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Kitty Katastrophe

Submitted By:babygurl4949
Fun:*** (2.24)
Difficulty:* (0.44)

There are three kittens named Kody, Kaleb, and Kraig. They all have different colored fur: orange, blue, and yellow. They also live in different houses: the hotel, the mansion, and the condo. You have to figure out the fur color of each kitten and which house they live in.

1. Kody doesn't live in the condo.

2. The cat that lives in the mansion doesn't have orange fur.

3. Kaleb lives in the hotel.

4. Kody's favorite color is blue, but that is not his fur color.

5. The cat that lives in the hotel has orange fur.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by angeleyes_707/20/05
Cute little teaser! Sometimes it's just really nice to have some that are easy. Good job!

Posted by jajajaja07/21/05
wow funky teaser and nice and easy for when I have just got up... good job.

Posted by craziigurl110507/22/05
really easy, but i like easy more than hard! :D

Posted by jodocroco07/24/05
make it a bit easier y dnt u lol :D O/J! i like EASY i dnt do HRD 8) :roll: im weird

Posted by deepsea07/30/05
easy yet good and man those kittens have nice homes! :)

Posted by chaskey08/06/05
Delightful! :D

Posted by babygurl494908/22/05
thanks everyone :D

Posted by irishthistle09/08/05
Cute :D

Posted by DaveC11/10/05
:D :lol: :P :) :wink: What can I say, I love kitties 8) :wink: :lol: :P :D

Posted by sundaisy22711/17/05

Posted by george12/15/05
Easy, yet cute...and not TOO easy, had to look at the clues twice. :D

Posted by mitzimesser03/16/06
:D I liked it. It was fun to do. :D

Posted by Atropus05/14/06
Now I want to watch Samurai Pizza Cats >_

Posted by jlvsbeks06/22/06
Simple You don't need clue #2

Posted by lavender01/02/07
I liked it! :D Short, sweet and to the point! :D

Posted by sftball_rocks1303/04/07
That was really cute :D A little too easy, but still really good, I liked it :D

Posted by SmartyBrainStar03/13/07
I like easy! I'm just not ready for the hard ones yet. :oops:

Posted by batatis04/08/07
cute! luvved it

Posted by Matttoy10/29/07
E-Z. Great job though. I love Logic-Grid puzzles. Keep making them. Great job. :D :D :D :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Zarahemla0502/19/08
Thanks, I was showing my home schooler how to do logic-grid so he can start doing them on his account for homework! This was great! Thanks again! ~Z :D

Posted by june1206/16/08
good job :D

Posted by pierlejna06/18/09
Yeah... I don't mind easy and straight to the point.

Posted by Merrihootai09/25/09
good job! it was cute and easy, even though you don't need clue #2

Posted by Rileyd01/26/14
Thanks for the puzzle :D


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