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Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:*** (2.83)
Difficulty:**** (3.15)

Enter words into the following word chain such that each pair of words in the chain forms a compound word. No word can appear in the chain more than one time. Each "?" represents a missing word. Example: girl ? ? shape = girl friend ship shape = girlfriend friendship shipshape.

waist ? tail ? ? side ? ? fall ? ? down ? ? spring ? ? ? hole

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by TheEarthling12/14/05
Ack! I am not particularly good with this language thingy. But good teaser anyway. :D

Posted by DeeAnn12/14/05
Ouch, toughy!! :oops: Great teaser though. :lol:

Posted by WJSMama12/15/05
That was a hard one. Even the one I thought I had was wrong :cry: good one

Posted by beethovenswig12/15/05
Fun but very Hard :o :D

Posted by choptlivva12/15/05
Wow.... that's a tough one!! :o Fun to try though!! :D :D

Posted by redraptor5012/16/05
:o WOW, tough one, but liked it.....more please.... :D

Posted by Sunrose01/15/06
I thought it was fun and hard, Enjoyed it a lot. Keep them coming. 8)

Posted by OldChinaHand01/15/06
I got to 'time line' but must have taken a wrong turn; crashed and burned on this one. :roll: 8)

Posted by coachpisco01/15/06
Well thought out. That was a bit difficult, but fun.

Posted by mogur01/15/06
Great teaser. I got a few of them. No, really, I did. Now let's hear from the liars about how easy it was.

Posted by SPUTNIK201/15/06
whew, good one! :P

Posted by Krayd01/15/06
that was easy, I got all of them as soon as clicked on answer.

Posted by christine7701/15/06
i tried and tried, without success. That was a very fun teaser to try, but also very hard for me. I enjoy the ones you have to actually TRY! This was great!! 8)

Posted by cartwheel_queen01/15/06
I had no idea what any of them were :oops: :oops: o well great teaser :lol: :lol:

Posted by musicmaker2111301/15/06
An excellent teaser! I got completely stuck on "side" I couldn't come up with anything other than side walk... which didn't work... Great job! :D

Posted by firelady01/15/06
This one could have been fun, but the directions were very poorly writen and difficult to understand. I think if more teasers like this one are to follow, the directions need to be written in such a way that everyone can understand. :-?

Posted by Winner460001/15/06
Got one, gave up!!! :D :lol:

Posted by iteachkids01/15/06
I thought the directions were clear. Very clear. I had a good start, but once I got going the wrong direction, I was lost, LOST, LOSSSSSSSSSST! :o Thanks for a tough, but FUN one! :)

Posted by lmurray01/15/06

Posted by jabdr01/15/06
Great teaser. After seeing the answer, realize it was very doable. I just couldn't get my brain going in the right direction. :roll: 8)

Posted by lindquist_2501/15/06
Please Imurray, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I thought the teaser was great!

Posted by rainbirdbrain01/15/06
I thought the directions were quite clear. Nice one.

Posted by ntrubov01/15/06
I thought it was a good one with the exception of the LAST combination. Thanks, NT

Posted by kayt01001/15/06
well, i dont like english class(which would b the reason i vtd boring)(sorry :oops: ) thx! kt

Posted by puppylover103101/15/06
good one :wink: even though i got 3 right :oops:

Posted by Lucasgal01/15/06
That Was GOOD!!!!!!!!

Posted by ragethe3rd01/15/06
Hehe yay. Fun. :D

Posted by vlerma01/15/06
WOW!!! talk about tuff!!! That oone could have won in a one legged butt kicking contest!!! :roll: :P :roll: Sorry to say I didn't get any right, but then I never was too good at stringing things to get her. HA HA. Great teaser tho. Thanks :o :o :o

Posted by Brainy_101/15/06
WHOA!! :D I didn't get a single one :( But it was a great teaser! :D I got confused on the directions alone!! :roll: :roll:

Posted by c_rae01/15/06
Very tough! I got the first one, but then I got foing in the wrong direction and, well, needless to say I didn't get the rest! The directions were clear to me once I saw the example. Good job! :oops: :D

Posted by anne01/16/06
oh! igot the frist 3 but then i went the wrong way. :x well it was tasking good one. :D

Posted by nikitafullmoon01/16/06
Good one! I came up with an alternate ending: spring board walk man hole...

Posted by anchorman2101/16/06
Wow! That was a tough one! I didn't get a single one :oops: I don't have enough patience :x :(

Posted by bluehawk01/16/06
:evil: I agree, Imurray if you don't like them, don"t subscribe! :x I enjoyed this one. It was easy, but alas sooooo hard. Thanx. :oops: :wink: 8)

Posted by precious102601/18/06
:evil: I have never rated a Teaser as Boring, because I can always find something likable about the teaser, even if I don't answer correctly. My concern is: Suppose I did find a Teaser boring, would I have to Unsubscribe, or feel as though I'm a child who must watch what I say, or feel? :evil: :evil: There is a rating of Boring. Let's be mindful of those Outspoken members who find it difficult to Not express themselves Honestly.

Posted by FulanitoGM01/24/06
I agree. Nowhere does it say this is " The Happy Happy Funtime Comments Section." It just says "Comments." Good or bad, we have to learn to accept them, because people like lmurray will always be out there. If not him, it'll be someone else, people. So first, lighten up. Second, let it go and ignore him. For the record, I liked the teaser, but didn't have the patience to see it all the way through. I just clicked on the answer and it all made sense after that. A little help by way of a hint might have been nice... :D

Posted by tonjawithaj04/12/06
As always I spent waaaaaaaay too much time on this! :lol: good puzzle! I found a few alternates too. :D

Posted by SammyBean09/03/07
wow that was really really good it is one of the best ones I have seen yet although i got stumped about halfway through you should write more like this one :D 8) :roll: :wink: :P :o :lol: :)

Posted by Barret09/29/07
Nice teaser. I came up with numerous words to attach to tail- and -side and side- and -fall, but couldn't get any to work. For the other words, however, I came up with a completely different and valid chain: ...fall out break down turn off spring time out fox hole (OK, so "outfox" isn't a compound word per se, but it completes a nice chain nonetheless)

Posted by Jimmymo01/16/09
Couldn't get the last one! But for the second one I had tailback-backflip-flipside-did anyone else get that! :D

Posted by auntiesis01/16/09
I only got a couple of them, this was a tough one. Too many possibilities. Good one. :-? :oops: :o

Posted by Valic401/16/09
I thought of an alternate to "tail ? ? side". This became "tail spin off side" for me! Great challenge! 8)

Posted by mumbojumbo123401/16/09
Got about half =x

Posted by Nicky10101/16/09
Very hard and very fun! I came up with a different chain (some of which are stretches :lol: ) waist high tail end game side long face down... and that was where it just stopped. I couldn't figure it out!

Posted by UptheHill01/16/09
:-? :-?

Posted by sharoc01/16/09
Excellent! Very hard, but tons of fun!!

Posted by jennsingergirl01/29/09
Ouch! This one was really hard! The only one I got was fallout. Crud! Good job!!

Posted by Babe01/16/12
Not fair to yell at labdr for his opinion. It definetly says make a comment and he or she did. That is their opinion! All you others who say it was hard and you did not get it still say it was great. That does not sound too honest to me. I gave up on it as I felt it was hard also and that is MY OPINION, to which I am entitled.

Posted by gaylewolf01/16/12
Not easy but clever teaser. I'm not awake enough yet for this kind of thinking! Good one - thanks! :wink: :lol:

Posted by cutebug01/16/12
I completed it w/ different words. I think there was a lot of solutions. :-? :-?

Posted by wordmama01/16/12
I got waist high tail but couldn't get tail to connect to the next one, so my chain had to stop! In spite of my user name, this one, although ambitious and good, has given me a throbbing headache!! When I looked at the answers, I saw that I would never have thought of many of those little-used combinations, so I didn't feel so bad not pursuing it. Have a good day, all!


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