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At Glendale Elementary school there are five classes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade), and each class has a different amount of students (25, 30, 35, 40, and 45). Plus each class has a different pet (turtle, frog, fish, bunny, and snake). Using the clues below, determine how many students are in each class and what pet they have.

2nd grade has the least amount of students.

5th grade wanted the snake, but got the bunny.

1st grade, which is stuck in the middle student-wise, thought that its pet snake was scary.

4th grade , which isn't the largest class, has a fish.

The turtle is in the largest class.

The second biggest class got the bunny.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jajajaja07/27/05
Very easy but fun.

Posted by chaskey07/27/05
School should have been so easy! Refreshing and fun. :D

Posted by hellokittysana07/27/05
that was very easy try a harder one that was a cool one!!!!! :D

Posted by lizardqueen07/27/05
dude that was like way to easy!!! :roll:not tryin 2 b mean

Posted by teaserboy07/27/05
i like them easy

Posted by teaserboy07/27/05
The editors changed so it. and now its way too easy.

Posted by SaturnCat0807/28/05
Good One! :lol:

Posted by toxic_happiness07/28/05
Fun one! :wink:

Posted by angeleyes_707/29/05
Cute! :D

Posted by smyliekat08/04/05
Too Easy, but it's a great on eto get the Logic juices flowin' Good Job :D

Posted by mejoza08/04/05
easy squeezy

Posted by gumdrop48008/08/05
easy easy lemon peasy :lol:

Posted by tabsgrl0908/10/05
you had too many dead giveaways

Posted by mskiwi11708/12/05
I don't know if it was just me, but i did it twice and mixed up the ages 40 and 30 both times. :oops: :-?

Posted by Pop_Qla08/12/05
I keep on doing it over and over again, but I can't seem to find how the third grade class got the turtle and hwo the second grade class got the frog :-?

Posted by signmeup7409/30/05
Nice and easy. Good way to start a day!

Posted by sundaisy22711/16/05
nice and easy.

Posted by k-9sept03/20/06
I wish my class had a pet snake! :wink:

Posted by blondesluv2shop03/20/06
Nice work. Great puzzler.

Posted by batatis04/14/07
y would the class hav a snake if they wer scared of it? thats just scaring your students away... haha :lol:

Posted by MorbidLies12/27/07
Great teaser! I feel bad for those 1st graders, they must be terrified of that snake!

Posted by cinema03/22/08
I don't get how you can determine what the class size is for 1st and 4th grades. Every time I look at the clues and work it out on the grid both classes can have either 30m or 35 students. I'm new to logic puzzles. Can someone please tell me what I'm missing?

Posted by Zarahemla0503/09/09
The puzzle is fun, but for some reason it took me 4 times to get your answer. The forth time I did it a little differently but I couldn't explain how. LOL Great teaser and fun! Thanks! :D

Posted by Merrihootai10/01/09
Pop_Qla: 1st clue says 2nd grade has least amount of students, & 5th clue says turtle is in largest class cinema: 3rd clue says 1st grade is "stuck in the middle student-wise," meaning they have the middle amount of student, being 35. I do think that it could have been worded more clearly.


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