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Giving to the Greater Good

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Five people chose to donate to five different charitable organizations: Support the Troops, Breast Cancer, Red Cross, UNICEF and AIDS. They each donated a different amount of money and have different careers. Can you discern their first and last name, charity, donation amount, and their career?

1. The surgeon donated three times more than Ms. Maxwell.
2. $90,000 was donated to Breast Cancer, but not from the governor or the surgeon.
3. UNICEF received $30,000
4. Mr. Gage's wife has been pressuring him to find a job.
5. Donna donated to Support the Troops.
6. The five donators are: The news reporter, Mrs.Vallay, the guy who donated $30,000, Julia Maxwell, and the attorney who contributed no less than $50,000.
7. Chad is not the attorney, but he received a pink ribbon for contributing to the Breast Cancer charity.
8. Tom contributed half as much as the surgeon, but more than the woman who donated to the Red Cross.
9. Donna and her husband, Mr. Rackley, have a nephew fighting in the war overseas.

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