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Submitted By:Jake
Fun:**** (3.11)
Difficulty:* (0.65)

Do the straight horizontal gray lines look curvy to you? Hold up a piece of paper to prove that they are straight and parallel to each other.

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Posted by harmonize910/17/05
i think the question is supposed to be "do the horizontal lines look slanted?"

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_10/17/05
Well, "Slanted" is a better word than "curvy".......

Posted by cdrock10/17/05
slanted also works, but they were curvy to me to :P

Posted by smilingpatience10/17/05
That trips me out a bit, the lines can be slatned, straight or curved, wierd.

Posted by sniperkid99010/17/05
its still awsome curved or slanted no matter witch one :lol:

Posted by redraptor5010/17/05
:o Good one , it made my eyes water, great... I really like these, very fun :D

Posted by randomind22310/17/05
whoa that like made my eyes hurt :o

Posted by kimmymarie6910/17/05
VERY trippy...which is why i like it :D

Posted by schatzy22810/17/05
:o :roll: 8)

Posted by Mr-matilda10/18/05
Well scroll up and down with the scroller on the mouse and it flicks UP and down

Posted by smarty_blondy10/18/05
Good one, keep them coming jake i love these. :)

Posted by st1sk8er1610/18/05
if you stare at the middle the blocks move back and forth alittle. Well to me they do.

Posted by Kalliann10/18/05
These ones always get my eyes watering. :lol:

Posted by sweetmama10/18/05
That was cool, nade me kind of dizzy though!!! :o

Posted by Mr-matilda10/19/05
if you stare at the middle the blocks move back and forth alittle. Well to me they do. --------------------------------- THEY DO if you mave your head back - forth

Posted by martiemr10/20/05
I thought these were supposed to challenge my mind. C'mon make me work a little. :(

Posted by maximo349110/20/05
nice one :D

Posted by yagaloot10/21/05
wicked :o

Posted by hunnybunny859310/22/05
they look srtaight to me :roll: :lol: :roll: :D :roll: :D :roll: :o :roll:

Posted by paintballa94410/22/05
love optical illusions :D :D :D

Posted by BrownEyes10/23/05
Of course they LOOK bendy. But I know they aren't cause otherwise it wouldn't be listed as an optical-illusion. :P By the way, NICE ONE!!! :wink:

Posted by tarrasolomon10/23/05
I like it, these are always fun to look at. :) :) :)

Posted by didida10/24/05
good one :D

Posted by ElectricYou10/24/05
Yeah slanted is a much better word. I wondered why they didn't look "curvy" to me

Posted by purple_angel_8010/24/05
um it is a very old optical illusion. so i rated it boring. i'm not usually mean but it was boring. sorry

Posted by delta300010/25/05
yea i liked it. couldnt look other way

Posted by TsunamiSurfer10/26/05
Hello: That is very interesting. I really enjoyed it when I looked at it. I am going to add it to my favorites. quack - quack

Posted by lizardqueen10/27/05
say the lines r slanted but i think they look curvy :-?

Posted by BLUEFIRE10/31/05
it looks really blury :) --------------------------------- feel the burn!

Posted by latinmama11/01/05
damn this is trippy stuff specially if ur high!

Posted by speedyhewitt11/01/05
do most people that see this know the differance between Vertical and HORIZONTAL ?? :cry:

Posted by speedyhewitt11/01/05
st1sk8tr16, are U sure you look at this sober?? :wink:

Posted by runscapekiller11/02/05
it didn't work for me but if you roll the roller thing on the mouse the black and white lines will move

Posted by Barticus11/03/05
That one makes me dizzy.

Posted by scm1411/06/05
Ugh! I'm dizzy now...and seeing little black spots!!! Great illusion, though!!! :o

Posted by speediebean11/06/05
Someone, *please* make the lines stop chasing me!!!!!!!!!! :o I swear, I won't throw little pickles at my neighbors ever again, just *make it stop*!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: (a most enjoyable optical illusion)

Posted by maxiwa4411/08/05
woo that one made me kinda dizzy and woozy, but was still fun :wink:

Posted by BOOKLOVER111/10/05
teacher showerd me

Posted by Winner460011/11/05
:lol: :wink: :D pickles??? :D :-? :lol:

Posted by rkaaland11/11/05
ahh I could definatly see pickles chasing the neihbor after staring at this one a while! :D :o :o

Posted by speediebean11/12/05
Heh heh, yeah little pickles. One of my favourite movie lines has to do with Val Kilmer and little pickles... it's always stuck in my head, and seems to pop out at the wierdest moments!

Posted by Rowsdower11/16/05
Cool!! I want this as wallpaper...

Posted by FerretGirl11/18/05
I don't think they look like curvy :-? :)

Posted by IMPAUDITOR211/20/05

Posted by Mora11/20/05
who we talking about again?

Posted by Mora11/20/05
I like eggs

Posted by acey11/20/05

Posted by orlie061812/04/05
and also, if u scroll up and down, the black and white lines appear 2 be moving-oh, wait, nvermind......they actually are.........oops :oops:

Posted by hockeygirl12/05/05
i loved that one!! :lol: it was very good, i like these!! :D

Posted by KJNY2312/13/05
TRY THIS! If you stare into it long enough...the blocks start to move and sway

Posted by celtic_knot12/13/05
COOL!! :D :P 8) :lol: :) :D :P :) 8) :lol:

Posted by Baby_Girl12/19/05
TOTALLY FREAKY!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :D

Posted by ragethe3rd12/20/05
Ooo nice. Me likie! :)

Posted by mosi12/27/05
no wi have headach

Posted by let_it_all_out12/30/05
major headach. owww :oops: :oops: lol. good though. keep'em coming :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by mistressgia01/10/06
tricky tricky tricky!!, Me eyes are playing game on me, Ihad to get the ol' ruler out just to make sure they were perfectly strait, scary thing is..they are!

Posted by teen_wiz02/03/06
Very cool...did anyone notice that if you slide the page up and down the black squares seem to move around? :o :o :o :o :o :D

Posted by Vigo9502/16/06
i was wondering if there was something wrong with me because the lines didn't look curvy at all . i guess other people had issue with that . the lines did look slanted though !

Posted by keveffect102/17/06
Simply Awesome 8)

Posted by crazycutemonkey02/24/06
omg i like this one alot!! but it gives me a headache.

Posted by Prodigy03/01/06
wow that was fun... it made me dizzy though Help the blocks are moving!! :o

Posted by charles44503/12/06
These lines are straight?? NEVER!! :x :evil: :x (ok i guess they are :lol: )

Posted by soccerstar_151503/13/06
i have dat as a display picture on messenger

Posted by riddlelover03/17/06
Very, but strange... :lol:

Posted by brainjuice03/29/06
cool 8)

Posted by Andylee96404/03/06
They look off-balance to me. Not curvy though. :(

Posted by calmsavior04/12/06
hurts my eyes slanted, not curvy

Posted by maddiekate04/18/06
they look like they are dancing if if scroll down the page

Posted by danielzerman06/18/06
i don't see it :oops:

Posted by jollylolly07/06/06
they look srait if u look at each one but if u look at the whole picture then there stanted. But i dont see any curved lines! :o :wink: :-?

Posted by tennisfreak4eva12/28/06
i have seen this before but it's still rlly kool

Posted by Pizzazz2u01/01/07
I have been watching too many things this morning... :P Totally Awesome optical illusion! :wink:

Posted by jjdolphine02/16/07
Woooha.... Make the page go up and down while starting at it... (clickey wheel).... Awsome... Saw in my Geometry book

Posted by day_tripper04/28/07
Cool I like that it appers move also

Posted by kittycat300005/07/07
I don't understand why my eyes want to play tricks on me.Cool illusion though. :)

Posted by lilrena4ever06/01/07
its straight!!lol if u move your cursor thingy up n down it looks like the lines are wavy.

Posted by FutureMD06/18/07
I liked this illusion a lot. It is funny what just a little staggering of blocks can do to perfectly straight lines-a little philosophical, huh?

Posted by ringpop_rara06/23/07
loved it!!!!!!!! :lol:

Posted by bjrafidi08/10/07
Whoa, that's awesome! :)

Posted by luckypuppy08/15/07
made me slightly nauseous :D

Posted by mallory_walters08/26/07
It was really fun!! :D

Posted by LonLonLink11/05/07
Know what looks really weird? If you look at it and scroll up and down! Haha! Cool! :lol:

Posted by rosy3288811/11/07
Really nice :wink:

Posted by SmokeysMom11/13/07
I love this one, it really screws with my eyes! :o

Posted by AndrewWalker12/14/07
Move your eyes back and forth and it moves! :P

Posted by seventy712/18/07
this is a favorite of mine. fun!

Posted by Deedee12312/29/07
Scroll up and down. They seem to move! :D :lol: :) :wink:

Posted by Deedee12312/29/07
They also seem slanted. :-? (it;'s a slanted mouth.) :)

Posted by SAZZA_701/11/08
they seemed straight to me!! :roll:

Posted by Kitty_cat_200901/12/08
well they are straight and if u ppl out there will take a piece of paper it will be proved so take a chance and try it piece out :lol: :lol:

Posted by steeler8401/21/08
Shouldn't that be in the Optical illutions category?

Posted by Andy_L04/29/08
It is,

Posted by Andy_L04/29/08
Thats Fun

Posted by Lara20005/23/08
that was really weird

Posted by Lillie07/08/08
The gray lines look like they move. It looks pretty cool I think.

Posted by AUSTIN_THORNELL09/04/08

Posted by HawkGarcia10/25/08
This one is weird but cool!

Posted by princessmoney11/20/08

Posted by Malika12301/04/09
Nice? Yeah it's Nice! 8)

Posted by here201/14/09
I like this one a lot.

Posted by london_cullen01/20/09

Posted by pokegirl0911/28/09

Posted by bloop05/05/10
weird!! :lol:

Posted by dylan9907/23/10
if you move page up and down,black lines will "dance" :D

Posted by Mathgeek00711/06/10
Good job. Now, go to the first trivia ever made. (This is for The Amazing Race)

Posted by Candyhook11/19/10
they looked straight :D :D

Posted by Me-waz-here01/08/12
If you look at the side, or the ends of the lines, they are perfect.

Posted by cool_gal01/13/13
I don't even need a ruler to tell these lines are straight. The lines are just at a certain angle that makes them look slanted or curved. Great illusion, Jake! :P

Posted by Proph01/27/14
perfect one! :D

Posted by stitch-ex62610/26/14
WOW!!! that was a tricky one but I used a chocolate bar instead for a piece of paper.LOL all of u are awesome thank u for not cussing

Posted by XtinaF01/29/15
This freaks my mind

Posted by JeremyRedhead02/11/15
Interestingly enough, if you scroll the page up & down a bunch, it appears that the lines are moving back & forth. 8)

Posted by jonahbabe04/27/17
Amazing! :) (y)


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