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Submitted By:deadeye823
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Two boys were sitting on opposite sides of a desk. There was nothing between them but the desk, and yet they couldn't see each other. They weren't blind, so how was this possible?

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Posted by tjsmom200507/13/05
Cute. I was thinking there was a seperator in between them. Like they do to kids in in-school-suspension or some call it In-House. Oh well, i wasn't thinking of something so simple. I guess thats why it's on Braingle- lol. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by TsunamiSurfer07/13/05
Hi: Please send more teasers like this one. I found the answer. Now I think this Little Brain is very proud of his brain. P.S. Those intelligent agenets who are looking for a pal, should notice that this teaser has added to my price!!!!! quack - quack

Posted by Ozymandias07/13/05
Easy, but fun! :D

Posted by DancAllNiteLong07/13/05
The hint kinda sorta really gave it away....... :roll:

Posted by dolphingurl1207/13/05
I guess the desk was really high and they couldn't see over it! haha, then I read the hint and got it.

Posted by thecowancannons07/13/05
Heck Yes!!! this one was super easy. :) your hint gave it away. SUPER SUPER EASY :D keep trying though. VOTE FOR PEDRO :evil:

Posted by Cookie101007/13/05
really easy :roll:

Posted by buttons0307/13/05
Good one Deadeye! Cute :D

Posted by vikingboy07/14/05
silly i thought it was night and too dark.

Posted by zigthepig07/14/05
the hint gave it away but it was good. :D :) 8) :P :wink:

Posted by metallicaperson07/16/05
extremely easy for me . good job though. :)

Posted by Punk_Rocker07/17/05
So easy it's not even funny.. There really was no hint needed, but good job anyway.

Posted by hamburger07/17/05
I thought one was under the desk and one was on top, since that is opposite sides. :lol: :lol:

Posted by puppygirl121307/18/05
Cute hint gave it away though.

Posted by jannie_delta07/19/05
Or they could have closed eyes.

Posted by tiny_dancer07/21/05
I thought either they were sitting back to back or sitting on their head. (i was guffing up)

Posted by Kukmiester07/23/05
DUuuuuhhh!!! :roll:

Posted by deadeye82307/24/05
Thanks guys! Sorry I haven't been replying, but I've been away for the last two weeks.

Posted by SamanthaGold07/26/05
Where'd you go?

Posted by deadeye82307/30/05
I went to NJ.

Posted by loveshellylove08/01/05
:-? :-? :roll: :roll:

Posted by pinkat0508/01/05
you did give it away but that's ok. it was cute. :lol:

Posted by mejoza08/10/05
Fun.. I usually don't like tricks or riddles, but yours are fun because the answers come to you quickly.

Posted by deadeye82308/10/05
Thanks mejosa! Glad you liked it :D

Posted by deadeye82308/10/05
Sorry- Typo. Mejoza*

Posted by yourmom010108/11/05
I thought the rooms lights were off.

Posted by blca08/29/05
I got this one right! and believe me I usually never get brain teasers. :D

Posted by bagogirl09/16/05
good one! :D

Posted by drummergirl09/22/05
extremely easy :roll:

Posted by thepianistalex10/06/05
I thought they were sitting in the dark. :)

Posted by peppamintp11/22/05
Another easy one and you totally didn't need the hint. Good job though.

Posted by bookworm9111/28/05
well i guess im the dofus of the lot of you. i completely missed it!!! :evil: oh well :D

Posted by rkaaland12/09/05
What fun!!! :lol: :lol:

Posted by swithie01/29/06
I thought one boy was on top of the desk and the other was underneath it, therefore they would be on opposite sides. :oops:

Posted by Warstar06/11/06
pretty easy :D

Posted by gungill07/27/06
I thought both the boys were nearsighted and didnt have glasses :oops: :lol:

Posted by tedger10/29/06
Or it could have been a really tall desk! :D

Posted by reptile500006/15/07
blindfolded / large desk / ...hundreds of possibilities

Posted by hollymo12/04/08
I thought it was dark. This teaser is bogus! :x


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