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Submitted By:puppygirl1213
Fun:*** (2.13)
Difficulty:* (0.51)

What common saying does this represent?
of a kind
of a kind
of a kind
of a kind

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by allaboutme11/11/05
waay easy. kind of fun;) :D :D 8)

Posted by zonarita11/11/05
:D Great Job Puppygirl. Fun easy one. :D

Posted by shabz4lyf11/11/05
great stuff!!!! :D

Posted by teaserboy11/11/05
fun and easy, keep em up

Posted by BrieCheese11/11/05
Really easy, kinda fun

Posted by hamburger11/11/05
Really easy. Just how I like it. :lol: :D

Posted by redraptor5011/11/05
Very good and easy, liked it a lot so keep these coming :D

Posted by bookworm9111/11/05
yay first one i got ever!! thanks for the boost in ego. :D :D

Posted by tigerroarsatu11/11/05
quite easy but fun i liked it :D

Posted by meme255911/12/05

Posted by puppygirl121311/13/05
i am glad you guys liked it. :D

Posted by rkaaland11/14/05
I loved it!!!! :D

Posted by Lady_Lani11/17/05
good one! we're a big cards family and play poker every sunday night, so that was easy for me. awesome job tho. 8)

Posted by zonaracer11/23/05
Good Teaser I liked it

Posted by GirlyxGirlxMia11/25/05
I thought it was too easy :wink:

Posted by BPKANERVA12/20/05
the name sort of gave a clue but i got it Relatively easy :D

Posted by Coolfreeze01/28/06
I thought it was "one of a kind". I am so stupid. :lol:

Posted by Warstar06/10/06
my god ive seen this one 100 time! :D

Posted by batatis04/08/07

Posted by Matttoy10/20/07
Easy. Great job. Keep making teasers.


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