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Submitted By:phillyfatcake
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Jim studied really hard before the science test Friday. He was supposed to study chapter 1. When he took the test he got every question wrong. Why did he miss every question?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by redraptor5010/06/05
Easy but very fun, keep up the good work :D

Posted by keiaj10/06/05
That was not good at all. Sorry. :-?

Posted by zigthepig10/06/05
all of the above except the one which is not at the top :D :D in other words i agrre with the top comment :D :lol: :lol:

Posted by sniperkid99010/06/05
wayyyyyyyyyyy tooooo EZ :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by phillyfatcake10/06/05
thanks that was my very first one

Posted by hamburger10/07/05
I didnt like it. :-?

Posted by johnnydeppfan10/07/05
Sorry, but doesn't seem like you spent very much time on that :(

Posted by kmax1239510/07/05
I,m new here but even i know that was quite easy!!! :cry:

Posted by converse_chik10/08/05
i agree that since it is their first teaser, it is actually a good way to find out how to make a good teaser!!! keep trying and then those other critics will shut up. :)

Posted by schaine10/08/05
come on! that was waaaaaaaaaayyy to easy :-?

Posted by edgwood10/08/05
not the best :-?

Posted by chaotic_chyk10/09/05
OMG GUYS! coooome on! it was his first one!! gosh u guys are brutal. i dont think i even want to try to post one on this stupid site now if i know that all u ppl are gonna criticize it if it isnt up to ur standards! :evil: :evil: okay, author of the teaser: that teaser was pretty easy, so it made me feel smart! TY TY TYYY! i mean that doesnt happen on an everyday basis ya keep 'em coming (even if they are easy...they make me feel good about myself!) and hey, forget all those ppl who said junk on it. it was good for ur first!

Posted by iLuVcOwS_0010/09/05

Posted by bluvsscoobydoo10/10/05
good for a first try :D Keep em coming! At least you had the guts to submit one!

Posted by smarty_blondy10/10/05
Sometimes i just can't grasp how some feel a need to express their feelings in such rude manners. It was easy, agreed. But, this is a family, repeat, FAMILY site. In other words, that includes members of all ages. Everyone has a right to their share of teasers to try. To the ones who feel they just have to bring them down with comments like "this is retarded" or "this is pathetic", please restrain yourself from such comments. This will add to the benefit of the teaser, the submitter and, in all, the site itself. Thank you!

Posted by stormtrooper10/10/05
For people who say their brother or sister got that one, this is a FAMILY ORIENTED SITE. Which means that everyone can go here. For me, I would say it was pretty good for a first.

Posted by shabz4lyf10/11/05
Hey dont worry about what the people are saying keep em coming thats how we all start!!!! :D :) :lol: :) :D :wink: :D

Posted by schatzy22810/11/05
wow, some of the comments were brutal....i guess you'll just have to show them something better. give it another shot and you meanies, give first timers a break, it did get accepted, after all 8)

Posted by JessicaG10/12/05
dull. keep trying.

Posted by phillyfatcake10/12/05
oh thats guys 4 the nice comments u made :D and i will make some more and they will be better

Posted by trumpetsgirl10/13/05
this was a nice first teaser. it was alsmost too easy to get it

Posted by tennisguy10/14/05
:lol: funny but easy and i totally agree with chaotic u guys a mean

Posted by jannie_delta10/15/05
Hey, even if this was way too easy, it got approved, so congrats. I've been submitting tons of teasers but no one likes them..... :D *shrugs*

Posted by jannie_delta10/15/05
and I agree with smarty blondy and chaotic chyk and all those people. WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SO RUDE! he he, he he. :oops: But really.... :P

Posted by tonkywonky2210/16/05
:o OK Totally 2 eazy.....but i give u props 4 trying........ :wink:

Posted by realm234610/19/05
I knew he studied the wrong chapter, and then I got it when I clicked on the hint.

Posted by flygirl4ever10/20/05
I thought it was easy but for a first timer you did a good job. As mentioned this is a site for all ages meaning there has to be easy ones for the younger crowd to enjoy. Hey I bet your brother was exited when he got it.

Posted by tommy210/22/05
hey that was a really good teaser for ur 1st try :P :evil: dont be mean to him its his first try :evil: so rude... anyway CONGRATS DUDE

Posted by sweetmama10/23/05
Hey phillyfatcake at least you work up the nerve to bubmit your first teaser. They can only get better from here!!! :wink:

Posted by kimberlykay10/26/05
sheesh....I have been working towards my 100 and looking forward to submitting my first teaser. Reading the comments above makes me wonder if I should reconsider. I think everyone that submits deserves kuddos. It isn't easy for some people to put themselves out there in the first place and then to be so berated is such a shame. Good work...keep your chin up and don't let the negativity bring you down. :wink:

Posted by RocknRoll10/28/05
Continue forward...the joy is in trying to figure them out. Easy is in the eyes of the beholder; and fun should be in everyone's eyes.

Posted by paintballa94411/11/05
HMMMM.............SOOOOO EZ!!!!!!!

Posted by BrieCheese11/11/05
way too easy

Posted by tjc_1311/12/05
pretty easy the hint gives it awat either change or takeout the hint

Posted by rkaaland11/13/05
Wow, I can't wait to get my first teaser in!!!! Good for you! :D

Posted by peppamintp11/19/05
Wish I could a teaser in. They keep rejecting mine, so congrats :D :D

Posted by Lady_Lani12/05/05
wow, not too many constructive criticism here. I must agree with kim kay and rock n roll, keep your chin up. Don't listen to those who cannot criticise in the way to help you strengthen your teasers. I did find that the hint totally gave it away, so maybe if it was removed it would help make it more challenging. Also, instead of saying "he was supposed to" make it more trickier or something. Don't give straight facts because it will be too easy. basically, try to trick us and make us use our brains, thats what this site is for. Not for lazy people who want to know things right away. so props to you for making a teaser, something many negative users here have not done, and i can't wait to see your next one. 8)

Posted by coltonr103/30/06
ok ok... it's whaz bad i agree but! it's ur 1st try and try not to rush or users will hate u ill help u out with teasers if u like but ill only do it if u promise not to give up and try ur best do u agree...?

Posted by zonasurance04/04/06
good try for your first. . .Keep them comming!!

Posted by Quickq04/12/06
Way way way way too easy. :x

Posted by triskit05/03/06
how did that get accepted?

Posted by tintiniscool05/27/06
The word "supposed" gave it away. :roll:

Posted by MichelleDestein06/04/06
it was OK, but the hint gave it away. i enjoyed it when i actually got one right. eazy, but keep them coming.

Posted by phipha10/07/06
too easy

Posted by batatis05/14/07
what if jim was just stupid? :-?

Posted by cascada06/21/08
this is a stupid riddle, how were you supposed to get that?

Posted by UofMWolv2505/27/10
This was one of the worst brain teasers I've ever heard.

Posted by braingle10008/30/10
This one was UNDER my head. :lol: I was thinking too hard.

Posted by Candyhook01/25/11
I've done the same thing at school :lol:

Posted by babyjuice05/22/12
Love the title :D


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