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Housewarming Gifts

Submitted By:dcf525
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After I moved into my new apartment, four friends stopped by to see the place. Knowing my love of plants, each brought me a different type as a housewarming gift. The new plants now occupy different spots in the apartment. Can you determine who gave me which plant and where it now resides?

Friends: Natasha, David, Carmen, Chris

Plants: Cactus, Pothos, Spider plant, Zebra plant

Locations: Bathroom, Coffee table, Kitchen, Stereo

1. My brother David brought me the zebra plant, which I didn't hang in the bathroom.

2. A woman brought the plant that I placed next to the kitchen window.

3. Natasha (who didn't bring the cactus) didn't bring the plant that now hangs in the bathroom.

4. Chris brought the plant that is now on the coffee table.

5. Carmen didn't bring the cactus or the pothos.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by mejoza09/28/05
Ohh I get first comment! It was fun. Easy, but fun. I never complain on the easy ones unless they are riddled with redundant clues. You gave one more clue than you needed to, though.

Posted by chrisf09/28/05
:D nice

Posted by markmonnin09/28/05
Good! I didn't notice any extra clues... but I went through them backwards. :)

Posted by hotrod6809/28/05
I got it right away. However you used two names that could have been either male or female, Chris and Carmen. Fortunately it didn't come into play. I looked at the hint after I solved the puzzle.

Posted by angeleyes_709/28/05
Good 1!!!! :D

Posted by shabz4lyf09/29/05

Posted by chaskey09/29/05
Nice and enjoyable! Also easy. :D

Posted by contence09/29/05

Posted by marystone1234509/30/05
That was cool i luuuvvvv doing those I do them in class all the time :D

Posted by damoore6009/30/05
Good, easy, and entertaining!! Good job. You should have made either Chris or Carmen male just to add a twist to it.

Posted by signmeup7410/04/05
I thought there was an extra clue. And the hint didn't help me any. But it was still fun and I still got it! Woohoo. :)

Posted by Deina10/08/05
:D A fun, easy one! Gets the little grey cells moving :wink: At first I thought there may have been a redundant clue, but I didn't see it the second time. :-?

Posted by Diore10/17/05
Cute and fun! (a little easy but enjoyable). :D

Posted by realm234610/21/05
easy, but FUN!!!!!! I liked this teaser because I got it and I'm not very awake I wouldn't come back here if I got all the teasers wrong.....this teaser have offically convinced me to try the logic grids. :D

Posted by bashbach11/02/05
Easy and fun! Good for a spare moment! :D

Posted by redraptor5011/10/05
This was good, I got it. Keep these coming :D

Posted by dreamlvr143210/18/07
A nice easy one to fill the time between appointments. Good job! :D

Posted by Zarahemla0503/10/09
Great Teaser! I didn't even need the hint! :laugh: Thank you! ~Z :D

Posted by nascarfan1904/23/09
I got a little stuck after one, but i got it :D

Posted by pierlejna07/11/09
not bad... didn't take no time, better yet. a little logic, but nothing head-wrecking.

Posted by Merrihootai10/30/09
easy, but not too much, and also it was enjoyable. definately needed some thinking power. :)

Posted by june1204/08/11
easy ,but cute :wink:


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