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He Gave Me Smelly Money

Submitted By:sweetime
Fun:*** (3.04)
Difficulty:* (1.09)

I am a word of meanings three.
Three ways of spelling me there be.
The first is an odour, a smell if you will.
The second some money, but not in a bill.
The third is past tense, a method of passing things on or around.

Can you tell me now, what these words are, that have the same sound?


Scent, cent and sent.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by shabz4lyf10/11/05
This is tha Bomb!! :D

Posted by schatzy22810/11/05
the aroma isn't coming from pennies that were heaven sent :lol: yeah it was easy but presented very well 8)

Posted by shoulder_angel10/11/05
That's really clever! :lol:

Posted by truetease10/11/05
I like this one!!! You have to read it 2x's. One for the info. and Two for the break down. :roll:

Posted by Zobeg10/13/05
Good One. I got it after reading it a couple times through. :D

Posted by smarty_blondy10/17/05
Cute one. :)

Posted by dodger10/17/05
EXCELLENT........but i managed to get it 8)

Posted by BrownEyes10/19/05
That was GENIUS!!! Awesome teaser, sassi! :D

Posted by redraptor5010/26/05
That was a good one :D took me a minute, but got it, keep them coming :D

Posted by sweetmama10/26/05
I was thrown off by odor because I associate that with a slightly unpleasant smell, whereas I associate scent with a pleasant smell. All and all though it was a good one. :)

Posted by NTaliesen11/14/05
I love the title!!! Thanks for the great teaser. :D

Posted by lolita11/14/05
too easy. =/

Posted by meme255911/14/05
This was easy but fun

Posted by emmh11/14/05
Yeah - I got one. Don't mind an easy one every now and then. Makes me think I'm not a complete dumbo. Good fun. :lol: :P

Posted by ceeyaaa11/14/05
easy and did a great job in writing it :D

Posted by MurfQ11/14/05
Not much of a challenge but it was still cute. Very well presented.

Posted by undershirt11/14/05
I'm a first timer...but, enjoyed the mind teaser. Good with a cup of coffee ! 8) :wink:

Posted by ashish_a611/14/05
nice implementation of random words but da title was kind of smelly

Posted by lorelle_b11/14/05
Very easy but great poem! Good job.

Posted by lindquist_2511/14/05
Good poem

Posted by christine7711/14/05
How cute. I loved this one! :P

Posted by mekaboo2711/14/05
:o OMG!! I can't believe that I did not get that!!! When I seen the answer I about slap myself :cry: !! It was a good one! Keep'em coming!

Posted by chaskey11/14/05
Nice and easy. :) The poem was/is delightful! :D

Posted by amyu0511/14/05
YAY I got it!!!1 :D This was a good one I liked it!!!! I do addmit it did take me a few trys :oops: Thanks!!!

Posted by bmc5511/14/05
Shallow minded people like Sara2009 should be baned from this site.

Posted by Lady_Lani11/14/05
easy but fun. Thanks, I enjoyed that one. 8)

Posted by chrissydaze11/14/05
igot on the second one. I feel so smart today :lol: :lol:

Posted by redraptor5011/14/05
Well done, would like to see more of these :D

Posted by boriqua11/14/05
Enjoyed it very much :wink:

Posted by uniqueycat11/14/05
:wink: I enjoyed this one. It may have been easy because I got it. But it was fun. Thanks :D

Posted by wolfy6811/14/05
Nicely written, fun ....... Bravo! :wink:

Posted by shawneeo11/14/05
This was way fun, and although it wasn't the hardest, neither was it too easy, for me, heh heh... I really like how you wrote it, shows a real effort (omg, I sound like a teacher, which I am NOT!) Good work, Thanks! 8) :oops: 8)

Posted by foreverfree11/14/05
easy!!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :o but at least i got it. :wink:

Posted by aew510411/14/05
Great one! Easy yes, but very poetic! :D

Posted by Zuni11/14/05
Too easy.

Posted by bashbach11/14/05
I loved this. fun, but not very hard. You just gotta read it twice, or maybe more. Good job!

Posted by saleprice11/14/05
not hard at all but cute just the same thx

Posted by freakydoughnut111/14/05
Weird title, easy teaser. :roll:

Posted by Baby_Girl11/14/05
it was fun.. :D

Posted by BrenBeadSP11/14/05
Wonderful teaser - wish I had gotten it. Thanks

Posted by Fame_Kraze11/14/05
ezzzzzzzzzz :)

Posted by fletch11/14/05
a little easy, but a good one. keep 'em coming :D 8)

Posted by Katelin11/14/05
It was fun! Lol, I like the title! :lol:

Posted by BlueWater2611/14/05
Hm...a bit simple, though fun. :D

Posted by rkaaland11/14/05
smell,bell, well *ell I missed it!!! :oops: Good one!

Posted by spoiled_rotten11/14/05
seen better! :roll:

Posted by stargal30511/14/05
I liked it! Good one! But, yes, it was very easy.

Posted by Spark11/14/05
good 1 keep em coming 8) :lol: :lol:

Posted by moimeme11/14/05
loved it! :)

Posted by lycanthrope11/15/05
Easy, but very well presented. Also an easy trip to my favs! :D

Posted by bluehawk11/15/05
this one is cute :D . very easy. i liked it :). way to go sweetime :wink: 8)

Posted by griphook11/15/05
great. "A word of meanings three" got me stuck. I kinda thought that three homonyms are three words.

Posted by formation00711/15/05
Very good teaser and that i actually got within first ten seconds. :wink:

Posted by halfmoonscott11/15/05
Such inane comments! Such as "I got it after I saw the answer." Well, duh! :roll: :cry: :( :o

Posted by wizkid11/15/05
I actually got his one. It was easy. 8) :D :) :P :lol: :wink:

Posted by Radhika11/17/05
This one was really sweet. Still u got me there!!!!!!!! :D :wink:

Posted by hamburger11/22/05
I like how the title and answer go together! :lol:

Posted by doka1312/26/05
:lol: ez... i liked it though!!

Posted by SPUTNIK201/17/06
i loved it! fun teaser!!

Posted by pup_tonton07/07/06
i loved it. it was good kinda funny (i dont no y)and good. GOOD WORK SWEETIME

Posted by schmedley911/15/06
I was OKAY

Posted by bradon18200111/15/06
This took some thought, both on the part of the person who wrote it and the ones trying to solve it. I think it was a really good teaser. :o

Posted by coachpisco11/15/06
A bit easy but fun :)

Posted by OldChinaHand11/15/06
Nothing senseless about it, it was a well-written teaser and was fun to workout. Thanks. 8)

Posted by Pizzazz2u11/15/06
Quite easy teaser, but you almost have to read it, a few times. :roll: Keep up the Awesome work. :wink:

Posted by jabdr11/15/06
I liked this one...even finally figured it out. Thanks1 + :roll: 8)

Posted by locutus13ds11/15/06
Didn't get it, should have! :cry:

Posted by wordmama11/15/06
Well-presented; v-e-e-e-r-r-r-y EZ!! Reading the comments reminds me "something for everyone" is very important. I'm glad for the ones who "got it" BEFORE reading the answer; I'm sad for the ones who found it challenging (unless of course you're 9 or under!)

Posted by 4kai2lyn611/15/06

Posted by FatHead11/15/06
Hey! I finally got one!

Posted by nu_rob_roy11/15/06
The Imu clone parade is marching tonight, just a little TE (teaser envy). This is a fine teaser. Well done. Good on you.

Posted by PWT22711/15/06
too easy. A no brainer

Posted by cuteandditzy11/15/06
I really like the ones that are fun to do and don't take me all day to figure out. It was very well written and I enjoyed working it out. Great job!! :D :D

Posted by I_Write_Books11/15/06
Easy but definitely enjoyable! :D Thanks!

Posted by Brainy_111/15/06
Fun and clever! :D Nice teaser to wake up to!! 8)

Posted by POPS11/15/06
Very easy :D or I just got lucky :lol: Took me about 30 secs. but it was fun, nice going. :wink:

Posted by scoobywags11/15/06

Posted by Blondie11611/15/06
Quite easy but very cute. Loved it! :wink:

Posted by Trishgal11/16/06
you did well. :D Every once in a while I need a teaser that is easy to keep me encouraged :D Thx :wink:

Posted by RRAMMOHAN11/18/06
Well composed verse, interesting, but quite simple !

Posted by Qrystal12/14/06
Cute teaser -- definitely not a stinker!! I loved the title! :) Good job!

Posted by Fhempen11/01/07

Posted by leroyleroy11/15/09

Posted by mikidoll11/15/09
Nicely written poem, but very easy. The answer was right in the title. Sorry.

Posted by crocodile11/15/09
Amusing title!

Posted by auntiesis11/15/09
I just noticed the title of this teaser and had a good laugh. Very cute, very easy. Fun ! :D :lol: :D

Posted by Johnny11/15/09
That was a great riddle!!! I couldn't get it. :-?

Posted by hubbamutt77711/18/09
tricked me. so obvious, it was hard. :lol: great one.

Posted by Babe11/15/12
:D :lol:

Posted by HABS293311/15/12
Fairly easy, but still enjoyable to read.

Posted by cutebug11/15/12
Nice and easy. :D :D A penny for your thoughts GW!! :wink:

Posted by catmom11/15/15
After I eliminated 'aroma' it was a breeze. Fun!! Thanks. :D

Posted by raisin9911/15/15
a bit too easy

Posted by Zykezex11/15/15
When nothing initially sprung to mind I was stumped. I looked at the title - Got IT! :)


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