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Coenobita Confusion

Submitted By:PineappleMama
Fun:*** (2.74)
Difficulty:*** (3.05)

I love to climb up high in trees,
digging holes, and feeling the breeze.
I eat eggs, apples, carrots, meat,
even peanut butter, is a treat.
Around the world, my kin are found.
"Chirping" is our signature sound.

So, what am I?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Sunrose03/30/06
Very good and fun teaser! I enjoyed the way it was wrote up and informative! Keep them coming 8)

Posted by smartsy03/30/06
that was a good one

Posted by smartsy03/30/06
that was a good one

Posted by zonarita03/30/06
:D A teaser from your experience is wonderful and telling us about your crab was educational PM. Gr8 teaser! :D

Posted by schatzy22803/30/06

Posted by ShyShy1203/30/06
cool teaser! :D :D :D

Posted by Mellew03/30/06
that waas strange.......good, but odd :roll: :lol: luved it tho ♥

Posted by Liali03/30/06
Neat teaser! I like the information in the answer!

Posted by zonaracer03/30/06
Good job on the teaser, very enjoyable

Posted by PineappleMama04/11/06
Thanks for all the Happy Feedback! I'm trying to think of another riddle...but these are harder to think up than my other fav flavs! :D

Posted by Armaidenpriya04/11/06
That was fun and interesting! :D Nice job... even if I didn't get it :oops:

Posted by OldChinaHand04/15/06
Quite educational and fun. 8)

Posted by TheEarthling04/18/06
Loved it. :D :D

Posted by reddragon04/23/06
I guess I don't know much about hermt crabs. I thought it was a squirrel. Got me good. :-?

Posted by PineappleMama04/23/06
There's oodles of little known tidbits about hermies! is a good place to educate yourself. I know my hermies are infinately greatful for all the wonderful advice! I knew that this one would be tricky, simply because not many folks know much about these fascinating creatures!

Posted by tonjawithaj04/28/06
:oops: This is my second time looking at this too and I STILL needed to look for the answer. Ah well, prego brain strikes agian! :lol:

Posted by irar179205/07/06
thanks for the insight(spelling?) it's a cool teaser, i enjoyed it

Posted by RRAMMOHAN05/07/06
Didnt know much about these creatures. Hence couldnt guess the answer. An educative teaser. It seems very few would have got the correct answer. :cry:

Posted by coachpisco05/07/06
I guessed frogs. :-?

Posted by lmurray05/07/06

Posted by BeckyD05/07/06
My guess was a squirrel also, except about the "meat" part, although the edible part of a nut is called the meat... I never in a million years would have guessed it was a land hermit crab! And they climb trees?? :o Wow!

Posted by PineappleMama05/07/06
Yup! They are fascinating to watch! Hermies have actually been spotted miles (100+) from shore, camped out in trees!! But, they must return to the sea to reproduce. That's why I don't have to worry about my 14 crabs turning into 1400 overnight! :D

Posted by PineappleMama05/07/06
Oh, and don't forget to check the HINT, that pretty much kills off the possibility of it being a squirrel! :D

Posted by mitzimesser05/07/06
:D Teaser of the day! You go girl. :D

Posted by PineappleMama05/07/06
OH KEWL! Shows how observant I am!! Thanks Mitzi!! :D

Posted by iteachkids05/07/06
VERRRRRRRRRY well-written, and fascinating information to boot! I suppose you name your hermies ... are you going to introduce us??? :D

Posted by azbee12305/07/06
cute!!! :D :lol: :o

Posted by lazy-boy05/07/06
This was very informative, I had no idea that hermit crabs climb trees. :oops:

Posted by Machinery05/07/06
They climb up trees?

Posted by shawneeo05/07/06
I should've guessed! But I didn't because I didn't know that they climb trees. I thought squirrels, but I didn't think it fitted squirrels very well. Except that squirrels make a weird kind of chirping sound too.Probably not so much chirping as hermies and crickets though. Velly intellisting... Oh, I didn't read the hint, lots of times I forget about a hint,and then if I think I'm right, I don't look at the hint, so if there's crucial info in the HINT, I don't know it. I guess that means I should always read the hint if there is one! Lotsa fun, thanks mama! :D

Posted by rhmaustin05/07/06
The title is also a clue if your dictionary includes the word coenobita (alternate spelling cenobita) -- I think it's the genus name for hermit crabs. Alas, my dictionary didn't, but I did a little research. The word comes from Late Latin coenobium (Late Greek koinobion) meaning literally living together or, by extension, living in a monastery.

Posted by PineappleMama05/07/06
Yep, hermies are very social creatures. In nature they can be found traveling in groups of 100 or more!! :D My Home Wiki has a link to my Crabby Corner Wiki! There are links to a wonderful site called hermitcrabsrus, for those who seek more knowledge!!

Posted by PineappleMama05/07/06
Well, it's Called chirping, but I think it's simply because there really is no way of explaining it. There is more info. on chirping and other hermie stuff in the Forums at

Posted by tam1305/07/06
I enjoyed this one and I learned something, too! I never knew that hermit crabs made a sound at all! I've had them in my classroom for years and have never heard a sound. Are there certain times that they will "chirp?" Of course my class gets noisy a lot so that may be one reason we have never heard them. Thanks for the good brain teaser. :)

Posted by spazzyjazzy9305/07/06
that was relly good! :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by jabdr05/07/06
Way to go, PMAMA...interesting-educational and fun. :roll: :) 8)

Posted by flutterby05/07/06
That one was fun and interesting! Wish there were more like this!

Posted by JessicaLynn05/07/06
I didn't know they made a sound, and I have five! Very interesting. I wonder if mine will like peanut butter. I'll try that as a treat! :D

Posted by Trishgal05/07/06
This was really informative,did not know a thing about the hermit crab :oops: Learned too that the puzzle names are a big help :wink:

Posted by scallio05/07/06
Well I've been had... it wasn't a woodpecker. I have read about those crabs in National Geographic, but they certainly didn't come to mind here. Thanks! :D

Posted by realm234605/07/06
This was a great teaser, and it must've taken you a long time to research all the facts, plus i learned something I never knew before. :D

Posted by bradon18200105/07/06
Very goo and interesting teaser.I had no idea whatsoever. :o

Posted by kman61305/07/06
Wow - good one. I was clueless, esp after reading the hint. Thanks for great nature-trivia

Posted by dodger05/07/06
Really great clues, i really liked this teaser and it's going into my fav's. Keep them coming and i mean that. :D

Posted by tdbrsun05/07/06
I had fun with this one . I was sure I had it . I said Bluejay. If I would have read the hint , I would have guessed different. Thanks Nice one.

Posted by vlerma05/07/06
I was certain it was a squirrel until I read the hint and then I became totally confused. Being in the middle of the great American desert I guess I haven't had much experience with Land Crabs, and unfortunately the only crab legs I have ever seen were already on a platter so I didn't even think about a crab having 8 legs. Great teaser P.mama. Enjoyed the education. More please.

Posted by lorelle_b05/08/06 it. I can tell you really love your hermies :D i always wanted one but i never have enough time to buy them. interesting how they continually swap shells--my friend has one but it kept the same shell all the time. Great job!

Posted by PineappleMama05/08/06
THANKS for all the great comments! If anyone's interested in Hermits you can check out!! :D

Posted by AwwwSweet05/08/06
I have to say my favorite part of this teaser was PMama's enthusiasm about the little land hermit crabs! The teaser and comments were always upbeat and cheerful. :D I also appreciated the info in the answer; it's wonderful when someone backs up their teaser with facts.

Posted by JessicaM05/08/06
That was really stupid, who has heard of those crabs.

Posted by banzai05/08/06
That was fun and informative. Thank you. :)

Posted by warmonkey31805/08/06
That was awsome!! (beats mine) :lol:

Posted by sweetmama05/09/06
Well, I guess you do learn something new everyday! Thanks Mama! :D

Posted by JessicaLynn05/13/06
I went to Mexico once and I saw a hermit crab as big as my foot! It was huge! I didn't know they could get that big, nor do I know where it found such a big shell. By the way, my two biggest hermies are getting too big for the shells they r in, but I can't find a bigger shell to buy. What should I do?

Posted by crissy521905/28/06
That was a good one! I thought it was a bird when you said "chirping." So good job, you threw me off!

Posted by GebbieRose05/28/06
Thanks for the informative teaser, PM. Enjoy all your teasers, actually - those that I've seen. Hermies sound fascinating.

Posted by learningchinese06/19/06
Thank you!

Posted by bladeqw311/29/06
ha, I thought it was a little kid!

Posted by PineappleMama12/05/06
Well, my munchkins do a lot of those things... but they don't chirp so much as yell. :lol: Shellwise... check your beaches, hobby stores, pet shops etc. If that fails... go to ebay and type in hermit crab shells... there are a dealers that specialize in those. Send me a pm if you have more questions. :D

Posted by choptlivva12/17/06
Great teaser Mama!!! Interesting and challenging!! I was thinking maybe monkeys until I read the hint about being born in the sea and having ten legs!!! Good job, keep 'em coming!! :D :D

Posted by mosca02/09/08
Very, very fun teaser! Very educational! I didn't know hermit crabs also lived on land! So you have these as pets? Years ago a diving buddy and I were down in shallow water off the coast of northern Italy and we found alot of hermit crabs. I'm a bit ashamed to say we teased the little critters by pulling them out of their shells and watching them bury themselves in the sand! We did put some shells nearby and watched as they came back up and climbed into their shells. :D


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