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Submitted By:thompson1
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Difficulty:**** (3.2)

In a Little League Baseball game between the Braves and the Yankees, there were only 5 kids who had RBIs (Runs Batted In); two of them were on the Braves and three of them were on the Yankees. Each person had a different number of at-bats, of hits, and of RBIs. The scorekeeper was sick, so he couldn't come to the game, and had his brother go instead. Unfortunately, his brother forgot to write down the stats. This is all that he remembers. Help the scorekeeper figure out who is on which team, and how many hits, at-bats, and RBIs they had.

Nicknames "Slammer," "The Rocket," "Flash," "The Hammer," and "Ace"
RBIs - 2, 3, 5, 6, 8
Hits - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
At-bats - 1, 3, 4, 5, 7
Team - 2 Braves, 3 Yankees

1. The Braves won.
2. The five kids are: "Slammer," the one with a 1.000 batting average, the one with 2 hits, the one with 7 at-bats, and the one with the least RBIs.
3. "Flash," who plays on the same team as his best friend, "Ace," had 3 plate appearances, 5 RBIs, and got out at least once.
4. "The Rocket" had either 1 or 2 hits.
5. The players that had 2 more RBIs than at-bats did not have 3 hits.
6. Only one player had one less RBI than hits.
7. "Flash" only had RBIs off hits.
8. "Ace" has half as many letters in his nickname as there are in the name of the team he plays for.

You will be able to use the hint to find some answers before you even look at the clues.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by andytree03/28/06
Finally a challenge! Keep 'em coming!

Posted by elemandia03/29/06
I got it, but it was confusing... I dont understand baseball that well. :oops: I made lots of mistakes before looking at the hint to clarify the baseball stuff. Well done though. :P

Posted by fem81uk03/29/06
Goos fun to do, took me ages as we dont have baseball in the UK so was very difficult to understand.

Posted by fem81uk03/29/06
Good fun to do, took me ages as we dont have baseball in the UK so was very difficult to understand.

Posted by roscoep03/29/06
This was a great teaser! A very nice challenge. More like these, please. 8) 8)

Posted by jj_is_cool03/29/06
hi thompson1! good to see u making more teasers :P :lol: :D

Posted by ffoppia03/30/06
wow finally got it!! I dont understand the game but your explanations made it very clear. This teaser is simply top class.

Posted by Gadget03/30/06
how fun...Good on Ya... 8)

Posted by zonarita04/04/06
:D It's here - I've been waiting for it! Gr8 logic teaser Thompson1. Enjoyed the exercise of this sporty teaser. :D I know you have more - play ball! :D

Posted by scifivxn04/11/06
This one was just too challenging for me. I don't know a thing about baseball, and everytime I looked at the hints I just confused myself more. :oops: :cry:

Posted by jenb214404/25/06
I agree with the above comment... I couldn't understand it despite the hint. :-?

Posted by Mellie62706/02/06
"This one was just too challenging for me. I don't know a thing about baseball, and everytime I looked at the hints I just confused myself more." I have to agree with the person that said that. I know absolutely nothing about baseball, and this is the only logic-grid teaser that I have not finished. I am going to try it again and get someone to explain a bit about baseball. I think it is a really good challenge, and I will finish it later. I can't let one go unfinished. :oops: I have noticed that you have some tough ones, please keep them coming. I really enjoy a challenge. :D

Posted by homie12306/23/06
You don't need Clue #7 because of the pluralization of players in Clue #5

Posted by mom_rox09/06/07
Excellent puzzle. I'm a baseball fan - and a scorekeeper at my son's little league games :), and I loved using baseball logic to solve this.

Posted by Yankeejimg10/04/07
As you probably can tell from my name, I am a big Yankee fan, and baseball fan. This was a fun puzzle to do. However, It is not necessarily so that if you add up RBI's that you get total runs scored. If a player hits into a double play and a run scores, no RBI is given to that player. A little picky I know. :wink: :P

Posted by Bayareacwgrl11/28/07
I don't know a lot about baseball so this one was really challenging for me. Good teaser. I am sure I would have had an easier time if I understood baseball stats better.

Posted by dreamlvr143201/14/08
Great teaser! This is the first one I've not been able to solve! I've tried 3 times, and I'm just missing something in the clues somewhere to help me with rest of the info. I've got 7 blanks in my chart. :oops: I know a little about baseball, and I've read the hints, but still no luck. Thanks for the challenge!! :D

Posted by Obilio07/02/13
I love the harder ones, so I'll come back and try again but I didn't get it this time :oops: Make one about hockey, and I'm all over that!!! :D


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