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After I moved into my new apartment, four friends stopped by to see the place. Knowing my love of plants, each brought me a different type as a housewarming gift. The new plants now occupy different spots in the apartment. Can you determine who gave me which plant and where it now resides?

Friends: Natasha, David, Carmen, Chris

Plants: Cactus, Pothos, Spider plant, Zebra plant

Locations: Bathroom, Coffee table, Kitchen, Stereo

1. My brother David brought me the zebra plant, which I didn't hang in the bathroom.

2. A woman brought the plant that I placed next to the kitchen window.

3. Natasha (who didn't bring the cactus) didn't bring the plant that now hangs in the bathroom.

4. Chris brought the plant that is now on the coffee table.

5. Carmen didn't bring the cactus or the pothos.

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