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Stay With it

Submitted By:paul726
Fun:*** (2.37)
Difficulty:**** (3.15)

What term is expressed here?


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by puttaholic04/06/06
lol, tricky, i never would have guessed that!

Posted by fem81uk04/06/06
I still didn't get it even with the answer

Posted by signmeup7404/06/06
WOW! :o That was a toughie, paul.

Posted by xdbtcp04/06/06
cool, but never heard of it.

Posted by CocoaPuff04/06/06
xdbtcp I've heard of it; it sounds like it's describing someone whose stomach can handle super spicy chili. heehee Excellent teaser.

Posted by syracuse94504/06/06
whoa, nys... :wink:

Posted by spazzyjazzy9304/06/06

Posted by norcekri04/06/06
Nice construction! Top marks form this fan!

Posted by TheEarthling04/07/06
Very hard, very clever. :)

Posted by zigthepig04/07/06
Is there such a thing as being too clever?

Posted by Vigo9504/07/06
i think he's insane :o kiss, kiss :D

Posted by calmsavior04/07/06
dang, man... :o

Posted by Splatt04/07/06
Hah, not bad, wiggo.

Posted by king_leonard04/08/06
woh that was hard lol i didnt get it but very clever 8) :D

Posted by zonarita04/08/06
:D Paul, only you could have pull that one out of your hat. LOL GR8 job! :D

Posted by mercenary00704/08/06
That one was basically impossible! :lol:

Posted by kashby04/09/06
didnt get that 1

Posted by Armaidenpriya04/11/06
:o :o WHAT??? :o :o

Posted by wizofaus04/12/06
'cept that 'fortitude' ain't pronounced forty two-d for me! Good to see the ridiculous ban on the 'word-in-a-word' technique has finally been buried.

Posted by paul72604/13/06
That wasn't done away with, Wiz. It still can't be the sole feature of the rebus.

Posted by wizofaus04/13/06
Sure...that was how the ban was described in the FAQ, but for a while any rebus using it at all was rejected.

Posted by mitzimesser04/17/06
:oops: I had to think very hard to understand it even after I saw the answer. Then again, I just woke up. :roll:

Posted by Barticus04/19/06
The "in" gag was banned. A teaser may include the "in" gag. but must incled something else. When I submitted a teaser with two ins, it was rejected. This teaser has two ins and nothing more and was accepted. Oh well.

Posted by tca204/29/06
For-ti-tude............ By golly that works!


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