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Bowling Buddies

Submitted By:Dave
Fun:**** (3.16)
Difficulty:*** (3.08)

Five guys meet at college, and become the best of buddies when they discover that they have a common interest in ten-pin bowling. Not only are they avid bowlers, but they also have an eccentric taste in the pattern on their bowling ball.
They each play for a different team during the week, but get together on Saturday nights to find out which of them is the best.
From the following clues, can you find out each of their names, the local team they play for, the pattern on their bowling ball, and how many points each scored in the first game.

Strike - all ten pins are knocked down on the first ball.
Spare - all ten pins are knocked down using two balls.
You do not need to keep track of the scoring - all the final scores can be deduced from the clues. When 'score' is mentioned in the clues, it means the final score, not the score at that point in the game.

1st Frame: The five buddies bowled in turn, in the following order: Fred; the bowler with the tiger print ball; the bowler who scored 227; Johnson; and the bowler who plays for the Golden Gates. Only the second bowler, Dawson, did not get a strike with his first delivery, although he did get a spare.

2nd Frame: The players with the top three scores, Eddie, the Snake Eyes' bowler and the Picket Fences' bowler, all managed strikes this frame, while Johnson and the Dead Woods' bowler both got spares.

3rd Frame: The Dead Woods' bowler had a terrible bowl, only knocking down three pins, but still managed to crack a joke with Dawson as Dave was hitting his turkey (third strike in a row).

4th Frame: Flagg, the Flying Elbows' bowler and the bowler with the flame pattern ball all hit strikes. The Picket Fences' bowler and Fred both got a spare.

5th Frame: Steve, the Snake Eyes' bowler, the owner of the globe ball, and the Golden Gates' bowler all had strikes. Garrett managed a spare.

6th Frame: This was nearly a disaster for the bowler with the leopard ball which just clipped the 7 pin on its way into the gutter. Luckily, he made the spare, which meant he scored more than the bowler with 192.

7th Frame: The bowler with the cow print ball was the only one to get a strike this round. Steve, the Flying Elbows' bowler, the bowler with 214, and Hobson did not even get a spare.

8th Frame: Dave only managed a spare this frame, while Carl, who bowled just after him, got a strike. Neither of them ended up with 205 points.

9th Frame: The bowler with an intricate map of the world on his ball scored a strike this frame, as did Steve. Flagg got a spare.

10th Frame: The losers congratulated the 'Flame' thrower on a game well played, and Garrett went to the bar to get in the drinks as he had the lowest score with 186.

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