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Submitted By:smarty_blondy
Fun:**** (3.22)
Difficulty:** (2.09)

A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same, if it's turned back-to-front. The names Bob, Eve, and Otto are all palindromes. So is the name of the pop group Abba. Try to identify palindromic words from the following clues. Good luck!

Example: Part of the body
Answer: Eye

1. Midday
2. A young dog
3. Flat
4. Word for addressing a lady
5. An Eskimo canoe
6. A system for detecting aircraft, ships, etc.
7. An action
8. Pieces of music for one person
9. Grass that grows on the seashore
10. In music, half a semibreve
11. Doctrine
12. Restorer

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by metallicman11/25/05
Nice teaser, I thought it was a nice change from usual teasers. Good job, keep'em comin! 8)

Posted by smarty_blondy11/25/05
Thank you tinman, i am very glad you enjoyed it. :) As an aside, it is my duty to post that i am not the author of this brain teaser. This teaser is on site due to a special request, made by a 9yo named Sue. She is a very sweet and bright child, and a victim of AIDS. I met her a few weeks ago and, to try and bring a smile on her face, introduced her to Braingle. It was fun to work out some of the easy teasers around, which she enjoyed very much. She surprized us all, when she came up with her own palindromes, and her own examples as well. A very bright child indeed! This is a homage to my young friend, and yet another way to remember this sweet child always. Sue died on the 18th of November, 2005. God bless her heart, we will never forget her.

Posted by smarty_blondy11/25/05
Now, also at wordgames/wordchallenge/?view=uk. (link splitted in two) They were happy to have it, hope you enjoy it. :)

Posted by gevorgkhc11/27/05
it wasn't too hard but it was a great teaser!! keep it up!

Posted by smarty_blondy11/27/05
Thank you for stopping by, glad you liked it. :)

Posted by beaver11/27/05
#4 can be mam great teaser 8) :D

Posted by smarty_blondy11/27/05
Beaver, you are correct. Thank you for dropping by. :)

Posted by rkaaland11/27/05
Wow,and Thank you for taking a few moments of your life to brighten a childs day!! Good for you!! and I am very sorry for your loss- let her teaser bring joy to many! :D

Posted by smarty_blondy11/28/05
rkaaland, your comment is appreciated. I did nothing more than what i had to, so no credit goes to me. Thank you for your thoughts! :)

Posted by brainster12/01/05
It was very thoughtful of you to do this smarty, and yes, she was indeed very smart! It's simple, yet real fun to solve. :)

Posted by smarty_blondy12/02/05
Brainster thank you for your comment. But, i don't get any credit for this whatsoever. Glad you liked it. :)

Posted by bluehawk01/04/06
I enjoyed this one. it seems shes touched all of us. GOD BLESS YOU and the beauty that surrounds us all. :cry:

Posted by schatzy22801/04/06
#s 9 & 10 got me :roll: Excellent teaser!! :D

Posted by saleprice01/04/06
Nice teaser, I too had #4 as Ma`am however, I only got 7 out of 12 but it is only5.30 a.m. LOL

Posted by timon_dmlybots01/04/06
good teaser!! 8)

Posted by mogur01/04/06
Great teaser, Smarty, and your story is very moving. Thanks for sharing with us the memory of your friend.

Posted by thimblenoggin01/04/06
:D Well, God bless Sue.

Posted by coachpisco01/04/06
I LOVE Palindromes! Lots of fun. Thanks. :lol:

Posted by anetan200501/04/06
not too difficult but interesting teaser!!!! :D :D :D :D

Posted by shawneeo01/04/06
I didn't think it was so easy at all! I'd never heard of that grass, and I was stumped by tenet and minim (which, although technically a musical term, something you almost never hear of, even if you're a musician). But that's good! I prefer it not to be too easy. I noticed that one person above spelled ma'am right and one spelled it wrong. Ma'am is right, the ' stands for the dropped d. I too have always been fascinated by palindromes! Thanks, to the author and to smarty for the great teaser! :D 8) :D

Posted by overnormal01/04/06

Posted by lilwigles01/04/06
How about: Indianpolis 500 vehicle?

Posted by iteachkids01/04/06
FAB teaser, SmartBlondy. I love messing with words ... but thanks eversomuch for sharing the story behind your sharing! I think some of us needed a warning that we may need a tissue! Blessings to you!

Posted by iteachkids01/04/06
Lilwigles - RACECAR! That's a good one!!!

Posted by ishouldntbehere01/04/06
you know wut, i actually enjoted this one. but has anyone ever heard of "marram" ?!?! i sure havent!

Posted by Brainy_101/04/06
I really enjoyed this one! :D And your sweet friend was very smart indeed!! Sorry for your loss.

Posted by choptlivva01/04/06
Thank you for sharing this story, Smarty Blondy. Its sad that this child's life was tragically cut short, but I'm glad that she was able to find things to enjoy even in her final days. And yes, you DID do something very special! I thought this was an excellent teaser. Some answers were easy, and some were hard for me. A good mix. Again, I thank you for allowing us to participate in this special tribute.

Posted by jessjspieks01/04/06
What a great teaser for such a special little angel. Great Job Sue.

Posted by kimberlykay01/04/06
I liked it a lot Smarty. I know I can always count on you for a good teaser! Thanks a million for submitting this one!! :D

Posted by mistressgia01/04/06
Fun! Fun! Fun! :D

Posted by vlerma01/04/06
:) What a wonerful tribute to your young friend. The Lord said, Let the little children come unto me. She, by His grace, bestowed a blessing on you. By sharing you have made us all better people. Great treaser. Thank you and your smart young friend.

Posted by chrissieteen01/04/06
great teaser!! i do have 1 piece of advice though. its not really advice, but oh well. you could add racecar to the list. the only thing i dont know is a clue for it. bye!! btw, GREAT TEASER!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by xolilangel827ox01/04/06
great teaser! it was fun although i missed a couple of them! :) for number for i also thought of ma'am but otherwise nice job! and god bless your friend sue!

Posted by xolilangel827ox01/04/06
oops i meant to say number four! sorry

Posted by ragethe3rd01/04/06
Hehe, very cool. :D

Posted by writersblockk0901/04/06
number could also be "ma'am". Right? Good (easy) teaser, though.

Posted by writersblockk0901/04/06
whoops, that would be NUMBER 4.

Posted by writersblockk0901/04/06
madam Im adam is also a whatchamacallit.... forwards and backwards, it reads the same.

Posted by jabdr01/04/06
This was different and fun...also very touching...Sue sounds very special, thanks for sharing her with all of us. 8) 8)

Posted by steveingreenwoo01/04/06
Good teaser. However, flat does not always mean level. :wink:

Posted by lorelle_b01/04/06
Great job...i didn't think they were THAT easy, but oh well...i guess you could consider me a youngster? like others i got "ma'am" for #4 but anyways great teaser :D adding to faves ;)

Posted by superben01/04/06
I got 5 right. Nice!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :) :D :D :D :)

Posted by natassia01/04/06
yeah well the teaser was different from the others :lol: :roll: :lol: yeah well i think that this is really cool so that yeah well nice :lol: :roll: :lol:

Posted by Lucasgal01/04/06
WOW! You just CAN't beat this one! This started very easy then when yougo down the list it gets very HARD! this one goes in my favorites. This one goes from your brain to your heart & soul!

Posted by mrtickles01/04/06
Palindromes rule

Posted by lilwigles01/04/06
I like palindromes too. I 'collect' them. Here are a few: Most people know "Dennis sinned." is a palindrome. Did you know that "Dennis and Edna sinned" is also one? Niagara, O roar again! Nurse, I spy gypsies, run! Napoleon supposedly said, "Able was I ere I saw Elba."

Posted by lilwigles01/04/06
NO X IN NIXON This palindrome is fun because you can turn it upside down and it says the same thing. :)

Posted by c_rae01/04/06
Thank you Sue for the wonderful teaser and thank you Smarty Blondy for being her portal! :D I feel very blessed!

Posted by WJSMama01/04/06
That was a great teaser. How amazing that it was made by a nine year old. Thank you for sharing the teaser and her story. i am so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a special girl.

Posted by lindquist_2501/04/06
SO CUTE!!! I'm a palindrome, my name is Anna! I liked it a lot! It's going on my favorites list!

Posted by beaver01/04/06
I did this one before but didn't remember it so I did it again and I still liked!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Posted by strawberrygirl01/04/06
It was fun. I got 8 out of 10. Nos. 7,9,11 and 12 I couldn't figure out. When I was younger I usually write down all the words that are paldroims but I never knew that was the name for them. I didn't realize reviver was one. :lol:

Posted by smarty_blondy01/05/06
There have been so many wonderful and touching comments in one day that I am not sure where to begin -- I am extremely excited of the possitive response you have all shown, a mere "Thank You!" will never do. Your blessings are most appreciated as they make all the difference in the world. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts! :) (((also wordgames/wordchallenge/?view=uk. (link splitted in two) Thank you!)))

Posted by wizkid01/05/06
great teaser. not too hard. I really like it. :D

Posted by horse_luver01/05/06
Great teaser, but even better when you hear the story behind it. :) Thanks for sharing it with us, smarty!

Posted by smarty_blondy01/06/06
Thank you both for your comments and kind thoughts. :)

Posted by Sherlock12901/08/06
I got it. Great Teaser

Posted by sugarnspice4u701/13/06
Best of Wishes to the girl's family. :cry: i hate to hear about deaths of young one that havent got the most out of life.... good teaser

Posted by smarty_blondy01/14/06
A good friend of mine told me once that even the worst things happen for a reason. We tend to think of it that way, that God had something instaured and that, wherever she is, she is happy. Thank you both for your comments - they are appreciated. :)

Posted by anchorman2101/16/06
That was fun. I got eight of them! :) That was a great thing that you did. Your story was touching.

Posted by smarty_blondy01/22/06
Thank you.

Posted by Sir_CombusTable05/12/06
A man, a plan, a canal, Panama! Rise to vote, sir. Was it a cat I saw? And here is a "word pallindrome": DO YOU KNOW I WANT YOU, THINK YOU WANT? (I KNOW YOU DO) It is love? You only know I want to like--it is what you want. Too long I waited, You that never knew I wanted you... What did I do to you--for nothing! Is there reason in acting this way? Think--weigh this acting in reason. There is nothing for you to do--I did what you wanted. I knew never that you waited. I long to want you. What is it like to want? (I know only you.) Love--is it? DO YOU KNOW I WANT YOU, THINK YOU WANT? (I KNOW YOU DO)

Posted by marching_xc05/28/06
Disregarding punctuation, Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog! And Smartieblondie, the title was a cute way to incorporate a clever rebus! Great presentation of a great teaser.

Posted by ejhops01/04/07
Very Nice! Not too tricky, but gorgeous story, and fun teaser:)

Posted by lmurray01/04/07

Posted by gaylewolf01/04/07
I agree with so many other comments, Smarty - the teaser was a good one, :) and the story was wonderful! :) Thanks for sharing! :D

Posted by coachpisco01/04/07
I love palindromes! Thanks. :D

Posted by katjojo01/04/07
Nice one!! Such a lovely way to honor a young life brought to such a tragic end. God bless you, Smarty for doing this. :D

Posted by bradon18200101/04/07
Very touching story. Good teaser, I got most of them, but must admid I didn't get them all. :o

Posted by utnative01/04/07

Posted by Starberry01/04/07
Great Teaser, Well Done :D

Posted by Starberry01/04/07
Great Teaser, Well Done :D

Posted by scallio01/04/07
Awesome story, Smarty. Enjoyed the teaser too. :D

Posted by breathesunshine01/04/07
I agree that it started out easy and got harder as it went. I'd never heard of the second musical term or the beach grass. It's always a good teaser when it can teach as well as provide fun! :P

Posted by cloughme01/04/07
Great teaser and a great story! Thanks to both of you!

Posted by auntiesis01/04/07
I love these, and it brought a smile to my face. The when I read the story behind this teaser, it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you Smarty, a lovely tribute to start our new year. I'm so sorry for your loss. Keep up the good work , you will be rewarded.

Posted by Badger01/04/07
Some easy ones, some tricky ones! I missed marram grass. Gotta get to the beach more! :lol: Thanks for submitting this one. PS: A good teaser lives forever. :D

Posted by notsosmart11101/04/07
Thanks for the great teaser but don't forget the most important palindrome name Hannah, my name!

Posted by saradove01/04/07
I love palindromes. I think that they are a lot of fun. When I don't get them I like to see what the answer is but they are usually simple so I get annoyed with myself if they were easy. :oops: :oops: :-? :D Thank you for this teaser, I really liked it.

Posted by I_Write_Books01/04/07
Great teaser...especially for being one created by someone so young. Thank you for sharing! :)

Posted by amb191201/04/07
i loved this teaser it was cool :)

Posted by BrenBeadSP01/04/07
When someone we love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. PS enjoyed the teaser, thanks

Posted by dmom2139901/04/07
This was the first time I've done one of these palindromes. I loved it. :D I only missed 3 :oops:

Posted by wordmama01/04/07
Sorry for your loss. I didn't think it was for youngsters at all, simply a mix of easy, medium, and almost impossible (9 & 10!) I enjoyed learning a new word; I grew up on a beach, and it had sand, not grass, so thanks for the info! Speaking of info, could you please explain the title for me; I didn't get it. :) :P :oops:

Posted by wordmama01/05/07
I just examined the title again and now I got it; I didn't see it right away b/c there's no 'e' between the 'm' and the 's'. So thanks; I don't need anyone to bother with a response. :roll: :oops: :)

Posted by Trishgal01/05/07
Thank you smarty blondyfor honoring Sue bytelling us her story and sharing her teaser with us. :wink: I really learned a few things . too. 8) I love music and am in the choirr at church , but i have never heard of the minim or the grass. 8) 8) 8) 8)

Posted by Qrystal01/06/07
Three cheers for Sue! Awesome teaser!! Great fun too. I love palindromes, and here's one that makes me giggle: Rats live on no evil star. Anyways, I got a bunch of the palindromes, and missed some of the same ones that others did. I'm kicking myself about missing 'level', and I also missed #7, #9, #10, #11, #12.

Posted by Cat-Lady01/07/07
I started out great, then it became more challenging, and finally impossible :lol: Great teaser and such a touching story. :D Beaten by an amazing 9 yr old mind :wink:

Posted by speedqueenkmw01/13/07
enjoyed these :)

Posted by smarty_blondy03/13/07
Thank you all so much for your comments! They are deeply appreciated! :)

Posted by oddrey06/02/07
7 9 10 11 and 12 got me. dernit. I loved it still!!! :D

Posted by mercedes1312/31/07
it's touching that you would submit a teaser on behalf of your friend. :) :)

Posted by patiencewithaP01/04/10
Didn't get a few...but I loved it anyway! :D

Posted by UptheHill01/04/10
NICE1!!! 8)

Posted by Marisa_me01/04/10
'Rats live on no evil stars' is also a palindrome

Posted by Marisa_me01/04/10
actually i meant its 'rats live on no evil star' haha my bad

Posted by Mathgeek00704/28/11
O hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog! Palindrome! Also, for those who don't get the title, PAL in DROMES- DROpalMES

Posted by Babe01/04/13
good one! :D :D :lol: :lol:

Posted by lukasiwicz01/04/13
Actually, Mathgeek007, that should be "Go hang a salami, I'm a salami hog." You left off the initial "G."

Posted by katamaster01/04/13
9 and 10 were pretty hard to guess.

Posted by Babe01/04/16
It was a good one, but I did not know what 9 and 10 were. Never heard the grass called that or knew about the half something in music. Not back then or now either. :roll:

Posted by catmom01/04/16
I was sailing right along feeling quite smart and smug then.....#9,#10 and #12. Not a clue! :o :x But I still got 9/10 :D


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