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A Lemon That Sits in the Sky

Submitted By:puppygirl1213
Fun:** (1.86)
Difficulty:* (0.82)

A lemon that sits in the sky up so high.
Lights up the sky for all time.
We are fine as long as it is there.
What is it?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by sftball_rocks1307/14/05
:D This is the first teaser i've ever fully understood (because most are way hard) maybe im just teribble at teasers -oh well way easy :(

Posted by Majher07/14/05
That was pretty easy! 8)

Posted by sniperkid99007/14/05
WAYYYYY TOO EASY but not too bad :) :) :roll: :roll:

Posted by BrownEyes07/14/05
hey I like the easy ones :P

Posted by EvilKat07/14/05
That one was.. ummm.. interesting :-?

Posted by hyperkitt110907/14/05
this teaser was easy! its the 3 or 4th one i guess correct! :)

Posted by teaserboy07/14/05
that was the easiest teaser ive ever seen. u might want to put a little more thought into the next one.

Posted by hellokitty59307/14/05
Too Easy. Try harder teasers! :D Sorry. :(

Posted by poison_ivy07/15/05
That one was pretty easy! But you have a good imagination! There's some raw talent in you that you can use to make even funnier, harder, and all-around BETTER teaser! :D

Posted by gorillazgirl07/16/05
You should really be a poet!! This one was fun!!! I really enjoyed it!! :wink:

Posted by summachick07/16/05
This was so easy 8)

Posted by nickel1992200007/17/05
i feel that this teaser was easy too easy i mean i guessed by the first line.sorry babe u need to try harderw...

Posted by Imnojoke07/19/05
It feels nice to know the answer to one every now and then. :wink:

Posted by babygurl494907/20/05
very easy but fun! :D

Posted by cazjackrabbit07/26/05
I think it was a very challenging teaser. I know everyone else is saying that it was hard, but people read it and think... it must be a trick! So they think really hard about it and then.... it turns out to be the sun. Everyone else is just jealous! :)

Posted by max_payne_5th07/27/05
it was easy, but it was good anywayz, keep trying, u'll become good, i know it! :)

Posted by max_payne_5th07/27/05
it was easy, but it was good anywayz, keep trying, u'll become good, i know it! :)

Posted by elu9308/05/05
Nice one! I liked it! :D

Posted by adioskater08/26/05
twizzlaar...u should be nice :evil: :evil: ...i liked it :D :D

Posted by teen_wiz02/18/06
Interesting. :wink:

Posted by Smart_Alex06/03/06
Yawn. If it tricked people into thinking hard about the answer then this should be a trick. But it didn't and doesn't. This teaser receives a 1 out of 5, 1 being the worst. It provided no challenge whatsoever.

Posted by tintiniscool07/31/06
I got it by the title :roll:

Posted by puppygirl121307/31/06
I never said it was hard. :evil:


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