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Centaurus, Repelius and Obnoxious

Submitted By:kodhrawara
Fun:*** (2.52)
Difficulty:*** (3.05)

We are three genies capable of independent existence.
But bring any two of us together
And we shall summon the missing third
To respond to your beck-and-call within his capabilities.

Man would welcome any opportunity to fit an unwelcome harness
on our first whilst it is in full gallop.
Thus the first will conspire with our second to tackle the quest
To subdue the third to be a slave at your behest.

Our second was so repulsive as to be banished forthwith
to the far-flung corners of the globe.
His feet planted firmly on terra firma,
On his pate, an insecure white cap.

The repulsion of the second is surpassed by how shocking is the third.
Whilst our first, lest we forget, has been cursed by the gods
To remain forever in a state of perpetual restlessness.
Who are these restless, repulsive, shocking, yet subservient genies?

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