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The French Speaker

Submitted By:jntrcs
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Many 'Situation Puzzles' are not designed to be answered by themselves. The idea is for one person to know the answer and other people in a group to try and guess it using yes or no questions. The first person to get the answer is the winner.
One man went into work one day and spoke all French. He didn't get any weird looks and everybody understood him. It was a perfectly normal day. Why?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jeanette15504/09/06
It is entirely bboorriinngg............ :roll:

Posted by medster9904/09/06
i agree with the above, and what if the person reading this is actually in france? thens its wicked easy... :-?

Posted by medster9904/09/06
what im trying to say is that this site isnt a one country site... many different people from many different places go here

Posted by Vigo9504/09/06
that was way too easy . sorry

Posted by lindquist_2504/09/06
Don't let their comments make you mad. I liked it! :D :)

Posted by luvmyself04/09/06
jn, dont worry i enjoy easy teasers and everyone have different opinions =) its a good one

Posted by fem81uk04/09/06
i thought it was interesting,if a little easy

Posted by Punk_Rocker04/09/06
So easy, it was almost stupid. A better answer would have been that he was a French teacher or something, I don't know.

Posted by unklemyke04/09/06
What's the opposite of an AHA! moment? Perhaps a DUH! moment? Or, if you're a Simpsons fan, a DOH! moment? Whatever you call the opposite of an AHA! moment, this teaser produced one. Perhaps if the answer had been, "He was in Quebec," or "He was in Senegal," or even "He wasthe French Ambassador to Haiti," you might have had a passable teaser,but as it stands - WAAAAY too easy. :roll:

Posted by splinter1104/09/06
real easy.srry :-?

Posted by mmmcla0104/10/06
Way to easy it was almost hard

Posted by sayaah9204/10/06
I liked it. :)

Posted by Quickq04/12/06
It was way to easy.And it must have been easy if I could figure it out. :(

Posted by righteouschick204/12/06

Posted by winbob42304/12/06
Fun, but a little too easy :-?

Posted by ahpuppyeyes04/12/06
:P It was ok

Posted by kashby04/12/06
that was the best one ive seen all day, hahahahaahaha, that was good! :D 8) :) :lol: :P :wink: :o

Posted by jntrcs04/12/06

Posted by jlvsbeks04/15/06
That was ok, but very simple. :P oh well don't pay attention to the mean comments :wink:

Posted by dolphingurl1204/15/06
anyone who overthinks things would never get it...

Posted by simple_person04/15/06
It was really easy, but it was kinda fun. :wink:

Posted by princetongirl8104/16/06
soz 'bout this comment but it was fun but boring at the same time, and really easy :roll: soz

Posted by DanoRB04/17/06
A little too obvious. Good try though. :-)

Posted by Psychic_Master04/19/06
Way too easy, and pretty boring. Sorry. The second I saw it wasn't a trick question, and saw the word 'French", I instantly thought France. And what do you know, that turned out to be the answer. Too obvious. I think it would've been a better teaser if you said it was in America, and the answer would be like 'he was a French teacher' or something like that. Ah well. :wink:

Posted by kanis04/19/06
Okay this is an English website, so the submitter could be forgiven to assume that the default language of people here is English. A trickier teaser would be a spanish speaker not getting weird looks...he's an illegal immigrant from Mexico working in walmart...hehehe

Posted by bamfan04/20/06

Posted by ChristheGreat04/22/06
that was waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy toooooo eaaaaaaaaassy

Posted by freakydoughnut104/28/06
easy. maybe if you asked "He spoke only french, why did no one ask why?" it would be harder.

Posted by pink205/02/06
that was so stupid that it made me laugh,so i liked it :wink:

Posted by blagh05/05/06
j'etaime voulez vous?

Posted by vanessaruck198905/06/06
That was pretty easy, even for me. That's sad. :roll: :roll:

Posted by spazzyjazzy9305/06/06
that was REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYY easy but it was still cute :)

Posted by prettyinpinkxo905/17/06
It was really easy, I got it right away, but still, a really fun teaser. An easy teaser is not a bad one, so dont let the comments about it being bad or boring get you down. Keep up the good work! :D

Posted by OldChinaHand05/20/06
What is so wrong with an easy teaser? Either you get it or it gets you...nothing more, nothing less. Beside not everyone here uses the same language; it's not just an English speaking world. 8)

Posted by udoboy05/26/06
What if he was in Quebec?

Posted by violingirl7705/29/06
tres facile.

Posted by xxilove_ihatexx06/05/06
i agree with some people.. it was flippin' borrningg and flippin' dumb so flippity flip flip you!!!! :roll:

Posted by xxilove_ihatexx06/05/06
i agree with some people.. it was flippin' borrningg and flippin' dumb so flippity flip flip you!!!! :roll:

Posted by piyis06/20/06
got that one in less than a second. :roll:

Posted by mmmcla0106/20/06
xofenderxo: anyways is not a word 8)

Posted by puppygirl121307/25/06
It was easy but i think it is is nice to have an easy one sometimes. Nice teaser :)

Posted by jenny_lee08/17/06
Way to easy. :roll: Good try though! :wink:

Posted by rkaaland11/04/06
Good Job :D

Posted by flowergirl121906/28/07
:idea: Don't forget to send me a message saying what subject you want me to do on a quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :idea:

Posted by oaktree408/05/07
wow! really?! (sarcasm was used in this comment)

Posted by horseluvr09/16/07
ok, easy, very easy. but some people (i am one of these (sometimes)) think out of the box.

Posted by bob4542409/18/07
Not too well put together. Nice Try. :D

Posted by jntrcs05/06/08
wow my teasers sucked, if i ever get new ones on here, theyll be better

Posted by AlliMarie05/21/08
No kidding.. would never have guessed that...sarcasm...

Posted by Starriddler05/29/08
It should be in trick.

Posted by freader5at6345603/13/09
jntrics, don't let ppl get you down. :( I thought it was really... my level, if you know what I mean. :lol:

Posted by snipa03/18/09
................8) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :roll: :wink:

Posted by crocodile11/23/09
Or Canada. I'm from there so that was my first guess.

Posted by beyonce12302/17/10
i got it right way, then figured that couldn't figure out the answer because i thought your answer was so obvious it had to be wrong. very good, but should be under trick, maybe?

Posted by RomanG41706/18/11
I did something similar and got fired.

Posted by ultimatecub11/04/14
Too obvious. Still...nice idea.

Posted by klsowell03/30/15
waaayy too easy... still, you got the gist of the situation teasers right. :roll:

Posted by Vervet08/13/17
The idea is OK but I think it needs some misdirection to keep readers thinking of an English environment. E.g. 'Mr Williams, a partner in the old Boston firm Smith Williams Armstrong and Mortimer, came into the company's office...' with the answer 'He was visiting their Paris office'. Just an example, I'm sure it could be done much more simply.


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