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Submitted By:cnmne
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What is the meaning of this rebus?


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Posted by crazyhobo08/15/05
Hey i'm the first person to comment on this teaser! I feel very proud! :D anyway, i liked the teaser. it was very clever, but i didn't get it until i looked at the answer :oops:

Posted by smarty_blondy08/15/05
Long live the ABC :lol: ! I love the ideea of it, very original, interesting and fun in the same time (hey, i'm making you look like a genius here :lol: )! Good job and keep up the good work :wink: !

Posted by hit_the_sand08/16/05
i thought that was so cute! :wink:

Posted by spec4p08/18/05
very nice rebus.great job

Posted by Javian08/20/05
Good one. :)

Posted by froggygg08/22/05
Great teaser. :lol:

Posted by NorthWord08/26/05
It's hilarious! I just loved it! It's in my favourites & I'm going to see if others get it. Let's see how observant people are! :)

Posted by Sunrose09/09/05
Nice Teaser, good job :D

Posted by sweetime09/14/05
hahaha :lol: :lol: loved it! great work!

Posted by Caim09/17/05

Posted by zonaformer09/24/05
:D My answer was u and r are misplaced. :D

Posted by redneck_woman09/25/05
I though of "U R not where you should be" and " U R lost"...close but no cigar! :x Good one!

Posted by Brainy_109/25/05
Good teaser!! Really liked it :D At first I thought it was a typo, but then it clicked :roll: Great job!! :lol:

Posted by johnny22309/25/05
haha, i love this one, thanks :lol:

Posted by SaturnCat0809/25/05
Good Job Cnmne! :lol:

Posted by turtlesrock4409/25/05
very funny

Posted by emmh09/25/05
Dastardly. I was on the right lines but didn't get it. Very clever. :D

Posted by bluehawk09/25/05
:lol: PRETTY GOOD LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by kkjelove09/25/05
:roll: :wink: :lol: 8) :P :) :D :o :-? :x

Posted by Chakoteya09/25/05
So simple

Posted by Llama-Llover09/25/05
:roll: The only ones out of order, my good sir, are the South African Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers, who no doubt could have solved this riddle with ease. Even though they don't speak English. :roll:

Posted by TsunamiSurfer09/25/05
Hello: I think some teasers get too much praise. U and R have changed places and out of it comes "you are out of order". You know I think I should boast of myself. Sometime your teasers make me look like I am a genius. Thank you for giving me this nice feeling. Though I am just a little brain. quack - quack

Posted by ceeyaaa09/25/05
I thought it was "you are out of line" which is close enough that I feel like I got it :lol: clever rebus..thanks

Posted by Aarghonauts09/25/05
I thought it was "switcheroo" (switch r-u) as in "the old switcheroo! :lol: :lol: :oops: :oops: Oh, well. I like your answer better. Good going :D :D

Posted by chaskey09/25/05
:D I saw it, but I didn't get it. :oops: But I like it! :D

Posted by jimmyb09/25/05
LamaHumpa is developing a pattern. I bet I could write some software to predict what he does next.

Posted by gotabody09/25/05
cute. nevr got it but &twas fun tryin. :)

Posted by jessjspieks09/25/05
I almost got it.....almost but not quite.... :oops:

Posted by zonarita09/25/05
:D loved this I'm challenged I guessed R U messed up! I am! smile :oops: :D :D Really enjoyed it.

Posted by PENANDINK09/25/05
:D :) :o 8) :oops: :roll: :P Clever

Posted by MonkeyJoe09/25/05
i thought it was like "you are switched" or something. but i still liked it :D good one!

Posted by iteachkids09/25/05
This one does present several appropriate options. I jumped to "U R out of place." I REALLY like Arghonaut's (sp?) "switcheroo"! :D

Posted by iceraluk09/25/05
woooooooooooooooooooooooooow Nice. Good job!! :D

Posted by soccer_chick7009/25/05
I love this! lol :D I got "u r confused :oops: , but urs is way better (obviously, cuz its the answer :) ... great teaser! 8)

Posted by jimbo4609/25/05
Didn't know what a rebus was; still don't. Have to look that up.

Posted by mrguyguy09/25/05
I thought it was "rusty on the alphabet"(:-?), because R, U, S, and T were mixed up. :wink: :roll: :wink:

Posted by POPS09/25/05
Easy as ABC!!!!!!! :roll:

Posted by karma4809/25/05
:cry: :cry: Sorry; didn't like it. Extremely forced. :roll: :roll:

Posted by karma4809/25/05
:cry: :cry: Sorry; didn't like it. Extremely forced. :roll: :roll:

Posted by NTaliesen09/25/05
It seems like this one could have been any number of things I was thinking how clever all the wrong answers were I especially liked switcheroo, though my answer was the slightly more ordinary you are mixed up.

Posted by foreverfree09/25/05
um kinda boring i like the riddle ones better :-? :roll:

Posted by chinadoll_8709/25/05
I agree w/ "Ntaliesen" it cud hav been a # of thngs bt it ws funny 2 see all the possiblilities. I thght it ws a ? somthng like "R U bckwrd" or mybe "U R bckwrds". I ws close, bt not quite :( bt it ws still fun. luv'd the rubus :wink: keep up the gud wrk.

Posted by foreverfree09/25/05
um kinda boring i like the riddle ones better :-? :roll:

Posted by precious102609/26/05
Sometimes you have to look closely at what's being shown, or said.

Posted by precious102609/26/05
:o :o I liked the teaser. Somethings that appear simple, really require you to apply a little brain action. :evil:

Posted by FulanitoGM09/26/05
Okay, I get the feeling that Llama-lover makes those ridiculous comments just to rile people up. I don't think he really means half of what he says. If that's the case, I say "Well done!" I like people who rock the boat... :lol:

Posted by Haylie150609/28/05
Oh!!! NOW I GET IT!!!! :P

Posted by johnnydeppfan10/07/05
Made me think of you are mixed up

Posted by paul72602/23/06
I thought it was "Are you backwards?"

Posted by billhardy03/28/06
you are the most consistantly enjoyable submitter. I like your language items a lot. Keep it up

Posted by marching_xc05/28/06
Hehe... I thought it was going to be Noel (No L) again, but this was a new version of an alphabet teaser that I hadn't seen before. Good job!

Posted by lmurray10/12/06
?????? R U OUT OF LINE? R U OUT OF PLACE? ????????????

Posted by Rach_10/12/06
:D Nice, and my favorite kind of teaser I like the alternative answers people came up with too

Posted by Infrared10/12/06
It was good, but a little too easy.

Posted by phyllisa10/12/06
Good but I didn't get it

Posted by scallio10/12/06
Great teaser! I got it quite easily, but I would argue that anyone who answered YOU ARE OUT OF LINE was also correct. I even liked SWITHEROO! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D 8)

Posted by poisonivy949410/12/06
i got it *woohoo* :D :lol: great teaser!! :) peace out! 8) :wink: :lol:

Posted by Jawn_Knee10/12/06
At first I thought the answer was r u gone? Then I thought it was r u missing? Fun.

Posted by bennal10/12/06
The answer could also have been "You are in the wrong place," neh?

Posted by ks_tornado3910/12/06
I got it! Yes!! Great rebus!

Posted by FeaerFactorY66610/12/06

Posted by coachpisco10/12/06
I thought it was, LETTERS ARE AFTER YOU (R after U), but I knew that didn't make much sense. I like yours better. Good teaser. :D

Posted by OhEmGee10/12/06
this one was good!!! ya really good im used to the space bar

Posted by flamehead10/12/06
I thought it was a little easy. But preaty clever!! Most people would've missed that! :lol:

Posted by brainy4010/12/06
cute :]

Posted by mmmcla0110/12/06
Clever.....I liked it!! :D :D

Posted by saleprice10/12/06
:-? Real Cute I missed it tho` LOL :D

Posted by pcoker10/12/06

Posted by tmking10/12/06
I could tell it was one f those types of puzzles and i wound the mistack but just could not get it

Posted by schmedley910/12/06
That one was OKAY but give me a little bit harder ones next time. But good job.

Posted by tdbrsun10/12/06
This I missed again! I better learn to look at what is in front of me. I really liked this one . Thanks.

Posted by twinklyspangle10/13/06
I said U R out of order. I still think I win though :)

Posted by bradon18200110/13/06
Tricky. :o

Posted by ragdol1310/13/06
ooh shoot! i got that one! (well actually it was u r mixed up but same thingg) =]

Posted by Qrystal10/13/06
I'll count myself as being "close", as should most of the people who provided alternatives above. I guessed: "U R screwed up!" :P

Posted by elu9310/13/06
I loved that! It's actually one with the alphabet I've never heard before! Great Job! :D :lol:

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/15/06
A good one! I first thought it was 'Are you mixed up?', and then felt this wasnt the right answer! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by auntiesis10/16/06
Good one, lol :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :) :wink:

Posted by galaxynova10/23/06
i got the same thing as paul, but i liked it anyway! good thinking!

Posted by vlerma10/28/06
Maybe your answer was U R out of order. My answer was U R turned around. Same difference? Good one any howwhatever the answer is. :D

Posted by Pizzazz2u11/06/06
Great teaser and ?easy-enough? to confuse anyone??.....LOL WTG! :wink: I loved it!

Posted by princesspt09/28/07
very easy, but good teaser!

Posted by avonma10/12/09
I thought it was hard, because I didn't get it. But, it is still a good teaser! :D Very clever.

Posted by dalfamnest10/12/09
What about "U R disorderly around the street [ST]?" I think the given solution is probably best, though it's always fun to try alternatives. :D :D

Posted by doehead10/12/09
UR wrong was my answer. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by auntiesis10/12/09
I thought U R mixed up. Cool! :D :lol: :D :lol: :D

Posted by patiencewithaP10/12/09
I came up with U R mixed up too...close! Clever teaser! :D

Posted by Jimmymo10/12/09
Didn't even come close on this one!!! :oops: :oops: :oops:

Posted by katamaster10/13/09
I guess there were a lot of answers for this. I got "where r u?"

Posted by Jayo01/26/11
Haha I came up with 'are you out of place?' Not a million miles away :) I liked it!

Posted by Babe10/12/12
I was close also. I said,"u are out of line." I have heard the expression before so thought that was it. Good one and I feel good about my answer. :D :) :lol:

Posted by JQPublic10/12/12
Nice! :D It was impossible, though!

Posted by cutebug10/12/12
A lot of possible answers :D :D Also: UR another old repeated teaser :roll:

Posted by dsjt10/12/12
My first thought was the statement... U R not where U R supposed to be. Then as a question... R U where U R supposed to be?

Posted by iggy3910/12/12
Sorry thought it was dumb. Didn't like it at all. :( :( :o :x :evil:

Posted by TheWhizKid10/14/12
Pretty cool!!! :D :D

Posted by raisin9910/12/15

Posted by Zykezex10/12/15
I thought there could be many variations to the answer, but I got it exactly. :)

Posted by katamaster210/12/15
I had where are you?

Posted by catmom10/12/15
I thought UR wrong! Well I guess I was right. ;-)

Posted by KDJstyle10/12/15
U R not like others. U R not the same

Posted by mrbill5110/12/15
Enjoyed the teaser. Fun and easy. Solved it pretty quickly. Love rebus puzzles. Keep them coming.

Posted by Zykezex10/13/15
"place" also came to mine as in being out of. 8)


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