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Rhyme Time II

Submitted By:peppamintp
Fun:*** (3.03)
Difficulty:** (1.86)

Answer the clues with a pair of rhyming words.
(plump feline = fat cat)

1. Moby Dick fan letter
2. Stream cove
3. Medieval soldier competition
4. Extra couple
5. Metal drain plug


1. Whale mail
2. Brook nook
3. Knight fight
4. Spare pair
5. Copper stopper

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Sunrose12/18/05
Enjoyed this one. Keep them coming!! :D

Posted by redraptor5012/20/05
Great one, more p;ease :D :D

Posted by SaturnCat0812/21/05
Good Teaser. :D

Posted by Brainy_101/12/06
Good one! :D I like these types of teasers! :) Nice job! :) 8) :lol:

Posted by azbee12301/21/06
haha! that was sooo fun! I LOVE THESE! :D

Posted by puttaholic01/21/06
that was heaps good, i got 3 of em, but the other 2 wer hard :D :oops:

Posted by ragethe3rd01/21/06
Me likie! :D

Posted by Tomatoes01/21/06
aw this one was so cute! this is the first time im writing a comment for a teaser. i got all ov em :P keep it up!!!

Posted by coachpisco01/21/06
Only got 3 out of 5 :cry:

Posted by smee01/21/06
Yeah, I only got 3 of them also. Numbers 1, 3, and 5. The other two, I had no clue! :oops:

Posted by shawneeo01/21/06
Got 'em all, got em alllll !!!yeeeeaaaaayyyyy! I had to go a la thesaurus for no. 2, the rest I got fairly fast, the PERFECT level of difficulty!!! I think that brook crook would also work for no.2, like the crook of your arm, the crook of your neck, I suppose its not used much but it means an indentation, curve, that kind of thing (but I didn't look it up, I've just heard it used, more when I was a child in the country). Thanks muchly, that was great, could have been much longer in my opin, Thanks! :D 8) :lol: :o :wink:

Posted by choptlivva01/21/06
Great teaser peppamntp!!! Not too easy, not too hard. :D :D I got 'em all except #5.... but I think I came up with a valid alternative.... How about "steel seal" for metal drain plug? :lol:

Posted by OldChinaHand01/21/06
I couldn't rhyme or reason out 2, but the rest rolled off the tongue nicely. Well done. 8)

Posted by mogur01/21/06
Good one, PP. Shawneo, you're absolutely right, there are crooks in brooks. I saw several of them in Deliverance. J/k, it is in the dictionary, though, so it has to count.

Posted by vlerma01/21/06
Great as usual peppamintp. Enjoyed it immensely. Had trouble with #2 but otherwise it just brought out the poet in me. Ha Ha! KEEP 'EM COMING! :D :lol: :D

Posted by christine7701/21/06
I really liked this one, got em all!! :D

Posted by jabdr01/21/06
Way to go've got me smiling! I'm waiting for Rhyme Time 3. :D 8) :D

Posted by anchorman2101/21/06
Clever! :lol: I enjoyed this one! Keep sending 'em in :) :D :lol:

Posted by WJSMama01/21/06
Good one

Posted by jcann01/21/06
That was fun. I like this kind. I got them all, but had to think .I'd like more of these. :)

Posted by iteachkids01/21/06
Good thinking, choptliva. I think "steel seal" works, too. Fun teaser!

Posted by booboobear01/21/06
I didn't get them all. It was fun to try though--thanks

Posted by wizofaus01/21/06
I had "steel seal" for the last one. I also thought of "waterway bay" for #2, but guessed that brook nook was more likely.

Posted by highlama01/21/06
:) That was good; for #4 though I got "too two" ... maybe a stretch :wink:

Posted by geniesue01/21/06
Good job. love these rhyme times! :P

Posted by Lucasgal01/21/06
Good One!! 8) :wink:

Posted by baseball_enzo01/21/06
this was stupid

Posted by bluehawk01/22/06
:lol: :lol: GOOD ONE "PEPPER....." :wink: 8)

Posted by KerryB01/22/06
I enjoyed this one :-) Got all except for the 5th, and the 3rd I guessed 'wave cave'.

Posted by superben01/22/06
i got #3 :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D :lol: 8)

Posted by kashby04/13/06
good 1

Posted by scallio02/16/07
I didn't get that copper stopper, but this was a fun teaser! :D Thanks!

Posted by bradon18200102/16/07
Like scallio I didn't get the last one, but had fun trying. Thanks for the fun teaser. :o

Posted by doehead02/16/07
I see we're using 5th grade rythmes. :x :x :x

Posted by shannmo02/16/07
i see doehead is using 1st grade spelling.

Posted by wordmama02/16/07
good 1 shann! Submitter, enjoyed this immensely. I don't care if it's easy; it was great fun! Had to take an extra beat for brook nook and copper stopper, but otherwise immediate answers--good wake-up!! Thanks a bunch! :D :D

Posted by katjojo02/16/07
I really like this type of teasers!! Thanks! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Posted by Jawn_Knee02/16/07
How about river quiver for number #2?

Posted by craniac02/16/07
Does it bother anyone besides me that the intro to these teasers always says "Language brain teaser are" when it should be "teasers are"? I just think that a web site about careful thought and use of language ought to match plural subjects with plural verbs in its instructions. But I haven't had my coffee yet this a.m., so maybe I'm just grumpy.

Posted by sftball_rocks1302/16/07
This was so cute! :D Love these, keep them coming! :D :D :D

Posted by hradilv02/16/07
Fun and easy - great for Friday morning. Thanks.

Posted by zaya02/16/07
Great one! Got all but #5, but I lobby for "steel seal" which I put too :D

Posted by heyman02/16/07
#1 For Moby Dick fan letter I also came up with "whaler haler" And for #4 Extra couple I propose "Two Too"

Posted by cassiemark02/16/07
Cute - that was fun :)

Posted by AbsurdHero02/16/07
Didn't care for this one at all. Too obscure.

Posted by lmurray02/16/07

Posted by if_i_may9402/16/07
booooorriingg. :x :o

Posted by breathesunshine02/16/07
Fun fun fun!!! And not a rerun for me by the way. Since we all have our strengths and weaknesses, I enjoy seeing a variety of ability levels presented. Keep up the good work! :)

Posted by Qrystal03/07/07
I liked it!! And I got 'em all except #2, but I'm glad I'm not alone! Good alternative answer, those of you who got "steel seal", but I really liked "copper stopper" too (because that's the one I got! Heehee!)

Posted by funnimunki02/17/10
@Doehead and Lmurray Don't put yourself up as too intelligent for these teasers. All you are showing is your arrogance. No one likes a Smart Alec.

Posted by doehead02/17/10
No funny monkey face, you are the smart alec. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by patiencewithaP02/17/10
Didn't get copper stopper...but it was fun! :D

Posted by sunnybonghits02/17/10
Nice :) Required some thinking but not too hard.

Posted by auntiesis02/17/10
Too hard for me.

Posted by Babe02/17/13
That one made me chuckle! I liked this one a lot. I only got 3 but had fun trying the rest. Good one! :D :D

Posted by jaycr02/17/13
Fun one !

Posted by gaylewolf02/17/13
Happy Birthday Babe! Hope you have a wonderful day! :wink: :)

Posted by cutebug02/17/13
What can I say? Wornout and overused!!! :( :(

Posted by Maggiethe8th02/17/13
I enjoyed it-took a minute for deductive reasoning to wake up enough for stream cove, but tickled when I got it! :D

Posted by jandjfrench02/17/13
And I thought "rivlet inlet" was rather obvious for number 2.

Posted by HABS293302/17/13
Enjoyed it enough but was for some reason unable to come up with BrookNook

Posted by Babe02/17/16
Today Feb 17th is my birthday and I am now 93 years old and doing pretty good on this site. I am having fun, living well, active and glad to be here. Did this teaser 3 years ago and again tonight and still liked it very much. :D :D

Posted by raisin9902/17/16
a bit too easy

Posted by dsjt02/17/16
For # four I came up with "TOO TWO" too.

Posted by gaylewolf02/17/16
Happy Birthday Babe! You are doing great! You have a quick mind and a good sense of humor. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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