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Submitted By:HogwartsGirl05
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Three friends were studying at the library. Their names were Helga, Johannes, and Sebastian. Each person was studying a different subject (History, Journalism, and Science) and checked out a different number of books (2, 5, and 9.) The computer at the library was down for repairs that day. The Librarian wrote down the titles of the books and the names of the students. The next day when the computer was back on-line she had forgotten who checked out how many books and on which topic. Can you help her get this sorted out?

Here's what she remembers :

1. The students were not studying subjects that started with the same letter as their names.
2.The one who checked out the books on Journalism, checked out an even number of books.
3. The number of books about history was not a square number.
4.When he's not writing papers on the fall of Rome, Sebastian likes to read about ancient civilizations.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by chaskey11/02/05
Easy and fun. I liked the way it worked. :D

Posted by sweetmama11/02/05
That was pretty easy and alot of fun. Good job! :D

Posted by cdrock11/02/05
good one, nothing beats a fun, short logic-grid :D

Posted by bashbach11/02/05
Easy and fun! Good job!

Posted by mejoza11/02/05
Easy, breezy, and fun enough.

Posted by redraptor5011/03/05
Good one, the even and the square gave it away :D I really liked this! Keep these coming

Posted by rrb2111/04/05
I couldn't remember what numbers where square. :oops: But I guessed right!! lol

Posted by stephiesd11/04/05
It's so hard to find easy logid grids on this site. Thank you for having one. :D

Posted by medster9911/05/05
pretty good, very easy, but funish

Posted by Crazy-G11/08/05
It was easy but fun. Happy Birthday BTW!

Posted by HogwartsGirl0511/08/05
THANKS EVERYBODY!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :lol: 8) 8) 8)

Posted by Spark11/12/05
It was easy but fun keep up the good work 8) :lol: :lol:

Posted by smilamas11/15/05
Wha was with the word terrorist popping up on Sebastian and history?

Posted by HogwartsGirl0511/15/05
I have no clue

Posted by snowflake11/27/05
This was way too easy! Fun topic though! Keep up the good work! :lol:

Posted by Deina12/03/05
I hate these bloody algebra problems! I always get confused after I divide both sides by the square root of pi cubed! :-?

Posted by HogwartsGirl0512/06/05
Y'all quack me up! Oops! Duck huntin' on the brain :wink:

Posted by magicalmystical12/16/05
lol! u are funny hogwarts! happy b day

Posted by HogwartsGirl0512/17/05
Glad I am found to be amusing by someone. Thanks for the birthday do know my birthday was in November right?

Posted by flowerz201008/15/06
Easy, but well done. :D Good Job!!

Posted by batatis04/09/07
easy... bit boring tho :cry:

Posted by nerdyiscool11/09/07
Easier than the "Dragon Olympics" one I just did. It probably helps that I didn't get distracted by Post-It Notes this time. :lol: :lol: Still fun though! I'm actually focused now! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Zarahemla0502/20/08
Hey, the way you worded it as a story makes it a little more difficult for some of us. I enjoyed this and going to have my home schooler do this one as he learns more logic-puzzles on Braingle! Thanks! ~Z

Posted by Merrihootai09/30/09
:) really good one. it was easy, but it was fun and the clues were varied, having some where you need to eliminate rather than being told they did that. goo job! :wink:


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