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A Long Time

Submitted By:dutchymonster
Fun:*** (2.25)
Difficulty:**** (3.12)

Which 2 letters come next in this series?

C, O, S, D, C, P, T, J, C, _, _

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by TheEarthling01/20/06
I would never have thought of that in a million years.

Posted by Chakoteya01/20/06
Highly specialised. Thanks for the education. :D

Posted by choptlivva01/20/06
Cool one Duchy!!!! :D :D Actually, I got the gist of the answer from the title. I thought it might be time periods.... and then I saw the "J" in there for Jurassic!!! :lol: But to try and name them?? No way!!! I went to school in Cretaceous Period!!! :lol: :lol:

Posted by Brainy_101/20/06
WOW! :o I had no clue on this one. :roll: :-? Very interesting and I also learned something new...which I always like to do!! :lol: Nice job! :D

Posted by WJSMama01/20/06
Wow that was hard. There is no way i would have gotten it

Posted by puttaholic01/20/06
I had no chance in getting that one :D :P :oops:

Posted by wizofaus01/23/06
Good one - not too hard to work out, given the title name and a bit of scientific knowledge.

Posted by froggygg01/25/06
Good job dutchy! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by sweetmama02/11/06
Interesting and educational :wink:

Posted by SpikeIt04/07/06
with all due respect, these time periods are myths. the scientific evidence actually supports a young earth just as it is stated in the Bible. if you want to be a wise judge, you need to hear both sides of the story (try for many articles on science) and decide for yourself. Unfortunately, the secular school system now days seems to only support one side of the argument, teaching origin theory over millions/billions of years and evolution over time as though it was fact, even though there is no concrete evidence to support it. have you ever seen a living organism come from a non-living organism? has it ever been proven? have you seen a species that was half-man and half-monkey or any other half-species in transition? have any of these fossils been found? where did the matter and energy in the universe come from? if people are taught something that is not true over and over again without any dispute, most people would believe these lies. these are just cautious words of advise for those in search of The Truth

Posted by dutchymonster04/08/07
Thanks for the words of wisdom but I like to base my teasers on proven FACT not religious BELIEF. Nothing against religious belief - but it is not proven fact. Also yes there are fossils of creatures between apes and man!

Posted by coolcow3506/12/07

Posted by DarkWolf07/03/07
Good teaser Dutchy :D

Posted by lilredc508/07/07
First of all, there isn't a person on earth that would have figured this out, so I'll assume the purpose of this was strictly educational and I suppose I can respect that. Secondly, I completely support anybody's right to believe what they want. If you want to believe the sky is burgundy, then by all means. But for the record there is a marvelous quantity of data supporting evolution and almost none supporting creationism. Sorry if that contradicts what your mom told you but if we all listened to her we would all be posting idiotic comments on websites. And just to clear up the B.S. that you were apparently fed, no one ever suggested there used to be some sort of freaky half man/half ape mutant. They simply suggest that today's men and today's apes millions of years ago had a common ancestor. Just like your ancestor is Forest Gump. Get it?


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