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White + Green = Light Green

Submitted By:exterminator
Fun:** (2.1)
Difficulty:* (0.39)


White + Green = Light Green
White + Blue = Light Blue
White + Brown = Light Brown

Then ...

White + Black = ?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by TheEarthling02/08/06
Too easy, I think. :roll:

Posted by schatzy22802/08/06

Posted by teen_wiz02/08/06
Very, very easy...but still fun! :D I like easy teasys when I get up in the morning! :D :D :D 8) 8) 8) :D :D :D

Posted by jodocroco02/08/06
Haha I feel for it :oops:

Posted by sweetmama02/08/06
Pretty good. :)

Posted by npf200502/08/06

Posted by vancon02/08/06
easy breezy... :D

Posted by teahoney02/08/06
Way too easy!!!

Posted by Muzozavr02/09/06
my immediate idea was Light Black. :lol: After a second, though, I said "Gray" Dark White is so funny! :D

Posted by GoHarryPotterCS02/09/06
Completely and utterly obvious. If there were more question marks (say 10?) beneath it I'd push the 10th. No offense. My 6 year old sis got it... but it definetly has potential. I enjoy ur teasers although their easy... the trick behind them is what really counts and I enjoy it. :D

Posted by Saketh02/09/06
completely obvious, but good and easy :D :D :D

Posted by luckythirteen02/09/06
easy, but FUN!

Posted by rkaaland02/09/06
Nice one :D

Posted by amberanderson02/10/06
I thimk that it was really easy and it was funny although... my boyfriend said that it was stupied but it was COOL!!! well leave me a coment to me and i will touch back with you

Posted by Brainy_102/10/06
EZ and fun!! :lol: I liked it! :lol: Nice job! 8)

Posted by xolilangel827ox02/10/06
LIGHT BLACK!!! :lol: !! haha just joking...that was really easy i got it right away :D !!

Posted by the_names_bruce02/10/06
too easy bud...

Posted by yesenia8rivera02/10/06
That was so easy it was funny :D In my opinion.

Posted by Ouchy102/10/06
it worx better verbally, dontcha think? like the electric train riddle.

Posted by Punk_Rocker02/10/06
I'm sorry, but where's the trick in that? What were we expected to say? O_o

Posted by Tryer02/11/06
Simple but good, a bit like me really... :oops:

Posted by virgo5121002/11/06
that was

Posted by exterminator02/11/06
The trick was to get you to say light black...guess it doesn't work for most people I thought it was pretty good when my friend replied "brown" :lol: Oh well :-?

Posted by poppyelf02/11/06
i thought its spelled grey?am i wrong or right? good one by the way

Posted by exterminator02/12/06
Thank you ^_^ It's spelled gray - when I put it on braingle's spell check it told me "grey" was the wrong spelling :-?

Posted by oddsniffer02/14/06
VERY easy but fun!!!!!!!1 LOL 8) :lol: :D

Posted by Celanba02/14/06
If someone said light black, that would be so stupid.

Posted by luckybrown02/16/06
easy but cute

Posted by luckybrown02/16/06
And to exterminator: Grey or gray can be spelled either way. This is especially dependent on where you live. According to an 1893 survey done by Dr Murray, an overwhelming majority of British people spell it "grey". Just a little info. :wink:

Posted by horses_rock10102/16/06
too easy but still a good 1 :wink:

Posted by horses_rock10102/16/06
light black!! :D :lol:

Posted by exterminator02/18/06
Thank you luckybrown :D people learn something new everyday :)

Posted by fezface02/24/06
if anybody said 'dark white' or 'light black' you are morons! that was a cool teaser!

Posted by Muzozavr02/26/06
I'm doing another comment. I think if you would add more colors, it might work for some people. red, yellow, gray... (especially gray! It's hard to think of a color which already was in a teaser)

Posted by tintiniscool02/26/06
That one was too easy. No challenge at all... :(

Posted by miss_attitude02/26/06
That was way too easy, but it was fun! :D :D :D :D

Posted by exterminator02/26/06
Muzozavr - I've been trying to do that... I'm trying to think of more "light" colors... so far I have 3 XD

Posted by IMCUL4E02/28/06
LIGHT BLACK! :lol: [it's-...ALMOST the same thing, right? :wink: ]

Posted by kashby03/02/06

Posted by brainybrain03/03/06
really easy! get a better one next time

Posted by Methlos03/12/06
a 2 year old could know that 1

Posted by king_leonard03/21/06
sorry easy but it was fun :lol: i like those kind :D

Posted by calmsavior04/13/06
every single filange down

Posted by Psychic_Master04/21/06
SOO EASY...although at first I thought black and white lol. :D

Posted by GebbieRose05/31/06
Schatzy, you're a character! :D

Posted by Warstar06/10/06
ummm yeah i know my mixture of colours

Posted by jenny_lee08/12/06
Eaay, but fun!

Posted by reptile500011/10/06

Posted by MalcolmReynolds11/22/06
Is it.... light... urple?

Posted by stil01/02/07
And Black + White = Grey!

Posted by brainglewashed02/02/07
i just realized that i gave it a very low score beacause i heard be4 FROM MY SISTER TINTINISCOOL

Posted by tintiniscool02/09/07
That is because I got it from here... :-?

Posted by grilledcheese04/10/07
it was easy but i like how you set it up :D

Posted by Spice_207/09/07
I thought that White and Brown made tan. schatzy228... hahahahaha! :lol:

Posted by omgitsash07/29/07
i liked the set-up...and we all had art when we were young so of course we mixed colors and found out that white+black=gray...grey :-?

Posted by lavender09/16/07
Not too much of a a trick, but fun and enjoyable! :D

Posted by cheesepie11/14/07
Very easy no offense. :roll: And by the way anyone know how to spell it? Is it grey or gray?

Posted by cheesepie11/14/07
Oh just read exterminator's comment. So it's gray.....

Posted by Starriddler12/24/07
:roll: :lol: I got it.

Posted by dutchymonster01/08/08
CheesePie said: ["And by the way anyone know how to spell it? Is it grey or gray?"] Grey is the English (and I think Canadian) spelling. Gray is the US spelling. ....oh yeah and the teaser was way too easy, maybe better spoken, not written :wink:

Posted by mewkisshu9604/22/08
WAY!!! too easy... but fun :roll:

Posted by pn_1604/26/08
pretty easy, but fun... :D

Posted by Flamey50008/01/08
The easiest trick teaser!!!!!!! :x :x

Posted by piratechicken9212/04/08
well thought out :)

Posted by Cindzey07/10/09
Supposedly gray is not a colour, it's a "shade". Fun teaser but really easy 8D

Posted by sashomarine01/15/10
Whats the trick in that? *Looks Back* Oh, your supposed to say light black... 8)

Posted by nouser04/07/10
kinda obvious... :-?

Posted by beyonce12305/29/10
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: i would post more laughing people but I can only put ten

Posted by kamyl_pretty0511/06/11
Too easy but ... its fun , my brain said its either light black or gray, but i said myself that there is no color ''light black'' sa my answer is gray :D :) 8) :oops: :lol:

Posted by kittygirl1907/06/12
A question for the creator of this color game! d:V white+red=????????

Posted by RK2311/16/16
Yes! Light Black Forever! :D


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