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Saving Dad a Buck.

Submitted By:sugarnspice4u7
Fun:*** (2.2)
Difficulty:* (0.63)

A girl went up to her dad and asked for a dollar. The man responds, "Only if you do what I tell you to do. Say that pigs can fly."
The girl nodded and said, "Pigs can fly." The dad shook his head no.
What was the response he wanted?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by chipmunklover09/24/05
that was boring!!! come on yall can do better i want a challenge!!

Posted by sugarnspice4u709/24/05
i hate you

Posted by sugarnspice4u709/24/05
lol jk

Posted by zigthepig09/25/05
this is a fun teaser. i got the right answer but i did have to think about it!

Posted by lives_2sing09/25/05
too easy. got it right away.

Posted by Kit-Kat09/25/05
:-? that was soooooo easy!!!!

Posted by sugarnspice4u709/26/05
aww come on! please! I'm a beginner!! :cry: :cry: : :(

Posted by tiery_skie09/27/05
piece o' cake

Posted by zigthepig09/28/05
hey i gave you a nice comment! :D

Posted by blca09/28/05
that was so ez that was so funny I forgot to laugh great teaser though :D :lol:

Posted by tiny_dancer09/30/05
i like these teasers i can solve without thinking. it was easy because i used to do that with my friends at lunch!.

Posted by soccercow1010/01/05
thats the easiest trick in the book! people do that to me all the time! :oops: :lol: :wink: nice to hear it brought back! p.s wouldnt this already be in the teasers ? :wink: i mean come on everyones heard it!never mind great job anyways! :) :D

Posted by redraptor5010/01/05
Cute, simple, but cute. :D

Posted by The_Capn10/07/05
:lol: Too easy if you ask me. :D

Posted by converse_chik10/09/05
good job, i had to think a bit b/c of the catagory, but it was good for a first try, i like the ones that are simple but you confuse your self with answers that are way to complicated.

Posted by chaotic_chyk10/10/05
HA good one! cute and simple, just the way i like it (it makes me feel good if i get the answer)! keep em comin!!

Posted by shabz4lyf10/11/05
Wonderful stuff! :wink:

Posted by bagogirl10/13/05
haha, that's a funny one, easy, but funny :lol:

Posted by smarty_blondy10/14/05
I don't care if it was easy, i liked it. Keep them coming, one more and you get yourself a star. :wink:

Posted by normalgirl199510/19/05
sorry but i hated it! everyone knows that! were not stupid u know! :roll: :lol:

Posted by stephiesd10/24/05
This one actually tricked me.

Posted by rkaaland11/14/05
Cute!!! :-? :D

Posted by gray_eyes11/15/05
:lol: You tricked me! :oops: It was so easy that i feel dump! :)

Posted by gray_eyes11/15/05
I mean dumb!

Posted by NYG715411/27/05

Posted by sugarnspice4u701/08/06
:bad: :doubt: :idea:

Posted by smiley_lover03/17/06
It tricked me!!! THats not supposed to happen :D oh wait... I forgot...I crossed out not.. :oops: :lol:

Posted by coltonr104/01/06
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol tht was bad ok even tho u golt a big smile face tht wuz bad c-

Posted by tintiniscool05/28/06
**yawn** :( too easy.

Posted by cowman1206/21/07
Too easy.

Posted by littlestud09/15/07
that was damn easy

Posted by lastlyboo10/28/07
lol love it! really easy though... :D


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