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Submitted By:bigSWAFF_69_
Fun:*** (3.06)
Difficulty:** (1.88)

The blanks below can be filled in with words spelled with the same four letters in different order. Find them.

There once was a musical, _ _ _ _.
It was performed in three _ _ _ _.
When it was through,
The audience flew
And all of the _ _ _ _ went _ _ _ _.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Brainy_112/26/05
I liked this very much! :D Good teaser...even tho I didn't get it right. :( Into my favs! 8) :lol:

Posted by WJSMama12/26/05
Very fun. Not too easy or too hard

Posted by rose_Luv_heart12/27/05
Very Fun :D :roll: But was kinda hard 8)

Posted by troy1412/27/05
thats awesome!

Posted by sgtammo12/27/05
Good Teaser. I enjoyed it!

Posted by sugarnspice4u712/28/05
love it!!!! :lol:

Posted by scm1401/02/06
Clever...very clever! :D

Posted by thimblenoggin01/07/06
We've all noticed that these four simple wordss all have the same letters in common, but to put them in the context of an extremely well-known Boadway musical was smart. :D

Posted by SPUTNIK201/15/06
thanksgood teaser, very clever, I was stumped! :o

Posted by puttaholic01/27/06
i got most of it right :D very clever, great teaser :D :)

Posted by tamjp01/27/06
That was brilliant Logan! :lol:

Posted by ragethe3rd01/27/06
I got one right I'm cool. 8) hehe :P

Posted by OldChinaHand01/27/06
Any TACS (Training and Curriculum Specialists) will enjoy this one. Short and sweet. Good One. 8)

Posted by OldChinaHand01/27/06
In Am.E a barrel...We use the same method if we want to share a pint..

Posted by OldChinaHand01/27/06
Sorry... the above comment is for the 'Water Butt' Trivia brain teasers. OCH

Posted by coachpisco01/27/06
How did you come up with that? Very ingenious. :)

Posted by RRAMMOHAN01/27/06
A clever teaser. Simple words, all anagrams. The clues were well thought of. :)

Posted by churchlady01/27/06
:lol: :D Ha ha on me - didn't get it. Oh well. Very clever

Posted by jabdr01/27/06
Great one. It was different, clever and fun. Thanks for an early morning smile. :D 8) :lol:

Posted by mitzimesser01/27/06
That one was really cute. :wink:

Posted by shawneeo01/27/06
I saw this is the "teasers without answers" section a while ago, so I knew the answer already. Don't know if I would have gotten it otherwise. Thanks! :D

Posted by packerfan01/27/06
This is the first tease that I commented on and I have to say it was very clever !!! 8)

Posted by raff01/27/06
pretty good but i couldn't get the last one! nice job it was very clever :D :P :roll: 8) :wink: :o

Posted by kman61301/27/06
easy and fun

Posted by iteachkids01/27/06
DeLIGHTful!!! :D Great way to start a day!!!

Posted by thecelticgod01/27/06
Clever and fun. Thank you :)

Posted by chaskey01/27/06
I am awed by this degree of cleverness! :o :D It is much like my cat! :lol: :D

Posted by wiswildcat01/27/06
good one!!

Posted by luckybrown01/27/06
very cute. like the porridge, it was just right. :D

Posted by boricuamarie101/27/06
it was ok ! /|\ :-?

Posted by lorelle_b01/27/06
Quote: It was okay NO WAY! It was awesome! Very clever and creative! TWO thumbs way up!

Posted by POPS01/27/06
Did not get it :oops: But found it very clever :) and cute :wink:

Posted by smosaka01/27/06
I got everything except "cast". Yay! Very fun teaser, keep them coming! :D

Posted by Aarghonauts01/27/06
That was fun :lol: Got em all but scat (can someone "go scat"??) :o :lol: Anyway, it was fun! :D

Posted by mrtickles01/27/06

Posted by c_rae01/27/06
Very cute and clever. :D I enjoyed it even more since my 9 year old kitty died yesterday. :cry: It was nice to be reminded of her (she would always run and hide when someone would come over (scat). Thank you. :)

Posted by christine7701/27/06
i really liked this teaser!! it was cute and fun! nice one. :D

Posted by rue87501/27/06
Good one. I liked it.

Posted by deadhead01/27/06
very good, too cute :lol:

Posted by SillyJilly01/28/06
that was so cute. Fun re arranging letters to find words... oncew I figured out acts. Great!

Posted by bluehawk01/28/06
"MEOW" :lol: I LIKED THIS ONE. "MEOW" :wink: 8)

Posted by SPUTNIK201/29/06
that was hecka cool :)

Posted by renae01/29/06
Yay!! I'm pleased it was submitted!! :D

Posted by bisqueet81402/09/06
Sorry, i didn't get the answer I was to impatient. I guess it's a side effect from the blondeness! he he :D :D :D

Posted by cloughme01/27/07
Excellent! Very well written and not too difficult. :wink:

Posted by lmurray01/27/07

Posted by marschie01/27/07
I got 3 of the 4. I didn't get SCAT. Oh well ... :oops: :cry: :oops:

Posted by Trishgal01/27/07
Very cute. 8) Igot it too . Was really cute. :wink: :wink:

Posted by anion01/27/07
Wow!!! This teaser was amazing. I never would have thought of that. :-? I didn't get it. I did enjoy trying though. Great Job!! :wink: :lol: I look forward to seeing more from you.

Posted by coachpisco01/27/07
Pretty ingenius if you ask me. Good teaser.

Posted by campfirecutie01/27/07
Great teaser!! Took me a while but I finally got it!! :P

Posted by puttumup01/27/07
:o bravo...great one .. :o :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by ViaTunisi01/27/07
I got all of them even though I don't understand the "scat" part. Very clever.

Posted by avonma01/27/07
It was pretty easy, but fun and funny! Thanks!

Posted by bradon18200101/27/07
Nice job. I didn't get it, so ya got me!! :o

Posted by katjojo01/27/07
Very, very cute. I did not get it...but, it made me laugh. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by dachshund2k301/27/07
aww, i missed the comma before CATS, thinking there must be something else there. :oops:

Posted by auntiesis01/27/07
Love cats, loved this teaser. Easy but made me smile. :lol: :D :) :P

Posted by phyllisa01/27/07
Good teaser, didn't get it. BTW you say SCAT to shoo away cats (but only if you want them to go away). :)

Posted by Pizzazz2u01/27/07
A highly imaginative and entertaining teaser! Not too easy and yet hard enough to tease others! Totally fantastic! Keep these type of teasers on the daily routine. :P :wink: Keep up the great work! 8) :wink:

Posted by Qrystal01/27/07
Aww, that was cute! I love limericks, and what an ingenious way to bring those four anagrams together!!

Posted by jcann01/27/07
I couldn't come up with an answer this morning, but this late afternoon it came to me right away! I'm glad I didn't just give up and look at the answer, as I sometimes do. I guess this must mean I do my best thinking in the afternoon. Good teaser!

Posted by bgil760401/27/07
I sort of misread the instructions, but I thought it was a good, fun teaser. :)

Posted by jimbo5801/27/07
If memory serves, this teaser--or some form of it--has been on here during the past year or so.

Posted by I_Write_Books01/27/07

Posted by breathesunshine01/27/07
Purrfect teaser! 8)

Posted by CatSmw01/27/07

Posted by Tryer01/27/07
I really like this! :D :D :D

Posted by OhEmGee01/27/07
i got the first two easily but the second two i couldnt get. but i likes it. good one

Posted by scallio01/27/07
Bravo! :D

Posted by GebbieRose01/27/07
That was clever & fun! :D

Posted by gaylewolf01/28/07
I loved it! :) Very clever! Thanks :D

Posted by Sand-Storm01/28/07
Clever & fun.

Posted by notsosmart11101/28/07
That was utterly smart! Couldnt figure it out.

Posted by wordmama01/28/07
Igot most of it; missed CAST. Enjoyable, nonetheless. :) :)

Posted by wandering_goat01/30/07
Nice. I would never have gotten this one though, so I'm glad I didn't try! :lol:

Posted by vlerma02/01/07
Swaff, that was really fun and neat. More please? :D

Posted by scallio01/27/10
Fun! I didn't get the correct answer when I first read this a couple years ago and didn't again today. Slow learner, I guess. NOTE, TONE? What was I thinking?! Best I just go back to bed! :D

Posted by FatHead01/27/10
That was cool. Too bad it couldn't be a true limerick, though.

Posted by sunnybonghits01/27/10
Well done indeed :)

Posted by glowtmickey01/27/10
Scatman came on the radio once I saw the answer :lol: good teaser

Posted by UptheHill01/27/10
NICE! 8)

Posted by gaylewolf01/28/10
Good teaser! :D Clever! :lol: Thanks

Posted by Babe01/27/13
A very clever and fun teaser. I got two of them and that is all, but it was fun! :D

Posted by gaylewolf01/27/13
This was fun and easy for me! Thanks for posting. Hi to CB - hope all is going well! :wink: :)

Posted by cutebug01/27/13
Nice and easy. :D :D

Posted by GertieMarie01/27/13
Fun and pretty easy. Good one. I liked it a lot. :)

Posted by Maggiethe8th01/27/13
Had fun searching the memory bank for the show-found 'Hair' first, then quickly changed to the correct one-The rest fell into place-Thank you for the fun! :D

Posted by allythebuterfly01/27/13
Whoo! Yeah I got it! So excited to finally be getting better at these! At first I couldn't get any of the daily teasers, but now I'm starting to figure out every other one :)

Posted by catmom01/27/16
I first tried Hair, then Mame, I did get anywhere with those, so the only other 4 letter title that came to me was Cats.......Bingo!! :D :D :D

Posted by catmom01/27/16
didn't :oops:

Posted by Marple01/28/16
What does Scat mean? I've never heard that word before! :o

Posted by FatHead01/28/16
It means to scram or to leave. To look up any word, just feed it, and the word definition, into Google.

Posted by Marple01/29/16
Thanks Fat Head.


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