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Teasergle II

Submitted By:phrebh
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:**** (3.11)

Five online friends, two guys (Asthma and Checkers) and three girls (Jaymee, Miss Sissy, and Warbucks) like to spend time on the same brain teaser oriented site, Teasergle. Each of them like to solve different types of teasers (Language, Logic, Math, Riddle, and Trick) and each of them likes to write different types of teasers (Language, Logic, Math, Riddle, and Trick). One day, they each wrote a teaser, taking a different amount of time to do so (10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, and 50 minutes). The same day, they also each solved a teaser, taking a differing amount of time to do so (1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, and 5 minutes). Using the clues below, can you determine which friend likes to write what category of teaser, solve what category of teaser, and how long it took them to write one and solve one?

1. Three people liked to write the same kind of teaser that they liked to solve.

2. Three people took ten times longer to write a teaser as they did to solve one.

3. Jaymee took longer to solve her teaser than the girl who spent 50 minutes writing her teaser.

4. The group follows the generalization that guys don't like language and girls don't like math, so no girl wrote or solved a math teaser and no guy wrote or solved a language teaser.

5. Trick teasers are always written the fastest and language teasers take the longest to solve.

6. Logic teasers take more time to write than math teasers, which take more time to write than language teasers.

7. Two people liked to write the same kind of teaser that they liked to solve and took ten times longer to write their teaser as they did to solve a teaser.

8. Asthma wrote the riddle teaser.

9. The five people are the girl who took 30 minutes to write a teaser, the person who took 3 minutes to solve a teaser, the person who wrote and solved a math teaser, the person who solved the riddle, and Miss Sissy.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by brainster10/18/05
Yay! I am first ! I had to start all over again, and even then could not get the solved teasers right, but everything else was perfectly right, so thats consolation I guess! Good one ! :D

Posted by HogwartsGirl0510/18/05
:o :o :o :o This teaser proves that people should not try to use their minds befor the decent hour of midnight.:D I absolutely love this one. Keep them coming.

Posted by flyingeff10/18/05
I got it - finally! - but how "logical" is it that it took so little time to solve the logic teaser? :wink:

Posted by scihead10/18/05
That was a lot of fun, but took me significantly longer than 1 minute! It also longer than it took me to solve the language teaser of the day! Enjoyed it very much, I like it when you have to think and go over the clues more than once. Very good! :D

Posted by Kalliann10/18/05
Hmmm... what is this website Teasergle? It sounds neat :wink: Good Teaser!

Posted by randamanae10/18/05
Ok, I have come to the conclusion that this is impossible! :x

Posted by FamilyInFilm10/19/05
I DID IT!!! I'm still not sure HOW I did it, but I did it! Great job on this teaser!! :D

Posted by annie969810/19/05
:D yay! I made into one of phrebh's teasers!

Posted by redraptor5010/22/05
Well I must say :o WOW, Great one, keep them coming :D

Posted by dragon-B10/27/05
Way to make you think.good job :D

Posted by DaveC10/30/05
:x I just hope that it did not take me ten times longer to solve than it took to write (I wont say how long) good job

Posted by wizkid11/06/05
My Brain gave up on me with this one. :roll:

Posted by scm1411/09/05
This is fun, but if I didn't know that several people had already solved it, I would think it was IMPOSSIBLE. I've tried a million times and still can't figure it out. :oops: :o :-?

Posted by smarty_blondy11/11/05
Phrebh, you will always be my hero, when regarding LGs. :oops: Great job!

Posted by Splatt11/13/05
Phreb, you are evil. :cry: You should have called this Brain Twister rather than Teasergle. :P I was so confused, my poor little noggin exploded. I did not get it right. *sigh*

Posted by roscoep02/01/06
Very good teaser. Made me think quite a bit.

Posted by super_duper0802/15/06
That was Quite good! it took me about an hour to figure out and i even had one of those DUH moments where everthing fell into place.. what it was i don't remember :oops: but still very awesome... it was hard keeping the different puzzles straight and the time.. very good job! i might have to go make anouther one! :D

Posted by thompson103/04/06
Great teaser!! :D I don't think you need clue #7, but I'm not quite sure. :-? Once again, Great Teaser!!

Posted by phrebh03/20/06
I just resolved this teaser to see how hard it was, and, wow! That is a toughy. :D Clue 7 is very important as it limits clues 1 and 2.

Posted by Mellie62708/05/06
Phrebh, I have just sent you a private message concerning this teaser. I hope you will read it. I have just come to the conclusion that if I keep doing your LG teasers I will never get enough points to submit my own teaser, and I doubt it will be near as good as yours. I have been working on this one for days now, and still I have not figured it out. :oops: But in my defense, I did fall and do have a concussion and spent one day last week in the er (which they did not do a darn thing) and then went to my normal doctor who said the script they gave me after I pitched a fit, was not compatible with my other meds and would have caused me other problems. I know excuses, excuses, excuses, but I can not figure this one out, but I have not given up yet. Mellie

Posted by Mellie62708/07/06
Well, I finished it, but did not get it correct. I got everything about Checkers correct and Jaymee. Asthma I got his writing time and the teaser he wrote correct, but nothing about what he solved. The same thing for Warbucks. But for Miss Sissy, I got her time to write, her teaser that she wrote, and her time correct but messed up what teaser she solved. :oops: I guess I am going to have to put it aside and try again later. I would love to finish it correctly.

Posted by dreamlvr143210/22/07
If I were to have an EEG right now, the line would be flat...absolutely no brain activity what-so-ever because I used it all on this teaser! :o :o Kudos to you! This one was really difficult. Even with the grid and a piece of paper, It took me 30 mins! I'll be looking for more! :D :D :D

Posted by mom_rox03/11/08
very well written! nice job.

Posted by fuzzy101/19/10
:o :o :o :o :o :o :o still working! :lol:

Posted by fuzzy101/19/10
once i realized i knew how long jaymee took to solve her puzzle everything fell into place :roll: thanks for a toughie that didn't require any guessing! :D

Posted by noomeek10/14/10
confusing words!!!

Posted by danielculla10/31/12
got it :wink: but with 2 misplaced words in my grid :)


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