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The Amazing Box

Submitted By:soccercow10
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:* (0.63)

A man is trapped inside a box that has one hundred locks on it. He gets out with no struggle. How?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by meme255911/12/05
Oh I got this one! Woohoo. Great teaser! :wink:

Posted by Misty11/12/05
EASY!!!! :D :D

Posted by metallicman11/12/05
It was kind of easy, but alright. A nice teaser for younger members, but try and be more creative. :)

Posted by zonarita11/12/05
:D Your teaser gave a great mental picture. I saw the locks but not on the man's exit. :D

Posted by soccercow1011/12/05
metallic,i really dont know how i could get MORE creative.Or even what you mean by that :evil: :( i wouldve put it as offensivebut thtas not the right reason.just hard to take some constructive criticism. :-? :evil:

Posted by tjc_1311/12/05
yes that is creative but i think you could be just a pinch more creative :D :wink:

Posted by estatemgr11/14/05
I guessed the locks were locks of hair. Oh well. :-?

Posted by magicalmystical11/16/05
I thought it was a cardboard box, so he could just open the flaps...

Posted by sarah_m_fl11/16/05
That was pretty easy, and I'm in middle school. but it was funny :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by achnid11/17/05
easy with a lot of differnt correct answers

Posted by TheEarthling11/19/05
That was far too easy!

Posted by soccercow1011/20/05
ok....please if your writing a comment ,atleast say something nice about it or dont say anything at all :cry: 8) :evil: i mena you can say things like its easy but ya......

Posted by qqqq11/25/05
I loved it! I was thinking about tricks Houdini sometimes did. :D

Posted by h20untz11/25/05
he wouldnt necissarily be "trapped" in the box if they were all unlocked... i dont know... not bad though

Posted by dude711/26/05
There are other answers: 1.the locks are inside the box 2.the box has a big hole in it 3. the locks were painted on :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by shrina7711/26/05
I agree with h20untz- he wouldn't B trapped if the locks were open. Good idea tho.

Posted by stormtrooper11/27/05
Very funny! :)

Posted by tbech743011/29/05
I agree with h20untz and shrina77 ,If they were unlocked he would not be trapped!

Posted by jinxman12/01/05
i really liked it,simple you know. :roll: :lol: :D :) :P

Posted by soccercow1012/03/05
yes i know..thx for the comments :D 8) really appreciated. :D :P :cry: :o :x

Posted by soccercow1012/03/05
and btw shrina and h20 u can call it anything you want....inside. thats the point of the teaser..trapped.....try checking it up on

Posted by kickthecan12/09/05
Seen this one before. Another answer is that the locks are inside the box. :D

Posted by rot10qt4life12/12/05
who ever made this- nice try . i actually like the easy ones. they are the only one i can do. :oops: its true

Posted by soccercow1012/24/05
Rot,try using my name~soccercow,u know,thats kinda stupid and offensive, :x :o :evil:

Posted by Smart_Alex04/22/06
There are more than 3 answers that I can come up with. It's still pretty good.

Posted by kwelchans06/19/06
How about this answer: there are 101 doors!

Posted by cowman1206/21/07
Too easy. Good one, though. :D

Posted by soccercow1002/18/08
Hey I'm really glad you all like this teaser, I have a new one coming up, it's a new one in a LOOOOONG TIME. So check it out when it's out. whoaa i haven't been on braingle in a long time... :D

Posted by kriss130106/01/09
Bakit???!!!!!!!??????????????? :-?

Posted by harrypotternerd06/12/09
hmm pretty easy :-?


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