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A Trio of Seventh Grade Students

Submitted By:Acestudent04
Fun:*** (2.15)
Difficulty:* (0.56)

Three seventh grade students all got their test grades back from their teachers on Friday. Determine their test grades, last names, and teachers.

Test grades- 100, 80, 50

Students- Abby, Alison, Adam

Last names- Anderson, Grey, Smith

Teachers- Mrs. Boggs, Mrs. Hui, Mr. Sharp

1. Adam failed, but he does not have either of the female teachers.

2. The Anderson student made 100 and is not male.

3. Mrs. Hui enjoys having Alison in her class, but the student with the last name Anderson was not enrolled in her class.

4.The student with the last name Grey is female.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by markmonnin09/22/05
Thank you for this easy teaser!

Posted by chaskey09/22/05
Nicely done! :D

Posted by luma1109/22/05
pretty easy but still fun!

Posted by harmonize909/22/05
way too easy. especially with the pattern

Posted by amelia63909/22/05
not too easy. there was a pattern. still liked it. :lol:

Posted by mejoza09/22/05
Super easy, but I rated it very fun because I like an easy one very now and then.

Posted by mejoza09/22/05
Super easy, but I rated it very fun because I like an easy one very now and then.

Posted by shabz4lyf09/23/05
I liked trying it out! :D

Posted by waternymph09/23/05
This was entertaining :D easy but very good entertainment value. :) :) :D

Posted by Acestudent0409/23/05
thanks everyone!! :D I hope to (in the future) make even harder ones! 8)

Posted by camsmom09/25/05
Pretty easy, but good fun! :)

Posted by upper90xox09/28/05
extremely tooooo easy .there was a pattern in the logic grid. not too good. sorry. :-?

Posted by angeleyes_709/30/05
Good Job! :D

Posted by DaveC11/03/05
:P Easy but good :)

Posted by batatis04/08/07
i like the pattern. after seeing the last name and teacher grid had a pattern, i guessed the grade would have been a pattern too. how smart of me. 8)

Posted by Merrihootai09/28/09
didn't need to say that Anderson is not male since Adam is the only male student, and you already said that he failed, therefore not making the perfect 100 that Anderson made. :wink:


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