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Sandbox Disaster

Submitted By:Kalliann
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Five mothers decided to take their adorable children to the park. Each woman allowed her child to bring one toy. All the children raced to the sandbox with their toy. They had so much fun in the sandbox that all the toys got mixed up, and each mother lost track of her child. Can you help them sort this mess out so each child goes home with the correct toy, and each parent goes home with the correct child?

Mothers: Shelby, Monica, Lisa, Abbie, and Marie

Children: Zach, Tim, Chris, Laura, and Natalie

Toys: dump truck, shovel, bucket, doll, and car


1) The child with the dump truck is not Chris or Zach.

2) Monica's son brought a bucket, but his name is not Tim.

3) Lisa's daughter shares a first initial with her mother and she brought a shovel along.

4) The doll belongs to Abbie's daughter.

5) Zach is Marie's son.

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