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Cats in Spring

Submitted By:goatroper605
Fun:**** (3.33)
Difficulty:*** (2.34)

On a beautiful spring day in the park, there were five female cats walking together and gossiping about their humans. Up ahead, there were five males walking together bragging about their conquests. When the two groups met, there were five cupids flying through the air. Next thing ya know, there were five couples walking away in separate directions. The couples began talking and soon found that they had amazing things in common. Well, long story short, we all know what happens to cats that fall in love in the springtime, oh my what a racket! Can you figure out who the couples were, what treats they liked, what their favorite activity was and how many kittens each had in their litter?

Male: Punkin, Batman, Billy, Jake, Dibii
Female: Pepper, Sally, Ruby, Spot, Starbuck
Snack: Chicken, Mice, Tuna, Ice Cream, Chips
Activity: Laser, String, Sleep, Beat Up, Ball
# in Litter: 1,3,5,7,9

1. The five males were: Jake, the one that liked tuna fish & had five kittens, the one that liked Spot, the one that liked to beat up other cats, and the one that loved ice cream.

2. The five females were: Starbuck, the one that had nine kittens, the one that liked to eat chicken & chase a ball, the one that liked to sleep, and the one that liked Punkin.

3. Dibii (who had three kittens) liked to chase the laser light but not mice. On the other hand, Sally loved to chase mice but not string.

4. Batman didn't have a thing for Sally and he didn't have seven kittens. Billy, who thought of himself as very big & tough, had the most kittens & wasn't about to chase some stupid string around - what a waste of time!

5. Ruby loved to cuddle up to her male for a long afternoon nap in the sun but hated it when he ate his chips in bed. That may be the reason they didn't have the most kittens (they didn't have the least either).

6. Pepper & Punkin didn't have one kitten but they did like tuna fish.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by chaskey12/29/05
This one took some getting-used- to :roll: but I finally caught on! I rated it fun and difficult. :D

Posted by harmonize912/29/05
not bad, but i was able to answer it without the last clue. the first 5 were enough.

Posted by angeleyes_712/29/05
Nicely done!! I love these logic grids!

Posted by Splatt12/29/05
Not hard, but quite fun. But when have you ever seen a litter of one? Oh, and Billy is mean little puss. I sure wouldn't want to be his human. :D

Posted by miyukina12/30/05
fun! but clue#6 is unnecessary...

Posted by goatroper60512/30/05
Thanks for the input gang! This is my 1st logic-grid & I was a little worried at how well it would be taken. I'm working on my clues so that they won't be so easy or redundant for next time. Splatt - All of the cats are based on ones that I have & ones that I know. Billy is my cat & yes he is a big bully! His full name is "Billy Bad A**" or "Da**it Billy" whichever suits the hijinx he's involved with at the time! :lol:

Posted by WJSMama12/31/05
that was fun. I thought I had it, then I checked my answer and... not so much :oops: :oops:

Posted by Rob200301/01/06
it was pretty easy but i rated half a face :lol: good job at least ur first teaser was good my first was the rebus 1 :oops: :lol: :wink:

Posted by sundaisy22701/04/06
very fun! enjoyed it.

Posted by scrunchiborn01/06/06
Thanks!! Fun and medium difficulty!

Posted by TheEarthling01/07/06
Cool, and not too hard. :D

Posted by lovefrenzy01/07/06
i love this one and how all the cats are happy :oops: so precious

Posted by smartstuff866401/09/06
This was a hard one i started to get a headache after a while :x then once i knew i had it right :D it turned out i didn't :( anyway i rated it fun :D and difficult :-?

Posted by mejoza01/10/06
I thought it was very fun and very cute and easy. Thanks for a great teaser. :D

Posted by Brainy_101/11/06
I love cats :D But my skills at logic grids is bad :( :cry: Great teaser!! :) 8) :lol:

Posted by bashbach01/19/06
Good Job!! I thought the subject was entertaning, and I had to think a little, and reread somethings. Then, I acidentally closed my grid right at the end and had to start again :roll: :oops: :roll: . I still got it though. thanks for the teaser!!!! :D 8) :D

Posted by costley5102/01/06
good grid. I should have read the directions more carefully. It took me a long time to figure out that the pair liked the same things. P.S. that is a lot of kittens

Posted by mrfatbat03/21/06
A great way to break from work for a while :D I agree with the other guys, leaving out #6 would have made it a little tougher to get going. Apart from that it was good fun! 8)

Posted by horse_luver03/26/06
Great teaser! I ended up getting it right :D but that's not the only reason I rated it for top fun-ness. I really enjoy logic-grids that make you think a bit, and this is a prime example of one. Good job! :D

Posted by MissiM2904/27/06
i enjoyed it very was easy and i got it really quick but great job for submitting one ... i haven't even done that one! :-?

Posted by rrn0rrnrrnY09/03/06
This was my first one I tried to solve at this site. (Have done a couple in puzzle mags befoe) so I was a bit intimidated. I had to use the grid, but I got it. Gave it medium difficulty and all fun. :wink:

Posted by SmakNoodles10/28/06
Very fun, thanks!

Posted by bgil760401/24/07
I really like teasers that just junp out at you, but this takes way too long to do. :(

Posted by gallopingboo02/06/07
Great Teaser!!! :D

Posted by icecraze1003/01/07
Fuun! I love the note about the racket kitties make in the spring. So true. It is devastatingly loud! :D Great Teaser! It was really fun! 8)

Posted by red_drizzle04/25/07
its really good.. its pretty hard at first.. but i got all the right answers.. i could probably start learning how to make my own logic grid! :D

Posted by lkp6806/06/07
This one was fun. I had to really pay attention to the clues. missed that ruby likes to cuddle up in the sun at first, but caught it second time through. I had fun picturing all the kitties with their different personalities. Thank you!

Posted by empy07/21/07
Very nice. Challenging enough to be interesting but not so hard as to be discouraging.

Posted by 4demo09/07/07
Very easy but just a little time-consuming. Still, a great teaser with a fun, interesting storyline! :D

Posted by Raejean10/06/07
I enjoyed the subject matter with the cats and kitten. I thought the puzzle was easy and there were a few redundant clues. I'm looking forward to your next one. :D

Posted by scallio12/30/07
Great teaser! Not too hard, not too easy. Fun too. :D

Posted by cqwhiz01/12/08
Maybe I'm missing something: if the couples are supposed to like the same treats, then how does Ruby end up with Jake? This little apparent inconsistency had me scratching my post for a while.

Posted by gracieboo07/02/08
Only had to start over once! HA! :lol: :oops: :lol:

Posted by furgus10104/17/10
wow my first teaser for this site i got it after about an hour! not to mention im only 13 but i found it pretty hard i dont mind having all clues your willing to give!! :D

Posted by J-Five07/12/10
I have never heard of litter of one either. a few years ago our cat had a litter of 7 kittens.

Posted by princess200703/15/11
Fun and dead easy! :D

Posted by popuna108/17/11
kind of hard but fun!!!! i wonder if my cat TT has a boyfreind.... :oops:

Posted by LanceAlot10/05/15
Well Done 8)


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