was a shooting star until i read the hint. :)

Posted by pInapples07/10/05
i didn't read the hint but i got it anyway! and i like easy ones so good job! :D

Posted by silly_goose07/10/05
:oops: :oops: I didn't get it. I thought it was a meteor IS a holiday when the meteor showers happen, it's so much fun to sit outside with your family and friends and watch the enough excuses I DIDN'T GET IT!!! :lol:

Posted by sniperkid99007/11/05
meh tooo easy :roll:

Posted by Kukmiester07/11/05
very easy... I didn't even read the hint... :-? :lol:

Posted by gottalovetacsc07/11/05
It may have been easy but I liked it!!!Good job!!! :D :)

Posted by summachick07/11/05
i got it :lol: but i haad to use the hint :oops:

Posted by ynattirb02407/16/05
i had to use the hint but i think that maybe the hint shouldn't give it away so easy... maybe not reveal the month next time? it was cute. :wink:

Posted by paul72604/04/06
Well, I thought it was a roman candle, 'cause of the "colors" comment. Not bad. . .

Posted by Smart_Alex06/03/06
Fireworks are so pretty! Nice teaser.

Posted by crocodile11/24/09
I thought it was fireflies.

Posted by beyonce12306/15/10
I thought the sun then Iread the hint and got it right.


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